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The Sims 4 to get premium memberships, gameplay video

Want to see what I saw of The Sims 4 at E3? Well, even though the presenters and Sims were different, the highly staged gameplay walkthrough is almost identical to what I saw. However, we do get a glimpse of future features that might not make people too happy.

Sims 2 goes Ultimate, loses support

The Sims 4 is coming. Many of the die hard fans have played it since the first one and plenty of people are digging back through their old versions to tide themselves over until the new one launches. However, EA might have just made that a bit more complicated.

New details about The Sims 4

I fear for the future of the Sims. Not because of the news I'm about to reveal, but because it is looking likely that Darryn will review the game for us. You thought what he did to his Miis during Tomodachi Life was weird, you have no idea - he has all kinds of torture planned, and I believe it includes replicating all of us.

Mass Effect 4 to be shown off at Comic Con?

Every year in San Diego, Comic Con descends on the city and promises to bring plenty of geeks to town. Lately, though, it has become more about series and movies than actual comic books, and sometimes even big video games. This time, it looks like Mass Effect 4 might get shown off, too.

Dragon Age: Inquisition ends the war between Templars and Mages

Dragon Age: Inquisition looks impressive and it was wonderful to see the demo at E3 last month. Bioware has been showing off that same demo via YouTube, and it just proves how well the game has come together. Just remember, a bunch of years have passed since Origins, so some of the characters will look rather different.

EA is passing off greed as innovation

The new Dungeon Keeper for mobile platforms is a free to play nightmare. The game asks players to spend vast amounts of real world money to speed up the game’s laboriously long timers. The game has been the near universal target of derision. EA’s Frank Gibeau has it figured out. He reckons the reason it wasn’t well received is that EA tried to innovate too much.

EA doing only freemium mobile gaming

EA Mobile head Frank Gibeau explains in a new interview that EA had to rebuild their mobile business. While they're on the right track now, they will need to learn from industry leaders King and Supercell, and they're making some universal decisions about their mobile gaming.

Battlefield Beta to ensure EA is on message

Recently, a bunch of people got into the Battlefield Hardline Beta. In general, these types of semi-open Betas are to help developers find bugs, fix balancing or deal with server issues. But this video from Visceral Games says it's also about staying on message and using feedback.

EA explains why pools and toddlers excluded in The Sims 4

A couple weeks ago, I told you that The Sims 4 wouldn't include pools or toddlers at launch. Now EA has come out to explain why that is, and their excuses are rather thin.

Would you pay for demos?

EA is known for doing some pretty despicable things over the years. Season Passes, shoe-horned micro-transactions,  Origin and more - like trying to market Dungeon Keeper as a “free to play” game. There’s a reason (vocal idiots, mostly) that they were voted worst company in America for two years in a row, and now they’ve just made themselves strong contenders once again.

EA can no longer claim Dungeon Keeper is “free to play”

Free to play gaming, when done poorly, is a scourge upon this hobby we hold dear. One of the more egregious examples of this is EA’s mobile Dungeon Keeper, which keeps you from doing the simplest of things unless you have infinite time, or an infinite credit card. Because of its nasty implementation, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has deemed it illegal for EA to even use “Free to play” as a descriptor for the game.

The industry is changing, and you need to change with it

Games have certainly changed in just the last generation. No longer relying on Quality assurance, games could be shipped broken, and patched thanks to the internet. They’re also addled with DLC and microtransactions, and there’re mobile games flooding every marketplace. You, core gamers that you are, hate this sort of thing. EA’s Peter Moore reckons you need to get with the times.

Expect smarter and weirder behaviour in The Sims 4

Confession: I kind of dig The Sims. But for all the wrong reasons. While I give little to no fraks about all those various expansions for fashionable clothing, what I do enjoy doing is using that game to create nightmare scenarios with the little digital people inside my PC. Like creating a pyrophobic glutton and then surrounding his fridge with several fireplaces. Anyway, new trailer!

EA to benefit from console war

EA's Chief Operations Officer didn't pull any punches in a new interview - he talked about the benefits of being a 3rd party to the console war and even throw a punch at the all-powerful Gabe Newell. But does he make a valid point?

Freddie Prinze Jr voicing Dragon Age’s Iron Bull

Remember Freddie Prinze Jr? He used to be a relevant actor in teen romantic comedies. In actual fact, he played a teen well into his later years thanks to the magic of youth, aka the power of an ironic hat. Now he will voice Iron Bull in Dragon Age, and pull weird faces to do so.