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You won’t get to see Doom until 2015

From everything we’ve heard about the newly rebooted Doom, it sounds like the glorious union of old-school sensibilities and new-generation technology. Doom sounds very much like it’s getting the same sort of attention to detail and love as the recent Wolfenstein: The New Order – and for fans, that’s exciting stuff. Pity you probably won’t get to even see it until next year.

DOOM details escape from hell

We’ve known for years now that id Software is hard at work on a new Doom title. A few days ago Bethesda announced that the first gameplay reveal would be exclusive to QuakeCon attendees. That reveal took place yesterday, and despite there being no leaked footage we now have a very good idea of what Doom will be. And yes, it’s officially Doom -  and not Doom 4.

DOOM needs to prove itself anew

Doom, one of the granddaddy’s of the FPS is coming back. It’s been such a long time since anything really good has been released bearing the Doom name though. Doom 3 wasn’t terrible, but it’s been a full 10 years since release.  Doom finds itself in a similar position to Wolfenstein in that regard, in that it has to prove that it has what it takes to get players interested once again.

Only QuakeCon attendees will get to see the new Doom

The people over at id Software made many nostalgic fans weak at the knees during E3. They released the first teaser trailer for Doom 4, which has now been conveniently named back to just Doom. Just to get everyone all confused when actually trying to talk about the game without referring to the original.

Bethesda teases new Doom ahead of QuakeCon

E3? Who needs it? Certainly not the chaps at Bethesda, who’ve chosen this fortuitous time to tease the latest game in the fabled Doom series. They’ve done nothing but tease – revealing that they’ll actually be showing the game off at QuakeCon next month.

Dishonored 2 E3 fact sheet paints a pretty ID Tech 5 picture

I can’t see Dishonored not getting a sequel. The game was well received, Bethesda saw the chance to craft a new money-making universe and there’s a bunch of disappointed Thief gamers right now who would embrace it with open arms. Is it coming? Well here’s some more evidence to lend credence to the first rumour.

Wolfenstein: The New Order arrives May 20,includes Doom Beta access

The last Wolfenstein game was, quite simply, crap. Dull, generically designed and thoroughly boring. But you can’t keep a good franchise down, and it was only a matter of time before a new Wolfenstein arose. And this one looks like it has the reich stuff.

Watch the evolution of the FPS

First Person Shooters have a come a long way since they first gained prominence with earlier examples in the genre, such as Wolfenstein 3D and Quake. Now arguably the single genre that defines video gaming (within the mainstream at least), they’re not going away any time soon. It’s a good thing then that they’ve evolved the way they have, a shown by this video from French site NoFrag that details the graphical evolution of the FPS.

Watch this 1993 Doom screenshot transform into 2013

When Doom was released way back in 1993 it wasn’t quite hyper-realistic but it was still pretty impressive as far as gaming went in those days. However it hasn’t really aged well and so a Deviant Art user, Elemental79, decided to spend 35 hours touching up an old screenshot to bring it into 2013.

Doom 3 vanishes from Steam

So you’ve gone and retooled an older game, released it in online and hard copy variants, and wondering what the best way is to make some cash off of it. Well, for starters, you could make certain that the game itself is worth asking people to pay for it a second time. OR! And hear me out on this one, you could make damn sure that this newer, buggier version is the only available on digital shelves. Sounds like a sound plan, right? Because that’s just what id has done for Doom 3 BFG Edition.

Blame a Doomed game for the stagnation of point ‘n click titles

Ever wondered why right now, you’re not playing Kings Quest 22 or Day of the Japanese Tentacle? Well there’s one game that you can point your calloused clicking finger at in blame, one iconic title that is responsible for the decline of such genre games, and according to industry veteran Ron Gilbert, that particular click-killer is Doom.

Doom 4 to avoid Rage marketing mistakes, keep things secret

Rage was one of those games last year that was a phenomenal letdown, despite the massive marketing blitz that had preceded it, touting it to be one of id Software's finest creations. Perhaps it was a case of giving too much away too soon, but one thing is for certain, and that’s the fact that id has learnt from their blunder, as they’ll be far more cautious in the future with advertising, especially for Doom 4.

Doom and Doom 2 are now available in Germany

Thanks to some serious dedication from Bethesda, who acquired id Software in 2009, Doom and Doom 2 are no longer considered harmful to young people in Germany which means the Germans can now get there hands on some of the titles that defined a genre, even if it is 18 years later.

Why the German censorship board, who generally hate fun and feel their youth are as soft as play dough, suddenly thought it was okay to allow Doom onto the market isn’t know yet.

Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein May Return

It has been a little over six years since id software touched the Doom franchise, and if we put aside 2010's Quake Arena for XBLA, they have also had little to no involvement in the Quake series with no sign of jumping back on the bandwagon. Until now that is.

Doom Gets The Most Dangerous Weapon Ever – The Vuvuzela

Doom is bad-ass. Doom lets you use a lot of bad-ass weapons. Pretty much everything about everything in the game is bad-ass, but now... it has become even more bad-ass.

The World has now been exposed to the power of the Vuvuzela thanks to the World Cup being hosted in South Africa. The whole thing has exploded as a new internet meme, and some really funny videos have been popping up on the net.

Just by the way, I was at the USA vs Algeria game yesterday, and I sat in the middle of a zillion US supporters, and boy oh boy did they have no issues blowing the living hell out of their Vuvuzelas. So please, ignore all their complaints, they are loving it.

This is one of them, so hit the jump and see Doom in all of its Vuvuzela glory. Thanks to eGamer for the video.