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Comic Book 101 – Constantine

You think of comic books, and you immediately flash to capes, tights and female heroes wearing leather jackets over tight spandex thanks to an awkward design phase from the 1990s. But comics are so, so much more than that. You’ve got a side of the medium that is all colourful and high in action. Then you’ve got another side, a darker reflection for more mature audiences where actions have consequences and there isn’t always a happy ending. And that’s the side where you’ll find John Constantine, the Hellblazer.

Check out Batgirl’s fantastic new comic book costume

You know who’s a great character that deserves more attention? Batgirl. The daughter of police commisioner James Gordon has survived being paralysed by the Joker, can hold her own ina  fight with some of the best fighters around and is more capable at mystery solving than a ragtag quartet of a jock in a neckerchief, a clueless cheerleader, a genius bookworm and a beatnik who hangs out with a cowardly dog. And come this October, Batgirl is getting a new direction and a new look.

Recommended Reading – Preacher

Everyone has that one comic book, that shows them the medium can be more than capes and tights action. For me, that particular series will always be Preacher, a sacrilegiously entertaining romp through America and the afterlife.

Recommended Reading – Injustice: Gods Among Us

One of the best fighting games on the market right now has to be Injustice: Gods Among Us. And it’s not just because of the fact that it has solid gameplay and visuals. It’s because it has something which other genre games lack: A great story. And that storyline is wonderfully fleshed out in the official adaptation.

Move over Batman, more superhero video games are on the way

Comic books are big money these days, but not because they’re one of the few printed mediums around that can still turn a profit. Thanks to blockbuster films based on those properties, they’re able to be more than just 24 pages of costumed shenanigans on a monthly basis. And with the Batman Arkham series proving this point in video game form, expect more characters to make that leap soon.

The next Telltale Games project is Fables

It’s good to be Telltale Games right now. After hitting all the right chords with some nostalgic new takes on Sam & Max, as well as Monkey Island, the studio then received too damn much praise for their adaptation of The Walking Dead. And while a second season is on the way for that hit series, they’ll also be tackling some fairy tales soon, as they adapt Fables into a new set of games.

DC Comics prepares to relaunch Hellblazer


If there’s one comic book series that has always been right on the edge of dark, adult material, it’s Hellblazer: John Constantine. The Vertigo series has been running since 1988, but that’s all coming to an end soon. As of the 300th issue, the British con-mage will be saying farewell to the line of comics that he’s been a part of for 24 years. And that’s because he’ll be moving on up to the east side, to finally get a slice of that new 52 pie.

Lazygamer TV – Five blockbuster games that would suit the PS Vita perfectly

There’s no denying that the PS Vita is one impressive piece of technology. It’s been embraced by gamers, proving my earlier doubts completely wrong, which I’m happy to admit. Still, it can’t just rely on some fancy tech in order to stay ahead of the competition, and that’s where great games come in.

We already know that Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a day one purchase, while Street Fighter X Tekken looks solid so far. But what if developers had to be really brave with the device, truly push the impressive hardware inside of it to the bleeding edge of what’s possible?

That’s what we decided to have a look at, and after narrowing the field down, we came up with five great games that could make the PS Vita soar into the stratosphere, were they ever ported and released.

Batman: Arkham City revealed – pics, details and a bad-ass looking Cat Woman

That's maybe the coolest Batman image that I have ever seen, seriously (and wait till you see the ones posted below). The boys over at Rocksteady Games have just revealed some details and pics regarding the sequel to one of 2009's most marvelous gems of the year.

Titled Batman: Arkham City, the Dark Knight is lurking in the shadows once more as he makes his way into the heart of Gotham City and into a heavily fortified district that serves as the new home of Gotham's most wicked.

The first game was great, this one looks like it's only going to get better. Hit the jump for more good stuff.

Batman Arkham Asylum Sells 2 Million Copies In Two Weeks

Batman Arkham Asylum Sells 2 Million Copies In Two Weeks

If there is one thing that Bruce Wayne is good at, it's making money. Oh... and fighting, being a detective, stealthiness, intelligent thought... ok, maybe he is good at more than one thing.

Reports have come in via an article on the LA Times website that now shows that Batman: Arkham Asylum has already sold an amount that is as insane as Arkhams inmates.

So how well is "The Bat" doing. How about 2 million copies in it' first two weeks. This amount obviously spans over multiple platforms but who the heck cares, the game has sold roughly one million copies per week.

Full Mortal Kombat vs DC Roster Released

Up until this point revealing characters for the upcoming game Mortal Kombat vs DC was quite a big deal to Midway. They did it in some very unique ways at the various games and comic conventions up until this point.

Its sad to think that some leaked Xbox 360 achievements have forced them to reveal the last few characters of the 22 character roster early.