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Gamescom 2014–DayZ coming to PlayStation 4

After months of speculation it has finally been confirmed that DayZ will be landing on consoles with Dean Hall, creator of DayZ, appearing on the Sony PlayStation stage and confirming that his game will be coming first to the PlayStation 4.

Have hackers stolen DayZ code?

Despite being so ubiquitous as to be cliché, zombie games still abound. The most prolific at the moment, quite probably, is the online massively multiplayer survival one, DayZ. It’s a game that teaches players something very important; When it comes to survival humans can be a more terrifying threat than the undead. Humans are jerks. And they may have stolen DayZ’s source code.

Dean Hall leaving Bohemia and DayZ

Here’s something unexpected. DayZ creator Dean Hall has announced that he’s leaving Bohemia and with it, DayZ’s development. He’s said he’ll be out by year’s end, leaving the open-world multiplayer Zombie survival game in the hands of the team.

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Don’t miss these awesome games

You know how we discussed if Steam Sales and stuff might not be as awesome for developers and players? Well, who cares? There are some awesome games in this Humble Weekly Sale, as well as two great games for free this weekend on Steam (you can keep them forever at a huge discount, too).

DayZ sells a million: Take that, traditional publishing model!

DayZ by Bohemia interactive has sold a million in 4 weeks of its early access release. Creator Dean Hall in an email to Polygon said that DayZ selling a million it’s a bit of a “shots fired moment” against the traditional publishing model, favouring a non-traditional system.

172,500 have bought the very broken DayZ alpha

The DayZ standalone is finally available, but it’s in alpha – and even the game’s developers have warned people to stay away. That hasn’t stopped 172,500 people from ponying up the £20/$30 it’ll cost to access it on Steam’s early access.

DayZ standalone: It’s still coming

In June this year, Dean Hall promised  an alpha release of the Zombie-centric ARMA 2 mod DayZ. It’s nearly the end of 2013, and that’s still not happened. Where the hell is DayZ standalone, and why is it taking so long?  In a discussion on Reddit (via Mp1st), Hall explained why it’s taking so long. Mostly, it’s all about bugs.

DayZ standalone game will have new content every week

With DayZ going solo and moving away from the modding scene, brand new opportunities are opening up for the cult zombie apocalypse survival game. Content is one such market that is ripe for exploration, and possibly exploitation. Although in the case of this standalone, it might be a more substantial enhancement to the game that’ll have more free than paid-for content. Every week apparently.

Why there’s still no DayZ standalone

DayZ, a slow-paced, realistic(ish) game mode about the Zombie apocalypse is an intriguing thing – but  it requires too much effort to get running at the moment, requiring Arma II, its expansion, a BETA patch and the mod to be installed. The good news is its coming in a standalone form. The bad news is that it was supposed have been released last year. Why isn’t it out yet?

DayZ interior work in progress screenshots

By now the world already knows that popular mod DayZ is being developed as a standalone game. And the world rejoiced as it was promised that updates will be given parallel to the development of the game and the developers are keeping to that promise.

Gamescom 2012: DayZ on a console? Never say never…

“Are you ready”, I ask the audience, while the Degeneration X music starts up. “Ready for more zombies? Zombies not only on your PC, but on your consoles as well?”, I ask the now excited crowd. Well, seeing as how Arma 2 mod DayZ has proven to be a massive success so far, it’s only natural that the game might just appear on other platforms.

DayZ’s coming as a standalone game

Here’s some great news for those of you who’ve wanted to take a shot at the zombie apocalypse survival simulator that’s taken the gaming world by storm - but couldn’t be bothered to find and install ARMA II, its expansions and finally, the DayZ total conversion mod; it’s becoming a standalone title.

Looks like DayZ might have some competition. Sort of

Thanks to some informative bright sparks in the comments section, it looks like DayZ might not be so difficult to obtain after all. Still, as is the norm in the gaming industry, whenever one game manages to be wildly successful and critically acclaimed, a rival shall appear. That’s the case with The War Z, a horribly-named upcoming game that is looking to tap into the undead market, but with less realism.

Want to play DayZ? Then you might be out of luck…

Zombies are awesome. I experienced that last night, with some co-op action in Dead Island. Of course there are plenty of other games with which to experience, with DayZ currently dominating that specific genre. It’s a zombie apocalypse simulation to the Nth degree, from food and water, through to ammo and weapon maintenance. Trouble is, most of you won’t be able to play it.