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Is NAG competing with the DGC?

I’m loving all the attention eSport is getting lately. The International saw some impressive growth, and even got some love from ESPN. Our local scene is also constantly on the rise, with more sponsors hopping on board and more tournaments being hosted.

Make sure to watch me on Fokus this Sunday at 7pm

My life long nightmare is about to come true. People who know me know I have a terrible aversion to cameras and will do just about anything to avoid being in the front of one. However when the producers of a local current affairs program asked if I’d be willing to chat about local eSports and the MSSA I couldn’t really say no.

The International had more than 20 million viewers

The International is well behind us,  and it saw Chinese team Newbee winning a very casual $5 million in prize money. I know there are many of you in the Lazygamer community who strongly dislike or have little regard for Dota 2 (or MOBAs in general), but I take comfort in knowing that there are at least 20 million other people who find it as fascinating as I do.

ESPN to expand eSports coverage

ESPN has slowly been building up their eSports coverage. They had a COD tournament with MLG during the X Games in Austin, and they did coverage of Dota's International. Now it seems that they are looking to expand their scope.

Futuristic tech has changed multiplayer in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare definitely had a better showing than previous Call of Duty titles at E3 this year. Even though the basic formula was intact, subtle changes to the gameplay made the game stand out. The addition of verticality and items that radically change information fed to the player made the single-player demo quite exciting to watch. Good news is that these changes will make the jump to multiplayer, and change the formula quite a bit.

South Africa to take on New Zealand in StarCraft II Show Match

StarCraft is possibly the only game in existence which can make me stress like a madman. Micro? Macro? APM? You need to know how to manage all of these and more, all at the same time, if you ever want to be any good on a competitive level. There are gods among men players who are capable of such feats, and South Africa is home to some of them. Want to see them in action? Some of our best players will be taking on the best New Zealand has to offer this weekend.

The International 4 Finals: The Winners!

If you had to sum up this year’s DOTA 2 International tournament, you’d probably end up using the word ‘unpredictable’. The giants crashed out early, the favourites slowly fell near the end and the underdogs ruled the roost. I mean, who would’ve thought a team that nearly failed at the Playoff stages would end up dominating the competition at the Main Event, eventually taking the crown? Not many, but NewBee were out to impress.

ESPN to stream The International

You know how we keep debating if eSports is a "real" sport and when will it get noticed/appreciated by a mainstream audience? Well, much like the 4th of July hotdog eating competition and World Series of Poker, eSports has finally gotten the attention it deserves, from ESPN.

Attention Dota 2 players! Stand a chance to compete at the MSI Beat IT 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan

Enjoyed what you have seen at The International so far? How would you like to be part of a Dota 2 tournament that has the same sort of idea? The MSI Beat IT 2014 event will bring together top teams from around the world for one epic showdown, and if you’re good enough, you too can be a part of it.

City Vs City Clash: large scale local Battlefield 4 tournament

The winter leg of the DGL has come to an end, and the DGC isn’t too far off. Sad that there isn’t any local eSport goodness in the immediate future? Don’t be! The City vs City Clash will be taking place at the end of this month.

Energy look to the future: eVo join their Dota 2 roster

It seems that now is the time for change and growth for MGO’s in South Africa. In-Finity Gaming recently announced their acquisitions leading up to the DGC. Energy eSports are looking to the future too, as they have welcomed some new blood into their organisation.

The International: playoffs end, main event kicks off this Friday

Yes I know, you’ve reached your quota of tolerance towards Dota 2 news long ago, but we are nearly at the end, and by end, I mean the beginning of the main event of The International! The playoffs are done and the teams have been placed according to their performances. Eight teams have been sent packing, leaving the other eight with better odds at grabbing a larger percentage of that $10 million dollar cash pool.

Counter-Strike could get Dota 2 style “International”

Valve isn't just about Steam, you know. They are also the brains behind Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. Those brains are being rewarded with the success of The International, and they might want to give similar treatment to other games in Valve's stable.

Evo 2014 results roundup: who had the bigger guns?

Forget UFC, or any other physical sport that took place this weekend. Real fighting skill was being demonstrated in one place, and all with the input of a controller. Evo 2014 gathered the best fighters from around the world, and pitted them against each other in the digital arena of their choosing. There were people klapping each other harder than Sandy klaps his gym schedule! Who were the winners in the biggest fighting game tournament in the world?

In-Finity Gaming acquires two other MGO’s

Local gaming MGO, In-Finity Gaming, have announced that they will be bolstering their roster by absorbing teams from Pulse Gaming and Unknown Gaming. What are their plans moving forward?