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The Last Guardian release date incoming?

Oh, Last Guardian, you are the Half Life 3 of PlayStation gamers. Anything becomes a clue, a hint - how desperate is everyone for news on the illusive game? Well, now it seems that Sony does have something to say, they're just looking for the right time to say it.

Microsoft to show its gaming focus at E3

We’ve already talked about Phil spencer being appointed the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, which we think could be quite a good thing for the company. As the most games-centric guy on staff, he could be just the guy to turn Xbox’s faltering image around. The newly promoted Spencer has said that games are his focus, and that this year’s E3 wll be Microsoft’s best in a long, long time.

Dishonored 2 E3 fact sheet paints a pretty ID Tech 5 picture

I can’t see Dishonored not getting a sequel. The game was well received, Bethesda saw the chance to craft a new money-making universe and there’s a bunch of disappointed Thief gamers right now who would embrace it with open arms. Is it coming? Well here’s some more evidence to lend credence to the first rumour.

Halo news coming in June

If there's one thing that could ship more Xbox Ones than Titanfall, it's Halo. Xbox users don't just love Halo, they're fanatical about it. So, it will be interesting to see what news we get - but there is confirmed that we will be getting Halo news at E3.

Do Booth Babes work?

We here at Lazygamer appreciate the fine female form, though that could perhaps be construed as being sexist, a holdover of the sleazy “sex sells” marketing mantra. That entire ethos is still used very much alive in marketing today, especially at trade shows and conventions through the possibly exploitative use of Booth Babes. Do they even work though?

EA cancels Free to play Command and Conquer

Remember that Command and Conquer game that was teased as being the new game from RPG hitmaker Bioware? Yes, the one that was originally supposed to be Generals 2 – then became a free to play RTS under the helm of the newly renamed Victory Games? Well, you may as well forget about it, because it’s been cancelled.

Delayed reaction – Japanese developers impressions of E3

E3 came and went - it seems like ages ago!  That said, news is still coming out regarding opinions of E3, this time from the Japanese developers in attendance.  Seems like a bit of East vs West rivalry is on the cards.

The best things you’ll be playing later, according to critics

Just about every publication (us included!) has its own “Best of E3”awards soon after gaming’s biggest annual event – but a number of them also get together afterwards to decide which gaming hardware really is the best, by way of the “Game Critics Awards.” Real gaming industry professionals like CNN, The L.A Times, Entertainment Weekly and the Hollywood Reporter get together with people who know nothing about games like Polygon, Kotaku, Joystiq and Destructoid make up these critics – and this is what impressed them most.

E3 2013: Blackguard is delightfully old school

If you’re not a fan of the usual skiet die bliksem gameplay that has defined the industry today, then chances are that you happen to like the kind of game which explores other areas of action and genre. Daedalic Entertainment makes several of them. And their next game, Blackguard looks set to continue that adventure tradition.

E3 2013: Dark Souls 2 broke me

Dark Souls is a funny game. It punishes and punishes players, feeding them mere slivers of hope until they can finally break through the pain, like the functioning parts of Rocky Balboa’s face when up against Ivan Drago’s fists. There’s a sequel on the way, that promises to create an atmosphere that is more accessible for newcomers. Veterans are worried that this means that the game is being dumbed down. Well, they may not have anything to worry about, because the suffering is going to be equal opportunity.

Lazygamer’s Best of E3 2013 Awards

E3 has come and gone, and this year happened to have an exceptional showcase of new hardware, games and ideas. There was a ton of quality on offer, from new IPs to familiar sequels that helped to create a memorable show. Here’s our best of selection for 2013.

There and back again – A Lazygamer journey to E3

For my first E3, I had a pretty swell time. At the event that is. But it was totally worth the 30 hour plane ride that had me sitting next to a gigantic Pakistani dude who snored like a lumberjack armed with a nuclear-powered chainsaw. And I took pictures of the event! And video!

E3 2013: The Wonderful 101 is well…wonderful

So you’ve got a brand spankin’ new Wii U thanks to recent sales, a bruise on your elbow after you muay thaied your way to the front of the queue and basically no good games to play. It’s a common complaint, but here’s the thing: Nintendo has some solid games on the way. And at E3 last week, The Wonderful 101 got my official stamp of approval.

E3 2013 In pictures: Day 3

Well, that’s it folks, E3 is over. Thanks for coming, now bugger off before we release the Call of Duty attack dogs on you all. RUN YOU DAMN JOURNALISTS, RUN FOR YOUR CRITICAL HIT POINTS!

E3 2013: EA Sports UFC brings the pain

SPERTS! Believe it or not, but I happen to be a fan of at least one sport. You know the one. That noble art of punching one guy in the face harder than he can kick the heirs off of your man sack in return. I’m talking about fighting, and when it’s legal, it’s awesome. Take UFC for instance, which isn’t only a great spectacle, but might be a great game again soon.