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Watch Dogs wind, water & lighting PC tech demo

[Update]This is apparently running on PS4 devkit.

The Watch_Dogs graphics controversy rages ever on – but as I’ve said before I don't care too much for that. what I want most out of any open world game is for its world to be a believable one. A new, unofficial showcase of the PC version of the game shows that its digital Chicago certainly does seem alive.

2014 FIFA World Cup Demo now available

It’s a World Cup year which means we have a new FIFA World Cup game from EA Sports -  but as I’ve said before it is logical to be a bit wary of these games as they are usually quite poor.

PS4 Second Son demos from Taipei Game Show

Infamous: Second Son demo gameplay has surfaced on YouTube and it looks pretty damn slick to say the least. There are two videos from the event in Taipei but I’m only going to show the one as the other one is not translated and more of an overview of the event itself and doesn’t show anything new.

Killer Instinct is the world’s most generous demo

For a next-gen game, Killer Instinct certainly is taking a different route in getting interest pumped up for that console. While all the other games are going to cost you plenty of Rands, Killer Instinct will be a F2P launch title. Actually, no, scratch that. It’s a demo.

A sneak peek at the Pokémon X and Y demo

The Pokémon Game Show on 17 and 18 August was the first time and place for anyone to try out Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Hopefully our guys get to punch children out of their way in Germany so they can also get hands on with the upcoming 3DS title, but in the meantime, here is what I can gather from around the internet.

You can play The Last of Us while it downloads

One of the coolest features of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and its Gaikai-powered streaming service is that you can start playing the games you’re busy downloading before they’re all done taking up hard drive space. The Last of Us, from Naughty Dog will trial that service – on the PlayStation 3.

The Last of Us demo arrives with GOW in May

Feel like ripping open a crack in time and space through your wallet? Because that’s pretty much what March is for right now. So many big games are out in the third month from the sun, and they all want to hook you in. How is God of War: Ascension planning to do that? With a The Last of Us demo. And now, that demo has a release date.

Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel demo coming 12th March

EA Games has announced that they will be releasing a demo for their upcoming Army of Two: Devils Cartel title that is attempting to redefine the bro-shooter genre with a bit more of a story line this time around.

How important are game demos to you?

I like demos. They give me a small taste of what I can expect from a game without having to shell out any cash. But sometimes, instead of leaving you wanting more,   they can create a false impression of game and turn you right off the prospect of purchasing. It seems demos do more harm than good – and games with demos end up selling worse than those marketed via trailer alone.

Ubisoft tries to appease Wii U fans…with a Demo

A number of Wii U owners are pretty pissed at Ubisoft for delaying one of their most anticipated games for the year, Rayman Legends; a delay caused by the treacherous act of making the game multiplatform. Ubisoft has apologised..sort of. Wii U owners will now be treated to an exclusive…demo.

DmC Demo impressions – Dante’s Inferno

To say that DmC has had a rocky ride in it’s development cycle so far, would be an understatement. The reboot from Capcom and Ninja Theory hasn’t exactly been warmly received, with numerous folks decrying the visuals of the game. But after the demo that just landed for it, it’s safe to say that in the case of DmC, looks most certainly do not count.

Download the demo, you must

I for one am ecstatic that the May the Fourth is over with as I couldn’t take any more Star Wars puns so it’s not with great enthusiasm that a mere 3 days later I am once again delving into the world on Star Wars.

But it has to be done, you may have noticed on Friday that Abigail posted her review for Star Wars Kinect and in short she thought it sucked which wasn’t a surprise as the current Metacritic score is sitting at a miserable 55/100.

Kingdom of Amalur needs to be installed–Dev

Kingdom of Amalur needs to be installed–Dev

I try so hard to not get wound up by news stories relating to game installs on consoles but it just doesn’t happen. Yes I understand the technicalities around the idea but I hate installs and a game shouldn’t be gimped if it isn’t install like Battlefield 3 is on the Xbox 360.

Maybe I’m not as mad about this one seeing that it’s an RPG and that’s a far bigger game world that needs to be rendered on the fly but still if Skyrim could do it you guys really have no excuse.

Asura’s Wrath hands-on preview – Tis but a scratch!

It’s been a while since we’ve stepped into the shoes of an angry god, and with Sony keeping mum on when Kratos will reappear for the inevitable God of War 4, and Death only pitching up later in the year for Darksiders 2, we’ll have to settle for a little Asian mythology in our deity-with-an-anger-management-issue upcoming game.

Asura’s Wrath is arriving shortly, but right now, gamers can go hands on with the demo instead. All six hands to be precise.

Mass Effect 3 Demo dated

Mass Effect 3 Demo dated

Many of you might be spending the evening of Valentine’s day snuggling up to your partner, or trying to convince them of your love through some cheap, edible cocoa-infused bauble or fluffy plaything. If you’re anything like me though, you’ll be spending it cosying up to the Mass Effect 3 demo.