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Swedish politicians battle it out in StarCraft

Oh Sweden, you do so many things right. Paid maternity leave for what, a year? And paternity leave. And the government will pay for you to have a day at the spa because, you know, you need to relax. Now, politicians are settling their differences in an eSports match, just in time for elections.

Competitive Dota at the Liberty LAN

This weekend, some of you may be hunting for Easter Eggs. Instead, the top Dota 2 teams in South Africa will be playing at the Dota 2 Liberty LAN Easter Tournament. You can watch, too - make it part of your Easter family braai.

eSports association promotes sexism

I have been trying to steer clear of articles about sexism, mostly because it always feels like a giant can of worms. However, statements have been made that made my blood boil, and it should make yours do the same.

Southern Barbarians sweep ESL winner’s bracket

We have been following the progress of the Southern Barbarians as they've progressed through the Battlefield 4 Conquest Country Championship. Yesterday, they played the last match of the Winner's Bracket, and they've shown just how impressive South African eSports can be.

EA wants a slice of the eSports pie

eSports is becoming increasingly popular. According to recent research by Superdata, 71 million people’s eyeballs were transfixed on eSports last year, and it’s something evidenced by the fact that tickets for this year’s Valve-sanctioned Dota fest, The International, sold out within an hour. It could become quite a bit more lucrative – so it makes sense that EA wants in on the eSports action.

Hearthstone eSports is a thing

We all knew that Hearthstone was going to go big. It's an addictive game and people with all kinds of gaming tastes are getting hooked - it's even coming to iPad so you can carry on your addiction on the move. But how much impact is it having on eSports?

An interview with MLG president Mike Sepso

While I was in LA, I got to chat to some cool people. One of those was Mike Sepso, MLG's president. He is really a nice guy in the truest sense of the term - easy going, open and honest. I wish he would come and give lessons on how to deal with the media.

Register now for DGL Winter Leg

Ah, the seasons - they are a'changing. I'm wearing slippers again, so it must be winter. Which means, it's time to register for the DGL Winter Leg. That's right, you can still nab a spot at the championships, and all those awesome prizes.

The International sells out in an hour

I won't lie, I'm excited for the International. It's just too much fun to watch the high level Dota that goes on - Evil Geniuses, Alliance, Na'Vi all going head to head. I would love to be there live to watch it all go down in person. Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels that way - tickets sold out in record time.

Cape Town COD LAN tournament results are in

There are those who say LAN is dead. Sure, internet infrastructure is way better than it once was, but there is something quite specific about getting together in one room to battle it out. MWEB hosted an impressive LAN tournament in Cape Town last weekend - it even got mainstream attention.

Local Call of Duty players show their ugly side

I’ve previously written about the seedy underbelly of the local DOTA 2 community, which includes hatred, disdain and racism. We’ve always known it wasn’t unique in that regard, but seeing as it’s possibly the largest community it does dominate the news.

71.5 million people watch eSports

Okay, it's time that I confess - I have only been watching eSports for about a year. Sure, I'd seen the odd match or two before then, but it's only been in the last 12 months or so that I've actually watched, and enjoyed, professional gamers playing games. But I'm not alone, and it's a growing trend.

American vs European Call of Duty

It was an eye-opening experience at the Call of Duty: Ghosts Championships in LA. South Africa wasn't the only international team to get knocked out in the group stage. In fact, the entire tournament was dominated by the Americans, with some Europeans making the cut. Is there such a big difference in the gameplay from country to country?

Day 3: Call of Duty Championship wrap-up

That's it, the COD: Ghosts Championships in LA are over. So how did it all go down? There were heartbreaks and comebacks throughout the day, but in the end, there could be only one winning team.

Day 2: Call of Duty Championships wrap-up

Day two finalised the group stage and saw a ton of movement through the winner's and loser's brackets. Despite some excellent and exciting matches, the vibe in the venue wasn't nearly as frenetic. So what happened at LA Live?