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Your first look at Unreal Tournament is filled with concept art

Unreal Tournament, one of the greatest Friday night social games ever, is coming back large and in charge. And damn son, it does look real purdy. Just like an easily-explodable head waiting to be instagibbed.

The low-fi sci-fi of Alien: Isolation

You know you’re watching a low budget sci-fi flick when the computers are big, and the hair is even more massive. Some of these flicks haven’t stood the test of time, whereas as some have used the technology of their era to create a signature look. And Alien Isolation is looking to the original Alien film for some MS-DOS inspiration.

inFamous Second Son has some superhuman sound

If there’s one aspect of game design that is criminally underrated, it’s audio design. Visuals can only take you so far when you design a game, because audio is the subtle finisher that helps a great title perform a full package DDT at the end of the day. And inFamous: Second Son, knows all about the art of audio.

The Xbox designers critique the PS4 design

It’s not the hardware underneath, or the line-up of games that allow for love at first sight when deciding which console to buy. Much like real life, looks really do matter, and fortunately for the Playstation 4, it’s got a sexy shell housing all those electronics inside of it. A design which the original Xbox designers recently critiqued.

This is what the Xbox One almost looked like

I always love seeing what designs are knocked around before a console settles on its final look. Or until a slimmer version arrives. The Xbox One was no stranger to this design process, going through a heap of concepts and ideas before settling on the Betamax version. Here’s what some of those designs looked like.

Here’s why the Playstation 4 looks so sexy

You know what the most overlooked aspect is of console design? Longevity. Few console features looks that will last a decade or two. I mean hell, just look at Atari? Wooden panels? Yeah, that’ll go nicely with the drapes. The Playstation 4 on the other hand, is a sexy beast of a console. And that’s all because Sony didn’t want to embarrass you.

This the what the PlayStation 4 looks like

Just before I went to the land of nod last night I saw this new teaser video posted up by Sony PlayStation which gives us a blurred flashy look at the new upcoming PlayStation 4.

An interview with Black Ops 2’s David Vonderhaar – Next-gen,design and esports

While at the Call of Duty Championship last week, I got the chance to have a quick one on one with Black Ops 2 Game Design Director, David Vonderhaar. Maniacally enthusiastic about the game that Treyarch has worked on, here’s what Vonderhaar had to say about design, evolution, co-operation and next-gen ideas.

Rumour – Sony has a new PS4 controller design

When it comes to controllers in the current generation of gaming, hands down the Xbox 360 has the best input device on the market. It’s a comfy, well designed piece of tech with some decent heft, something that even Nintendo copied for their Wii U pro controller. But the PS3 gamepad? That’s an antiquated piece of design that feels like it could snap in my hands at any second. And it looks like Sony has been listening to Geoff, because their next console is going to feature something…new.

Diablo 3 designer apologises for insults and gameplay issues

It hasn’t been an easy week for Diablo 3 lead designer Jay Wilson. Blizzard North co-founder David Brevik was critical  of some of the design decisions that had been implemented in Diablo 3, something which many fans would agree on as well. Wilson, and a couple of other Diablo 3 designers, weren’t too happy with Brevik criticising them, and they went on to Facebook to voice that, using some salty language to do so. And now, Wilson has apologised for doing so.

Choose the next DualShock 3 design

Sony Needs You… to help them decide on what design/colour the next DualShock 3 will be. It’s a nice crowdsourcing idea that gives all PS fans around the world the chance to submit ideas and then let everyone else vote on them.

Diablo 3 had some literally meaty sound design

If there’s one aspect of gaming that goes largely unnoticed, it’s the magical world of sound design. We’re not talking soundtracks here, but rather those everyday audio cues, from footsteps to sword-strikes, that level of sound is there, permeating the world of games such as Diablo 3, and drowning out those incessant clicks. But how do they actually make them?

PlayStation Controller Buttons Explained

I love my PS3, as I loved my PS2 and PS1 before it. What I’ve never really liked though, is the aesthetically unchanged controller each system has shipped with. It primarily comes down to the analogues, which were added as an afterthought on the PS1 controller’s existing, thumbstick-less mould, for use in analogue-compatible games like Tobal 2, Bushido Blade, and the first game to require a Ps1 analogue controller, Ape Escape.

I prefer controllers with more modern designs that are more practical and ergonomic, like those belonging to the Dreamcast, Gamcube and yes, the Xbox 360. I do, however, quite like the iconic button design of the Playstation controller, with it’s now familiar Triangle, Square, Circle and X. PlayStation designer Teiyu Goto who designed the Ps1 and Ps2 – explains how the design was intended to keep things simple.

It’s a Race… LittleBigPlanet Demo

The biggest question hanging over LBP at the moment is how exactly will the gameplay work after you have created a level in the game. Well in this dev video we see how easy it is to create a race and then how the game actually works. I have to say it worries me that 3 of the sackboys disappeared and then appeared to die while we were stuck watching one of them.