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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 26 Nov 2012

The latest game to feature the secret agent who’s been in his late thirties since the 1920’s, James Bond, was not at all well received; mostly because it was a rushed, buggy mess of incoherence. It’s developers will unfortunately not be able to make amends for it – because it’s been forced to lay off the majority of its staff.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 20 Nov 2012

Now pay attention 007, because this might be your most dangerous assignment yet! MI6 is looking to uncover why your games are terrible lately, because her Majesty needs some cash to buy some new diamond-encrusted shoes for which to hurl at peasants that get too close. Get on it James!

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 28 May 2012

Sorcery, for the PlayStation Move was supposed to give you the chance to experience life as a boy-wizard, filling in the void left by the rather mediocre games actually tied to the Harry Potter licence.

In some ways its succeeded - but the game - fun, yet flawed - failed to live up to expectations. Well, now you’ll be getting a second chance at motion-controlled wizardry with a new Harry Potter game headed exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Kinect.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 19 Apr 2012

Bond, James Bond, is no stranger to games. Some of you will no doubt be more familiar with Goldeneye on the N64, or it’s Reloaded reimagining from last year, while I’ve always felt that the best Bond game ever made had to be Everything or Nothing.

Still, her majestys number one secret agent still makes for some great material when it comes to video games, and with a new Bond movie on the way, under then name of Skyfall, you can bet your Aston Martin vanquish that a tie-in game is also on the way.

And you’d be right! So pay attention 00-readers, for 007 Legends.

Posted by Karl Thomson - 07 Oct 2010

As I posted here, I think the new GoldenEye reboot has some potential to be a really good Wii FPS, and an appropriate follow-up to the legendary N64 game. Eurocom have a mammoth task in dealing with it, and it looks like they are doing it justice. The new trailer shows off quite a bit, like single-player, weapons, and the okes you shoot in the face; so its well worth a look. If I owned a Wii, I would be quite excited for this. Trailer after the jump.