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Ryse review round up – The fall of Rome

Since it was first shown off, Crytek’s Ryse has been getting flak. It’s a giant collection of QTE’s, some said. Then it was discovered the game only ran at 900p, which caused another uproar. Recent previews have said that the game was as fun as dialling phone numbers, and Gavin said that the later embargo for the game signalled trouble. It looks like he was right.

Ryse gets a season pass too!

Microsoft has made it a three-for-three! The Xbox One isn’t out yet, but now every single one of its high profile launch games has been announced to have a Season Pass. First, Forza was given a Car Pass, then Dead Rising 3 was confirmed to be getting pre-purchased extra content. Now it’s Ryse: Son of Rome’s turn to try and tempt you to cough up extra.

Crytek Warface included sexualised characters by request

Crytek have caused a bit of an Internet storm at the moment with the release of the character skins that the west will be using when they join the absolutely mammoth Warface that currently has over 7 million Russian players.

Ryse would have been sub 1080p on the PS4 too

A lot of noise has been made by the fact that one of the Xbox One’s flagship titles, Ryse, is running at a resolution below what we’d expect from a fancy, next-generation console. While many have said it points to the Xbox One as being a weaker console than the PS4, Crytek’s Cevat Yerli asserts that that’s not quite the case.

Ryse on the Xbox One isn’t even 1080p

Yesterday, Darryn told you that Ryse, Crytek’s game of digital gladiators ran at a native 1080p. He lied. It’s not his fault though, he took the word of Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg as gospel. What he didn’t see was a follow up by Greenberg clarifying the matter.

Ryse: Son of Rome will be more challenging

Back at E3, I got my grubby CHUD hands on Ryse: Son of Rome. Despite looking fantastic, the game garnered a ton of criticism for apparently being a QTE festival. And in a way, it is, but the Crytek game is still brutally satisfying in its own way. And when the final product ships, it’ll be more complex as well.

Crytek CEO – graphics drive gameplay

As reported, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has made a statement regarding long-time argument of graphics versus gameplay. Yerli says that graphics have always driven gameplay and believes that it’s 60 percent of the game.

Crytek – “Single-player experience has to go away”

Most of you know that I seldom play multiplayer games online. It’s not because I don’t play well with others, hate human beings or suck at games (though all three of those could well be true). It’s just that I prefer my videogames to be solitary escapism. I like shutting myself off from the rest of the world and retreating to the realm of fantasy. Crytek wants that to go away.

Crysis 3 review – Following Suit

I’m probably in the minority, but I actually liked Crysis 2. It didn’t offer the sandbox freedom that the first game provided, but it was an entertaining battle through smaller, tighter and decidedly more linear levels. With Crysis 3, Crytek have sought to find a modicum of balance between the two philosophies – and they’ve largely succeeded.

Don’t expect to see Darksiders 3 from Crytek USA

With the gaming industry having finished picking who and what they wanted from the leftovers of THQ, there was still one fine studio that was left forever alone. It looked like nobody wanted a slice of Darksiders developer Vigil Games, until Crytek swooped in and formed a new studio with that staff, Crytek USA. So what’s up first for the new studio then? Darksiders 3? Nope!

Crytek saves Vigil! Sort of…

One of the saddest things to come out of THQ’s recent dissolution and auction is that nobody picked up Vigil Game, the developers of Darksiders. As a result, that studio now no longer exists – but thanks to Crytek, its memory might yet live on.

THQ auctioned off; Assets divided

Yesterday the video game industry, like vultures circling a soon-to-be-corpse, swopped in to snatch up bits and pieces of THQ and its properties in  an auction. Here’s who got which properties.

Not even 1% left, as Crysis 3 maxes out consoles

Think back to 2011, and if you had to name a contender for best visuals, you’d be hard pressed to find a game that looked better than Crysis 2. While new mods and extra hardware made the Independence Day simulator look unreal on PC, the game still looked real good on console. And for the next entry in that franchise, developer Crytek is promising a next-gen game on current-gen hardware.

The next Crysis won’t be Crysis 4

Crysis 3 isn’t even out yet, not expected for a few months – but that hasn’t stopped Crysis developer Crytek from talking about the next Crysis. Here’s the kicker though; they won;t be calling it Crysis 4, and plan on releasing something a game that does 'radical and new' things.

Free to play games could make the PS3 the dominant console

There’s no denying that we’re looking at a future wherein games are turning into freemium services, with a core package being gratis, while the niftier features will cost you a few extra pennies. Whether this will be a phase or something that reworks the digital landscape is uncertain though, but whoever takes advantage of it, could see themselves at the top of the food chain. And that’s something that Crytek believes is going to happen with the PS3.