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How not to ask an interview question

Sometimes, it's really hard to know what to ask in an interview setting, and it's especially daunting when your brain isn't working because jetlag has turned you in to a zombie.  And maybe this guy from Machinima was just so overwhelmed and blown away by Titanfall that he lost all brain functioning. But I love that they posted this video to show just how garbled some questions can get.

None of the console manufacturers own their domains?

In a shocking turn of events it has come to light that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft don’t currently own the domains for their upcoming consoles, or in Nintendo’s case it’s current console.

Looks like Comic Con South Africa was a bust

We’re pretty much starved for comic book conventions this side of the globe. Actually, I’m flatout lying, there’s a bunch of great ones that occur annually, including Free Comic Book Day, Kin-Con, ICON and Up-Con scratching that particular itch. Pity that the same couldn’t be said for Comic-Con South Africa, amirite?

Zynga is losing gamers by the truckload

Want to get into gaming? Want to also make some cash in the process? Well then Facebook is where it’s at sucka! Oh yeah, that social network is a gold mine of eager customers who are just waiting to don a red jacket and demand that you take their cash! Especially if you’re Zynga! Except that underneath their latest numbers round-up, there lurks an undeniable truth. They’re losing gamers. Constantly.

Two thirds of Kickstarter games failed in 2012

Time to get mathematical! Kickstarter took off in 2012, as thousands of games were pitched in order to get a slice of that sweet crowdsourcing pie. While Double Fine and a few others were big success stories, plenty of smaller games also managed to garner enough pledges to see dreams become reality.

Zombie swimsuit calendar fail

Zombies are as big a part of gaming as the platforms we play on itself. We love zombie games, zombie mods and zombie movies alike. However this zombie swimwear calendar completely misunderstood the concept.

There’s a new Mega Man Game coming!

Earlier this week, I told you how Capcom still hated Mega Man and was effectively flipping Mega Man fans the bird. Turns out I was wrong - because Capcom’s announced a brand new Mega Man game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and even has a trailer to prove it.

Syndicate was a catch-22 battle from the start

The year is now almost halfway done, and we’ve been spoilt for choice so far with games. RPGs, action titles and gunplay from a popular first-person perspective have all made big splashes so far, but one game with high hopes that failed to really make an impression, was Syndicate.

An underwhelming reboot of a classic title, Syndicate experienced underwhelming sales when released, as well as quite a few curb-stomps from the critics. Developer Starbreeze was aware that the game might not be a hit, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have pride in their creation.

Why Diablo 3 needs that constant Internet connection

Yesterday we posted up the article about how the Diablo 3 launch has been marred by their server collapse and unsurprisingly Blizzard are not enjoying hearing about how the most anticipated title of the year isn’t being enjoyed by all that pre-ordered it.

In our article Geoff mentioned that he believes the main reason that you have to have that constant Internet connection is for DRM and anti-piracy reasons, however that is being strongly denied by Blizzard.

Namco tries to use male sex to sell… fails

Last week we posted up about the Soul Calibur 5 poster from Namco which was nothing more than a close up shot of a pair of breasts which appealed directly to their target market.

The marketing worked as it was splashed across the front page of every gaming website on the planet so they decided to try do it again but this time they’ll use a close up shot of a male characters crotch.

How to destroy your business in 8 hours–Ocean Marketing

If you’re in any doubt over the power of the Internet then let this be a massive lesson to you. A company called Ocean Marketing has managed to completely implode in the space of 8 hours with what can only be described as the most disgraceful PR moves ever made.

It all started with an email conversation between a client who had pre-ordered a new Avenger controller and Paul Cristoforo of Ocean Marketing, what happened next is long, amazing and completely insane.. there’s even a video for you lot who don’t want to read it.

The new Xbox 360 dashboard gimps video playback

How’s this for a surprising turn of events, apparently the new Xbox 360 Metro dashboard has a bug in that it negatively affects any video played on it.

Which is a bit of a kick in the face to Microsoft’s claim that the Xbox 360 is the best media device for under your TV.

Please vote for us in the SA Blog Awards

There we go, straight forward and simple headline.

We the staff of Lazygamer would dearly love to win the SA Blog Awards and as such we need your vote…. okay that’s not entirely true.

This is the most offensive, sexist gaming advert I’ve ever seen

What do you call a company that forks out big money so that a marketing company can create the most offensive, stereotypical and sexist advert on the planet?

No really it’s a question because I can’t imagine how stupid a company needs to be to not only hire someone to make this but to then approve it for release and then act surprised by the public lashing it’s surely receiving by now.

Rumour: Is the Wii U in trouble?

Fairly dependable French gaming site 01.net - the same bunch who outed the Wii U and the 3DS’ now confirmed second analogue peripheral - now claims that the Nintendo’s next home console is in a whole heap of trouble. The Wii U, it claims, had its hardware specs rushed out the door too soon and that the chipset that powers the tablet isn’t powerful enough to do what’s required of it.