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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 13 Nov 2012

Codemasters, the folks behind Formula 1, DiRT and Grid is a veritable grand force when it comes to racing; so much so that they’ve recently refocused to doing little but racing titles. Known for their technical grasp of racing physics, their latest game might be a bit of a surprise in this post Micro-Machines world; a Formula 1 based arcade Kart Racer.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 03 Sep 2012

I’m quite a big F1 fan, not a rabbid one who can tell you all about the engines and downforce or any of that, but rather more a big casual fan who enjoys watching the first corner mayhem at Spa and the insane overtaking manoeuvres that team mates pull on each other. I’ve already said I love the real F1 game from Codemasters but what about their family fun title?