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Lazygamer Retro Wednesdays: Sega Dreamcast

I don’t need to tell you how awesome the Dreamcast was, because chances are, someone already has. But it’s the fortnightly feature Retro Wednesday so it is my job -  no, my destiny -  to tell you of the Dreamcast and its rather tragic history.

Consoles by the numbers

Who had the most games? Whose games cost the most? Who had the best looking console in previous generations? These are questions that most of you will only be asking now, but they’re still interesting questions nonetheless. The majority of us grew up with at least one console in our homes, entertainment devices that went from catridges to DVDs, from wired controllers to power-gloves. Here’s a mathematical run down of some of the powerhouses from previous generations of gaming, how much they cost in their homebase of US of A, and how much a complete run of games would have set you back.

How much would you have paid for the worlds largest games collection?


We’ve all flogged a game before, in order to get some much needed green in our bank accounts. Heck, some of us have even ditched an entire collection of nostalgia and childhood memories for cash, but I’m pretty certain that no one here has ever sold this many games before.

Pachter suggests the Wii U will be the next Dreamcast

And no, SEGA fans - that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s going to be one of the most amazing consoles ever created - he just thinks it’s not going to sell all that well.

He thinks that - because it’s apparently close to the current consoles in term of spec and graphical horsepower, that it should have been released two or three years ago.

Seaman’s hitting your 3DS

Seaman on SEGA’s ill-fated Dreamcast was a weird, weird game. Essentially a sort of virtual pet, it saw players raise a fish with an eerie humanoid face from flagellum to amphibious, man-faced frog thing - all with the delightful narration of Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy. You could speak to Seaman, using the Dreamcast’s microphone, and have him hurl insults in your general direction. Rightfully, it was named as one of GameInformer’s weirdest games of all time.

And it’s headed to the 3DS.

John Carmack thinks the PS3 is the “second best console ever made”

id’s RAGE is coming soon, and I can personally attest that it’s not only beautiful (in a dreary, post apocalyptic sort of way) but that it runs at a buttery-smooth 60 fps (most of the time), no matter what console you play it on. The man behind much of id Tech 5, the engine that powers the game has called Sony’s PlayStation 3 the “second best console ever made.”

Can you guess what comes first?

Crazy Taxi Re-release Dated

The second game in the apparent Xbox Live Arcade and PSN Dreamcast revival has finally been given a release date. Following on the heels of the poorly ported and ill-received Sonic Adventure, classic frantic arcade and Dreamcast…taxi simulator Crazy Taxi will be released on the download services on November 24.

The game will feature updated, 720p graphics and presented in widescreen unlike the previously mentioned Sonic game.

New Shenmue Game Announced! Yay! For Mobile Phones Only..Baw!

Somebody is being an evil bastard and toying with gamers’ emotions. SEGA have announced a new game that they’re billing as the third Shenmue game – yet it’s not a reason to be out in the streets joyously celebrating.

If anything, it’s more likely to make people raise their fists to, and shout at the heavens.

Updated to Confirmed : Xbox 360 Controller Getting a New D-Pad?

[Updated] Major Nelson has posted a video which pretty much confirms this controller is coming to the US for $70. Video at the bottom The Xbox 360 controller is probably my favourite video game controller – barring the ridiculous legendary awesomeness of the Dreamcast’s, of course. Unlike Sony’s decades old dual-shock design,I’m not left with cramped hands after hours-long gaming sessions. There is though, a caveat; The 360 controller has one of the worst d-pads ever designed, making simple things like changing weapons or moving in the intended direction much more laborious than it needs to be. That might be set to change.

PlayStation Controller Buttons Explained

I love my PS3, as I loved my PS2 and PS1 before it. What I’ve never really liked though, is the aesthetically unchanged controller each system has shipped with. It primarily comes down to the analogues, which were added as an afterthought on the PS1 controller’s existing, thumbstick-less mould, for use in analogue-compatible games like Tobal 2, Bushido Blade, and the first game to require a Ps1 analogue controller, Ape Escape.

I prefer controllers with more modern designs that are more practical and ergonomic, like those belonging to the Dreamcast, Gamcube and yes, the Xbox 360. I do, however, quite like the iconic button design of the Playstation controller, with it’s now familiar Triangle, Square, Circle and X. PlayStation designer Teiyu Goto who designed the Ps1 and Ps2 – explains how the design was intended to keep things simple.

