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Uplay survives DRM lawsuit

Most people are excited about the games coming from Ubisoft. People enjoyed Watch Dogs and are amped for the upcoming Assassin's Creed and Far Cry iterations. Of course, everyone hates that horror which is Uplay - and not even a court case could kill it.

No, Xbox One DRM isn’t killing Killer Instinct

I’ve seen a number of worrying reports that Xbox One’s DRM is actually still there, and has been causing issues with Killer Instinct tournaments. It is however, a problem that’s being misreported. Xbox One DRM isn’t killing Killer Instinct.

“Absolutely no DRM” ever for The Witcher 3

My fellow South Africans! Election season is coming up and it’ll be time to cast your vote. And we all know that the Lazygamer party is the only party worth voting for. We’re dangerously unqualified, possibly genocidal and sexually attracted to nuclear weapons. And much like Witcher 3 devs CDPR, we’re running our entire campaign without DRM. Read my lips! No DRM!

SimCity getting offline mode?

EA has gotten considerable flak for its always-online SimCity.  We were given a variety of reasons for always online, most of which were proven false.  Now, it looks like SimCity might soon be getting offline capabilities.

Will Wright praises Xbox One DRM turnaround

While former Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski was none-too-pleased about Microsoft’s rapid DRM policy shift – convinced as he is, despite the Lamborghini he drives, that used games are the devil – former Maxis designer Will Wright is rather pleased. Mostly because it shows that these corporations are actually capable of listening to consumers, who’re getting more involved with the how games are being made.

Microsoft has listened, canned Xbox One DRM

The biggest issues that most gamers seem to have with the Xbox One is that always online DRM nonsense. Because of that, gamer sentiment has have moved very much in Sony’s favour. Many were left wondering how long it would be before Microsoft finally listened to its customer and gave up on those very draconian, restrictive policies. That time is now.

The Witcher 3 on PC DRM-free – with free DLC

While every one’s been caught up in the next-gen console war, there’s one platform that remains free from the fray. That’s right, the master race are winners once again as CD Projekt RED’s CEO Marcin Iwinski assures Rock Paper Shotgun that The Witcher 3 will release DRM –free on GOG on day one.

Mad Max dev: Games traded when too short or boring

Christofer Sundberg, founder of Avalance Studios who brought you Just Cause and are bringing Mad Max, thinks that when games are too short or lack replay value, they are most often traded in.  He points out that if you can experience everything a game has to offer in 8-10 hours, there is little reason to keep it.  And he's not the only one who sees it this way.

Clarification on Playstation’s DRM policy

We all know about the huge applause and relief that followed Sony's announcement about no new restrictions on used games and no online requirements.  This is part of what made many people conclude that the Playstation will dominate in the next-gen (that, and the price, of course).

Microsoft confirms insane Xbox One DRM

This wasn’t the news I wanted to wake up to on a Friday but it looks like Microsoft has refused to listen to gamers and in a futile attempt for this disaster to not ruin their E3 they have decided to clarify how the Xbox One will work and it’s not pretty.

The campaign for no DRM on PlayStation 4

 Sometimes, when people are unhappy, they take to the streets and riot- I mean protest.  The rest of us take to twitter.  Rumor has it, Sony might be taking notice.

Sony’s still very quiet about PlayStation 4 DRM

The Xbox One was revealed last week – and it’ll have built in digital rights management. We all know how that’s turned out; swathes of die-hard Xbox gamers have threatened to switch their allegiances, some even over to Nintendo and its Wii U. Most though, are hedging their bets on the PlayStation 4, because nobody wants a console with DRM. Here’s the thing though; Sony hasn’t actually confirmed that its PS4 won’t contain DRM.

The next Xbox’s DRM is up to publishers

There’s been much said – mostly negative, vitriolic ramblings – about the next-generation console from Microsoft’s rumoured perpetual internet requirements. While it’s more than likely that the console will indeed require an internet connection, is that so very different from the Xbox 360 as it stands right now?

EA Says DRM is a failure, SimCity an MMO

DRM is terrible; failing completely at its primary purpose; It does pretty much nothing to stop piracy, instead giving paying customers the shaft. EA’s SimCity requires a perpetual online connection, which many gamers see as a form of DRM – but that’s just not the case, says EA labels boss Frank Gibeau. In fact, EA’s not interested in DRM anymore, he claims.

Double Fine’s Adventure finally revealed

“An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!” And finally there’s an actual name for the game and a game description. Here’s what we know about Broken Age.