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Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 18 May 2015

Crysis became a name among gamers not so much because of the gameplay, but because of its ridiculous resource use and lack of optimisation that made most rigs unable to run it properly. Now an all new Crysis might be coming, but the resources it requires are a bit different.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 17 Mar 2015

Crytek used to be one of the major development houses in and around the industry a couple of years ago. The studio delivered what I consider their last great game, the very first Crysis, nearly eight years ago, with subsequent sequels never really impressing. Last year, the once illustrious studio faced serious financial woes, but a new licensing deal could be the break they've been looking for.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 08 Sep 2014

For as long as there have been games, there have been video game pirates. The software swashbucklers have long been a thorn in the side of many a publisher and developer, forcing such companies to resort to some creative methods of enforcing digital copyright protection. And uPlay, the bane of any customer who actually bought a game. Still, with the Sims 4 taking a unique approach to enforcing their right to free and fair trade,w e decided to take a look at five other innovative methods of keeping pirates away from playing popular game over the ages.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 24 Jun 2014

Can you remember the last time Crytek made an incredible game? While some will gleefully tell you that that answer is “never,” the first Far Cry and Crysis games were pretty rad. what Crytek excels at far more than crafting good stories is crafting mind-bogglingly good graphics. They’ve sort of lost that focus, and it’s one of the reasons they’re perhaps not doing as well financially as they have in the past. Rumours have even begun circulating that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 28 May 2014

When the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era started, publishers were quick to bundle older-gen games together, selling off a slightly HD collection of previously played titles that had been given a slap of 16:9 paint. With the new-gen, that’s not going to be a passing fad, although developers and studios are quick to call re-released games “Remastered Editions”.

Posted by Lazygamer Staff - 13 Dec 2013

Oh yeah, moving up the list now! Again, our disclaimer - this isn't based on metrics, scores, or sales. Rather, these are 100 games and franchises that made us happy or intrigued. Also, we are a weird bunch and you may not agree with our taste. Sucks to be you.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 25 Apr 2013

In what I see as a blow to independent studios it has been revealed that EA Games are shuttering their EA Partners division which was created to enable independent studios to partner with EA and their marketing power to bring their games to a wider audience.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 20 Feb 2013

Two years after Crysis 2 was released to groaning under-equipped PCs, and it’s time for part trois to once again set a few 3D benchmarks on fire. The scores are in, and the general consensus is that Crysis 3 is one purdy looking game overall. Here’s a look at what the critics who got the game before us are saying.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 19 Feb 2013

Crytek’s games are often technical and visual showcases; displaying the cutting edge in graphics technology. One problem resulting from that is there’s a perceived lack of well, game when it comes to Crytek titles; with many believing they’re just highly interactive technical demos. That said, you can’t deny that their games are gorgeous. Here’s a look at the most gorgeous version of Crysis 3 -  on the PC, naturally with a range of different visual settings and anti-aliasing implementations. Time to play spot the difference!

Posted by Yolanda Green - 24 Jan 2013

Good news multiplayer enthusiasts, EA will be launching a multiplayer open beta next week. I’m not particularly a fan of “multiplayer all the things!” but hey, this could be awesome. Fingers crossed.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 03 Dec 2012

They called it the end game, the Ragnarok of RAM when it first arrived back in 2011. Crysis 2 was a game with such stunning visuals, that running them to the max on your PC was the real world equivalent of setting a Ferrari on fire. Beautiful to watch, but all too brief to enjoy. So can Crysis 3 carry on that CPU-melting tradition? See the specs for yourself, after the jump.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 13 Nov 2012

Crysis 3 isn’t even out yet, not expected for a few months – but that hasn’t stopped Crysis developer Crytek from talking about the next Crysis. Here’s the kicker though; they won;t be calling it Crysis 4, and plan on releasing something a game that does 'radical and new' things.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 23 Oct 2012

CPU-Melting games Crysis 1 and 2, while similar in gameplay, were worlds apart when it came to locales. The first game busted heads in a thick jungle, while the sequel went urban, taking on an alien invasion in the heart of New York City. With Crysis 3 on the horizon, it looks like the term “concrete jungle” gets an all new twist, as Crytek looks to combine the best of both worlds.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 16 Aug 2012

So you guys love talkin'g about your massively powerful PCS, making me feel completely inadequate with my puny laptop, do ya? Fine, here’s something to wipe that smugness from your faces! Crysis 2 was already a game that pushed PCs to breaking points when it released last year, and it looks like the sequel is going to spartan-kick the mightiest of rigs into a deep pit, when it arrives next year, according to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli.