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You’ll want to play Infamous: Second Son twice

While half the world is excited for the release of Titanfall next week, others are clamouring for the release of Dark Souls 2. Me? I’m saving my excitement for the week after; when Infamous: Second Son gets to make sweet love to my PS4. And if a recent Q&A by the devs on Twitter and Facebook is anything to go by, there’ll be a second bout of sexytimes.

Your decisions from Walking Dead season 1 may survive into season 2

If there’s one thing that I have learnt from playing The Walking Dead episodic quick-time event, it’s that I am a horrible, horrible person. Even though I insist that using Clementine as a strap-on zombie shield would have been brilliant. Decisions made in that game carried weight, and with a sequel on the cards, Telltale Games is looking to carry the impact of those choices, into season two.

Soul Sacrifice will ask players to make painful decisions

If there’s one thing that game are lacking today, it’s the option of giving players choices that actually matter. Choices never seem to truly resonate with players, and most times, those decisions never leave a player to reflect on what they’ve done, and feel any sort of empathy towards their choice. Keiji Inafune wants to change that apathetic approach though, with his upcoming PS Vita title, Soul Sacrifice.