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Marvel characters coming to Disney Infinity

We knew this day would come. With Disney owning the rights to Marvel characters, it was only a matter of time until they mashed them up against other Disney characters. It appears that time has come, but is it also a sign of a new kind of Disney Infinity.

The Star Wars 1313 dream is dead

Star Wars games have been pretty terrible of late. Kinect Star Wars for the Xbox 360 was an abomination, Angry Birds Star Wars was actually pretty good save for the fact that it was Angry Birds and Tiny Death Star, though cute isn’t really much of a Star Wars game. There was a new hope; Star Wars 1313, a game that had players take on the role of bounty hunters instead of Jedi.

Dark Horse comics hands over Star Wars to Marvel in 2015

It’s a well known fact that much like in gaming, adapting movies to comic books is something akin to watching a train wreck slowly. One comic book publisher that set the bar high though? Dark Horse comics, who made Star Wars comic books well worth reading and collecting. And it’s been a hell of a run for them.

Deadpool disappears from all online stores

So 2014 has rolled around and you have finally decided you want to play the 8th worst game of 2013, Deadpool? Well you’re year is off to a bad start unfortunately as you can’t anymore.

How cute is this first Disney Star Wars game?

We all had nightmares when Disney acquired the Star Wars IP - what sort of movies and games could we expect? However, the first game looks positively delightful. I think I may just have to get it now, partly because it's free.

Star Wars 1313 would have starred Boba Fett, more revealed

Damn you Disney. Damn your massive ears! If there was one game that I was looking forward to, it was Star Wars 1313. Revealed at E3 2012, the game looked pretty damn strong in the Force. And thanks to some new details being revealed, I’m even sadder than ever about the game being scrapped.

Disney Infinity has made its publisher ‘very pleased’

To make money, you’ve got to spend money. And over the last couple of years, Disney has sunk quite a few dollars into their new franchise, Infinity. And according to them, it’s doing rather well.

Disney Infinity Review–To infinity and beyond

No good deed goes unpunished, and when it comes to crafting a great game, that goes double in this industry. With Activison having a massive hit on their hands with the Skylanders franchise, it was only a matter of time until someone saw else got themselves a slice of that young market. Disney is the first real such competition in the toys to life genre. And by copying someone else, this is the most original work that the house of mouse has unleashed in several years.

What if Disney Princesses were Capcom fighters?

Well it’d make for one interesting fighting promotion, that’s for sure. While I go slip on a Don King wig and prepare to mangle the English language further with tales of Fisticular violencia played over feminetti free for all martial artarchy, check out these mock-ups of Disney princess below who are spoilin’ for a fight.

Ten more characters that Disney Infinity needs

I spent my weekend playing around with Disney Infinity, and I’ve pretty much enjoyed the experience so far. While I still need to prepare a review for that game, I also need to prepare my bank account so that I can grab more of those figures. And if Disney ever releases these characters, well then I might have a spleen or two for sale soon.

Disney Infinity review round-up – To Infinity and beyond

Disney Infinity may have launched already in the good ol’ US of A, but surprisingly, few sites have actually reviewed the game. I’m forking out some of my own cash for a starter pack, so expect videos and impressions soon. If you can’t wait for my humbly influential opinion though, here’s what those other websites had to say about the game.

Disney:” most disruptive time” in the industry

Disney has been forced to adopt a strategy of "intelligent diversification" to counter the advanced disruption in the market - this means making "smart bets" on projects.  Sounds more like an excuse to stick their fingers in a lot of pies, and lose any form of focus that they once had.

This is how the Disney Infinity power discs work

I really dig the Disney Infinity toys. Sure, they may be made of powdered Skylanders, but they’re actually pretty darn cool to just have. Heck, I’ve got a Captain Barbossa figure that is sitting on top of my Xbox right now. But there’s more to Disney Infinity than inaction figures. There are power discs as well. Lots and lots of power discs. While you prep your wallet for them, here’s how they’ll work.

Feel your videogames with Aireal

Kinect, when it actually works properly, allows you to manipulate virtual items in mid-air. Here’s some new tech that would allow you to feel them. Once it’s working properly.

Marvel Heroes Review – Avengers Unacceptable

The world is in danger. Doctor Doom has the Cosmic Cube and for once, isn't solely focused on launching the Fantastic Four building into space. Yet again. It’s up to you, several Hulks, a couple of Deadpools, a dozen Spider-Men and one Rocket Raccoon to step in and save the day. This should be the event of the decade, or one greasy fan fiction existing in a seedy corner of the Internet. But it’s not. It’s Marvel Heroes, and it falls flat on its face with this premise.