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New Destiny classes, story and enemy details

Destiny's website got an update, giving us all kinds of new information about the lore, environments and classes. There's a ton of new information, and it's making the game look even more appealing - and less Halo-esque, sort of.

Destiny is “on final approach” for release

Last week we heard how Destiny lost one of their best composers, Marty O'Donnell, when he was fired from Bungie. Sad news whenever people lose their jobs, but at least we now hear that the game is still on track, and will feature O'Donnell's music.

Halo composer Marty O’ Donnell fired from Bungie

Halo theme composer and Maestro Chief Marty O’Donnell is no longer a Bungie employee, as the audio wizard has just been terminated by the company.

Destiny drops new details, screens

Many Bothans died to bring us this new information about the interstellar game Destiny. Seriously, what’s with the Bothans and dying all the time? Anyway, check out some new screenshots and details on the game while I sweep these corpses up of Bothans who died to bring me my lunch.

Choice tidbits of Destiny gameplay

Destiny is shaping up to be a game I keep forgetting about, until I hear more and get excited. Yeah, I know, it's blowing hot and cold for me. However, we finally get a glimpse at some gameplay in this latest PS4 commercial, and I'm definitely getting hot again.

All you need to know about Destiny

Destiny is one of the most highly anticipated games for this year and the big question is whether or not the team over at Bungie can actually pull off their highly ambitious plans.

Destiny trading cards could give in-game content

It may be a hundred days until E3, but when the Wrestlemania of gaming is over, it’s only a hundred days until Destiny finally arrives. Give or take, my maths might be terrible on this. As usual, the game has plenty of pre-order bonuses to wave in front of players. And it’s also going to have plenty of cards that might bestow further bonuses when redeemed. Come get some.

Destiny unveils the Shrike personal transport

You’re a busy guy. And the universe is crammed with competition in Destiny, as plenty of players are itching to get their hands on some of the exotic weapons and guns that litter our cosmos. You’re going to need some wheels pal! Or more specifically, some fancy-pants hovering speed engines.

Will Destiny replace Call of Duty?

New console generation launches mark a turning point for consumers - they're most likely to switch gaming brands upon upgrading consoles. So, will COD become of a relic of the past? Some analysts believe so.

Bungie wants you emotionally invested in Destiny, new screenshots emerge

Bungie and Activision have taken a massive gamble by investing in Destiny. The gaming market is unpredicatable, and even the biggest of games can bomb badly. But Bungie is also banking on the fact that players will be starting an emotional savings account for Destiny, when the game arrives later this year.

Some fresh new Destiny screens

Destiny, the new shooter from the chaps who brought you Halo is coming later this year. September 9 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, to be more precise. Bankrolled by Activision, it’s the first project for the company that isn’t Halo since Bungie was acquired by Microsoft in 2000.

Every big game to look out for in 2014

The last couple of years have seen plenty of great games releases, and a ton more of them delayed into 2014. Time to chuck those sour grapes away though, buckle down, buy cheap toilet paper and sell the kids for medical experiments, because 2014 is going to be just as equally massive.

You may need to play with others to finish Destiny

Destiny, the incredibly ambitious new shooter from Halo-maker Bungie is a game that’s best enjoyed with others. While not the MMO some have billed it as, it’s a shooter with large-scale events that’s built around playing co-operatively. Bungie’s said you’ll be able to play the game solo if you choose, and that’s true for the main story, but you’ll have to find a friend if you plan to finish everything.

You’ll only get to play The Division and Destiny late 2014

This year's E3 showed off a lot of pretty new games. Two games which people are really excited about are the MMO shooters (although apparently they don't like being called MMOs) The Division and Destiny. However, we still have a long while to wait before we get to pew pew with friends.

Destiny – New info on classes, enemies and environments drops into orbit

The latest issue of Game Informer has dropped, and thanks to the magic of it being PRINT, it had plenty of details on the upcoming star-based trooping game Destiny from Bungie. Do you want to know more?