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German group sues Valve over Steam game ownership

Second hand games. They make the world go round, gamers love ‘em for the fact that they can use them as a form of currency and publishers despise them for the fact that they cannot ring out any extra cash from them when they go into that previously owned market. That’s something that you see a lot of in console games, and to a much lesser extent, PC games. Except for digital versions of games that is, because there is zero resale available on that format. None, nada, zilch! And that’s something that ze Germans aren’t too happy about at all.

EU rules that digital games can be resold

In what is a mammoth blow to the distributors and publishers dreams of no more used games in the next generation the EU Court of Justice has just ruled that any licence sold on an indefinite basis, not rented, really means that a transfer of ownership rights has occurred.