In Other News – 31 May 2010

Today’s actually a pretty important day in South Africa’s history. 100 years ago today the separate Cape, Natal, Transvaal and the Orange Free State colonies united to form the Union of South Africa, a dominion under British sovereignty. 51 years later – on the same day – it broke free from the empire, becoming the Republic of South Africa, making CR Swart the country’s first state president.

Of course, our country as we know it was really only born with the universal suffrage in 1994. Hooray for democracy! Using that famous Greek system, I voted to include South Africa’s own Roxy Ingram in today’s header pic.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because..well..it’s Monday and we’re hungover.


Bioware adding multiplayer to Mass Effect?
Treyarch : We’re a 100% COD Studio Now
Beyond Good and Evil 2 NOT cancelled?


Street Fighter on Facebook
7 Annoying Types of Gamers
Iron Man and War Machine Tekkies
Dreamcast Modded in to Boom Box


Ninety Nine Nights 2
LEGO Prince of Persia Minimovie

Unnanounced XBLA games leaked?

If a batch of screenshots are to believed, Dreamcast and Xbox Live arcade fans are in for a crazy ride. Unverified screenshots show that one of the system’s staples – along with a host of other as-yet unannounced arcade classics will be hitting Microsoft’s game service. If you’ve never owned a Dreamcast, or played the arcade original, you ought be keen to jump in to a Crazy Taxi should the game find its digital distribution feet.
Leaked SEGA/Sony Document Details PS2 and Dreamcast games for PS3

Leaked SEGA/Sony Document Details PS2 and Dreamcast games for PS3

Woops! Somebody screwed up, and they screwed up BIG TIME. If a planning document that showed up on SEGA’s PR site holds any truth – and indications are that it does – then SEGA have just inadvertently let the PS3 backwards compatibility cat out of the bag. The document details all sorts of SEGA and Sony hand-holding, but the references to PS3 backwards compatibility and downloadable Dreamcast games are the most revealing.

According to the leak :

PS2 emulator for PS3 (confidential)

  • SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN (GTA Vice City/Sonic/etc)
  • For co Marketing money show PS3 controller on TV ads – similar to EA Madden Spots, NCAA, etc…

DC Digital Titles

  • If we provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively.
    If we give them a long period of exclusivity they’ll give us more marketing support.

My gut tells me the document is the genuine deal – and PSN downloadable PS2 and Dreamcast games will be coming to a PS3 near you.

Hit the jump for the full document – which contains some cool and crazy insider info.

NerdGasm Alert: R2-D2 Projector Houses 8 Consoles

NerdGasm Alert: R2-D2 Projector Houses 8 Consoles

Despite being a card-carrying member of the geek-club, I am not a Star Wars fan. That doesn’t mean that I’m a Star trek fan either; Science Fiction, in general, fails to elicit much excitement from me - with Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy being a notable exception. This custom mod by Popular Science reader Brian De Vitis may change that though, because it’s managed to elicit not just excitement, but girly squeals of approval too. Brian took an R2-D2 cooler, modified and repainted it for “realism” and then stuffed it with the innards of 8 classic consoles, aligning everything so that the controller ports face the right way. I see Dreamcast , NES, SNES, Genesis/MegaDrive, Dreamcast, N64, Xbox 1 and what seems to be Colecovision controllers. Awesome! Not content with how awesome that was on it’s own, he crammed a projector and sound system in its head. And yes, it projects from the bit that the tiny holographic Leia jumps out of. This right here? This IS the droid I’m looking for. Hit the jump for pictures.
Happy 10th Anniversary, Dreamcast!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Dreamcast!

Ten years ago today in north America SEGA released what would become their last foray into the console hardware arena. It was the first of the 6th generation of consoles to make it in to people’s homes – Before the Nintendo Gamecube, the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox. It was, 10 years ago, a beast of a machine, sharing the same innards as SEGA’s NAOMI arcade hardware at a time when arcades were still at the forefront of gaming technology. This common architecture meant that the Dreamcast would be home to arcade-perfect ports of games such as Marvel vs Capcom 2, Crazy Taxi, Power Stone, Virtua Tennis and Ikaruga. The console, still held in high regard by videogame snobs pioneered online console gaming. It was the first home console to feature a dial-up modem, as well as support for a broadband ethernet adapter – paving the way for PSN and Xbox Live services we now take for granted. In fact, wide enthusiast support for the system means that some of its games, including Quake III, can still be played online today.