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Upcoming Diablo 3 for consoles will mirror PC with patches

You know what’s annoying about gaming? It’s the constant bickering between fanboys. My console has X, your's has Y, therefore I am better. It’s silly, because we all know the glorious Master Race wins every time! Blizzard are looking to level the playing field, at least in the patch department.

In Other News – 7 August 2014

It’s about damn time ION got some Mediterranean flavour. Zoe and Geoff have been teasing you all week, twisting words and getting you all excited for nothing. That’s not going to happen on my watch.

China receive pass to Sanctuary: Diablo III to be released in the east

Diablo III might have had a mixed reception from die hard fans on release, but its expansion, Reaper of Souls improved the game by a large margin. Its annoyingly addictive with all its demon killing and odd legendary drop here and there. China may be missing out on the latest journey through Sanctuary, but not for long! Blizzard are looking to bring the clicky action to the east.

The Diablo III: Reaper of Souls winner is…

Our good friends at Megarom have gifted us one Diablo III: reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition to give away . all you had to do was comment with a bit of a loot for your chance to win. And that winner? Stay awhile and listen…

Want to meet Diablo at midnight?

Oooh, night time, when even the tamest people can seem like demons. Only now, they aren't tame at all - they are el Diablo! AWX is hosting a midnight launch for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, and you can win cool stuff.

Diablo III with other Joburgers

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is almost upon us. But, contrary to Darryn's insistence, playing with others can be way more fun than playing with yourself. Megarom is teaming up with Internet Solutions to let a bunch of locals get together for some dungeon raiding.

Blizzard updates Starcraft II, Diablo III and opens up Hearthstone

What is it about Blizzard games that have such an appeal? Are we all just nostalgic, or is there something really special about their design? Either way, they are upping their game and even giving you the opportunity to create the next Dota phenomenon.

Battle.net falls for Trojan

Just in time for the first weekend of the year, many people's last gaming weekend of holiday time, it appeared that Blizzard users  fell victim to a nasty Trojan that could compromise accounts, even if they were using the Battle.net authenticator. Never fear, there is a cure - but just check if you are infected.

The Lazygamer Top 100 games of this generation – 41-50

Can you believe it, we're in the top half of the list! Have you agreed with us so far? Are you excited about the games we've yet to name? Or do you just know we're going to troll you all anyway? Nah, not really. Just remember that these games are selected because they made us happy this generation of gaming - nothing to do with sales, scores, metrics or other mumbo jumbo.

The myth of the gaming couple

On the latest Xbox podcast, I made fun of Xbox guy Graeme Selvan  for imagining that he'd find a woman who wanted to play Diablo with him. Most of my teasing was about the fact that she will have probably have moved on to a different game, and part of it was simply to troll him because it's just too easy. However, I have been thinking a lot about women who game, and the idea of couples who game together.

No offline mode for Diablo III on PC

The PC version of Diablo III is axing both the real and faux money auction houses next year, because, according to Blizzard, they’re negatively impacting the core Diablo experience. Another “feature” of the game that sullies the experience, however, isn’t going away any time soon.

Diablo 2’s designer thinks the RMAH ruined Diablo 3

Most of you are convinced that Diablo III’s Real Money Auction House played a large part in ruining the game. The guy who designed your cherished Diablo and Diablo II thinks so too.

Diablo III is better on consoles

Last year in May, after a decade of waiting, fans finally got to play Diablo III. Well, eventually they did – after staring at Error 37 screens and dealing with broken servers because of inadequate planning Blizzard’s part,  forcing people to play their single player games online. And for a while, those people were happy.

Now we know when the devil will arrive

Remember how Diablo III is coming to consoles?  Well, Blizzard has confirmed the release date of 3 September 2013.  That's right, your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will be possessed as of September.

Diablo III players burned off 820 968 kgs of bacon

For the Diablo III one-year anniversary, this info graphic was posted on battle.net.  While most of the information is boring, there are some parts that I must say I found cute - still won't make me play, though.