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Win a 3D printed custom Assassin of your own!

Here’s a nice reminder, seeing that Assassin’s Creed Unity is back in the news; you stand the chance of winning your very own customised, 3D printed Assassin’s Creed Unity doll figure! It’s pretty easy stuff, really. Check it.

Japan won’t let this Frozen PS4 console go

I dig custom consoles. Hell, I’ve owned a couple, with my current Xbox 360 being housed in a nifty Gears Of War 3 shell that I picked up for cheap a while ago. My PlayStation 4 however, as sexy as it is, looks rather plain. I need something to distinguish it. I need something to make it stand out. Or I could just let it go with this Frozen variant.

Thief will be massively customisable

While I may be looking forward to 2014’s Thief, that enthusiasm hasn’t exactly been felt by long-time fans of the series. And for good reason, because in order to be as widespread as possible, the Thief formula will need to be watered down a tad to hit that mainstream appeal. But fans need not worry, because they’ll be able to transform their Thief game into the experience that they want to have.

This Lego set has the POOOOOWER!

True story: I have a jar full of Lego. That I regularly still play with. Dammit, stop judging people. Thing is though, Lego is pretty freakin’ expensive these days. Which I’ve come to expect, judging by the amount of movie licenses that the Danish blocks have in their catalogue. But they don’t have this retro slice of awesome.

Check out your custom cars and garage in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto has always been about more than just getting brutal refunds from hookers and seeing just how many virtual cops you can take on before the law busts your ass. It’s been all about the cars. Hell, that’s the name of the damn game. And the cars in GTA V are looking pretty sexy so far.

The Xbox One could also support modding

Damn Xbox One, I’ve got to be honest, I’m liking this new direction of yours. First we get friendlier with gamers, now we get news that the console will be friendly to developers as well? Slow down son! Wait what’s that? There’s the potential for modding as well? I think I may have just out-gasped myself.

Battlefield 4 won’t offer you gender customisation

I love me some current warfare games, but much like that time I kept my shaved legs warm by slipping on some nylon stockings, I wish that I could play as a lady just once. Short of chopping off my pickle and making that a reality, the next best thing, and less painful mind you, is to do so digitally. But these games don’t offer that option. And neither will Battlefield 4.

Star Citizen will have massive ship customization options

It’s a really, really good time to have a gaming habit right now. There’s a ton of choices out there, and some real stunners on the horizon as well. Besides that new Pokémon game that will be arriving in the final quarter of the year, one other game that has my interest and attention, is Star Citizen. It’s a return to a genre that I absolutely adore. And it’s going to be filled with spaceships that take customisation to a new level.

Top ten kickass console mods

Hey, it’s not just the PC master race that has the time to rip the motherboard out of a PC tower and throw into a case of pure hipster-killing coolness. Consoles have also been on the modding scene for years now, with everything ranging from retro to current on that specific chopping block. Here’s our top ten of moulded plastic and cartridge entry ports.

Top Ten PC Gaming cases and mods

Since it’s a slow news day of note, and Geoff has decided to go attend a DSTV launch party for My Little Pony while hammered out of his mind on Jack Daniels and Bacardi, I’m throwing this little feature into the ring. PC cases! Customised! And they don’t look like crap! Enjoy! Exclamation marks!

Behold, gaming Valhalla!

Sooner or later, we’re all going to die. Well, except for me, because thanks to denial, I’m effectively immortal. But as for the rest of us, that’s an inevitable fact. Where do we go when we shuffle off of this mortal coil? Oblivion? Heaven or hell? Personally, I’m hoping that old gamers who die in battle get to go a realm like this, which I call gaming Valhalla.

Character customization in Cyberpunk is tied to the plot

They’ve already set a new precedent for storytelling in their fantasy medieval Witcher games, and now, CD Projeckt RED is headed to the future, for Cyberpunk. As usual, story and interactivity will play a large role in the upcoming game, but one aspect that CDPR really wants to focus on this time, is character customisation.

Check out this custom StarCraft 2 controller

The reason StarCraft 2 and most other strategy games haven’t made their way over to the consoles yet is simply because the controllers don’t have enough speed, accuracy or buttons to make it a viable option so when I saw someone on reddit claiming they had made a StarCraft 2 controller my first question was why?

The Skyrim Creation Kit launches tomorrow, with a little “surprise”

We’ve seen more than our fair share of impressive mods that have been forged in the fiery software of the world of Skyrim. Everything from increased textures to dragons that have been customised to resemble legendary wrestlers from the eighties have been showcased, and now, fans are going to get a chance to become modder-kiin when the Skyrim Creation Kit appears on Tuesday.