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Competitive Dota at the Liberty LAN

This weekend, some of you may be hunting for Easter Eggs. Instead, the top Dota 2 teams in South Africa will be playing at the Dota 2 Liberty LAN Easter Tournament. You can watch, too - make it part of your Easter family braai.

eSports association promotes sexism

I have been trying to steer clear of articles about sexism, mostly because it always feels like a giant can of worms. However, statements have been made that made my blood boil, and it should make yours do the same.

SteelSeries also sponsoring DGL

I'm loving these sponsorship announcements for the DGL. It seems like they are getting all the big names to sign on with fantastic prizes. The good people over at SteelSeries are the latest to announce their support for the DGL, sweetening the pot for Dota 2 players.

Free To Play now free to watch

Free To Play is the film made by Valve to promote eSports and particularly Dota. The documentary follows three pro-gamers from different ends of the world as they compete in the first Dota 2 International Tournament - the tournament had a $1 million top prize and cemented Dota 2 as a top eSports game.

MSSA holding online trials for Dota 2 next month

We received an email from the MSSA today that shocked us. firstly, it was pretty professionally done, without much in the way of poor formatting, typos or any of those editing flubs we’re largely guilty of ourselves. Secondly they’re being oddly forthcoming about upcoming online trials for Dota 2.

The best of Gabe Newell’s AMA

After his previously failed attempt at an AMA, Gabe Newell took to Reddit to answer a wide range of questions. Of course the Half-Life 3 questions abound, but here are some of the top questions and answers from the thread.

Dota 2: 4th International in July, MLG at risk?

I thoroughly enjoyed The International 3 last year. The compendium was really cool, offering spectators all kinds of interesting benefits and boosting the prize pool at the same time. All the top teams went head to head, making for some excellent Dota to watch. Valve has yet to announce the date for this year's tournament, but it may be sooner than you think.

Fantasy Dota comes to DreamLeague

I love fantasy sports. Okay, that sounds strange, but it's true! Pick your dream team of players and then see how they perform throughout the season. It's always been big in baseball and football (the American style), and Gavin claims it has even come to Rugby in the latest and greatest SuperBru. But now it's becoming standard fare in eSports.

DGL gets awesome sponsorships

The DGL has come a long way from its inception. It is the name in local competitive gaming and their registrations keep on breaking records. Now, they are offering some huge prizes thanks to some fantastic new sponsors.

The DOTA 2 movie arrives next month for free

Every generation, there comes a sperts person who can spert better than the other sperts people who want to sperts more sperts points than anyone else. Many of those athletes have become the basis for an inspirational sperts movie or two. Now, DOTA 2 is getting a chance to show the world just how good at sperting, it really is.

Racism continues in the local DOTA 2 scene

Earlier this week I posted an article about Racism in the local eSports scene that garnered over 200 comments and caused a huge stir on the local DOTA 2 Facebook page. Unfortunately there were quite a few people on the page that actually condoned the actions as well as a few who claimed the issue didn’t really happen like that.

Dota 2 gets Chinese New Year update

Frostivus (aka Christmas) is barely behind us, but Chinese New Year is upon us. Dota 2 is celebrating it as New Bloom Festival. How does Dota 2 celebrate? With an update, of course!

Bravado-Energy Grudgematch results

By Ben "Noxville"  Steenhuisen

Last night saw the two South African powerhouses meet in what was billed to be a “grudge match” following the January shuffle. There seemed to be a lot of playful banter between the players, both in-game (when there was an extended pause due to Doni having some technical issues) as well as in the lobby. The match was a pre-season (that is, pre-DGL) show match, organised by Zoot to get some exposure for the local community, and as an icebreaker for him into the Dota 2 casting world. Zoot is a well-known face in the Quake scene, casting at top-tier events both live and online.

League of Legends has how many players?

Some people think Dota 2 is huge. Sure, it can often get half a million people playing a day - that's nothing to sneeze at. But League of Legends is in a, uh, league of its own.

Energy eSports vs Bravado grudge match is on tonight

So I caused a bit of mayhem last week when I posted the article about the 3 Energy eSports DOTA 2 players leaving for Bravado. I had my say about it here and had some, shall we say mixed, feedback about it here.