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Posted by Yolanda Green - 06 Feb 2013

Gaming and sex go hand-in-hand whether you’re willing to admit it or not. You’re either not getting any because you spend too much time playing games and too little time socialising with potential suitors, not getting any because the your current partner is pissed that you spend so much time gaming or if you’re lucky, getting some because you spend so much time gaming.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 18 Jan 2010

For many male gamers, the holy grail – when it comes to relationships, at least – is a gamer girl. wouldn’t it be nice to have a significant other who understands, enjoys and can share in our hobby?

Well, yes – it can be. I’m fortunate enough to have a ladyfriend who supports my gaming habit hobby. She’s what could be called a “casual gamer,” but you should see her eyes gloss and an insane gaming demon take control of her when she’s playing Uncharted 2. Only problem is I think she’s developing a bit of a crush on Nathan Drake, the bastard. Dating a girl gamer does have its caveats, many of which are listed over at Gamerpaper’s “10 Reasons NOT to Date a Girl Gamer”

It’s a pretty funny, satirical look at the perils of dating a girl who games. Take a look, and see if you recognise any of that in your own partner.

[Thanks to Psyndrome for the tip]