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Ubisoft: greater digital demand, infrastructure still an issue

We are making the shift to digital distribution - slowly, painfully and with plenty of bumps in the road, but it's happening. Ubisoft VP says it's faster and less painful than we might imagine, but there are still some major obstacles.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt begins 24 February

Yesterday, Geoff told you that you could tune in for the Witcher 3 press conference. So, what was revealed? We got some details about release dates, different beautiful game editions and a stunning new trailer.

Dragon Age Inquisition Digital Deluxe edition details

I can't hide it, I love Collector's Editions. Some are more equal than others, and anything with an impressive figurine becomes far too tempting for me. Of course, it's not just about fetishizing the physical stuff - you can also get cool things in game. Origin's details on the Digital Deluxe edition might just make you pre-order.

Digital to overtake physical sales within two years

Digital Distribution - love it or hate it, it's here to stay. I think I'd like it a lot more if the prices were more competitive, and my internet was faster and more stable. Man, I miss my fiber internet from the Netherlands. The NPD has studied American spending habits, showing huge growth in digital, and EA has something to say about it, too.

Xbox One “testing” cheaper digital prices

We've talked a lot about digital sales, prices, and how this can all affect brick and mortar games shops. Now it seems that Microsoft is going to try lowering online prices - but it's just on a trial basis.

Steam lets you cancel pre-orders

Usually, refunding a pre-order game on Steam was a matter of calling up Valve support, now, you can refund pre-orders with a simple click of a button. Steam users on the Steam forums discussed the new feature which Valve didn’t formally announce.

PS Vita the “iPod of handheld gaming”

It seems like almost everyone has an iPhone, iPod or iPad these days. I actually had one of the early iPods back in the day. That thing was a brick, but I loved it. Now it seems that maybe I would love the Vita in the same way, if we believe PlayStation UK's Managing Director, Fergal Gara.

GoG offers 30 day money back guarantee

Good Old Games, the awesome website that lets you play fantastic new and old games on current operating systems, has officially launched their return policy. Considering that they are also fully DRM-free with their distribution, this is pretty awesome and gives me hope for the future of digital distribution.

PSN buckled under weight of new users

I keep remembering old school consoles. You know, the ones you were able to just plug in and start playing as soon as you took them out of the box? I know, I know, they didn't have nearly the same functionality that our new consoles have, but for some people who couldn't download their day one patch from the PlayStation Network, it's hard to even know what the functionality is.

No more PS4 vs Xbox One digital game price discrepancies

There has been quite some outrage over digital sales lately, and rightly so. EA was seriously ripping people off (surprise, surprise) and the PS4 digital versions of games are more expensive than Xbox One versions. Now EA and Ubisoft have solved the problem, and explained why it happened to begin with.

PS4 digital games more expensive than Xbox One equivalents

So yesterday I told you about some of the insane gouging going on from EA - overcharging on digital distribution and fleecing people simply because they live in a different country. Now, it seems that digital version of games are more expensive, particularly if you have a PS4.

Just how much is EA ripping people off?

There is no doubt, people love to hate EA. They have one of the worst images of all the gaming companies around, even though they're trying to change that. Yet, with news like this coming out, it's still a long time until anyone will trust them.

1 in 3 games for PS4 from EA?

Speaking to the UBS Global Technology Conference, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen stated that most consumers were buying three games for their new PS4s. Most interesting was the newfound commitment to brick and mortar sales.

Collecting video games in a digital world

With digital distribution the dominant force in the video game industry, due to its low overhead costs and ease of access, physical collectors editions and disks are likely to be phased out with the onset of next generation consoles and hardware.

Steam Announces Family Sharing

In a major development for PC gamers and digital distribution, Steam has announced Family Sharing. Yes, it's only going into limited Beta, and there are plenty of restrictions, but this is a fantastic step in the right direction. Who wants to join my 'family'?