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The Lazygamer Top 100 games of this generation – 80-71

Oh yeah, moving up the list now! Again, our disclaimer - this isn't based on metrics, scores, or sales. Rather, these are 100 games and franchises that made us happy or intrigued. Also, we are a weird bunch and you may not agree with our taste. Sucks to be you.

EA is shuttering EA Partners

In what I see as a blow to independent studios it has been revealed that EA Games are shuttering their EA Partners division which was created to enable independent studios to partner with EA and their marketing power to bring their games to a wider audience.

Crysis 3 review round-up

Two years after Crysis 2 was released to groaning under-equipped PCs, and it’s time for part trois to once again set a few 3D benchmarks on fire. The scores are in, and the general consensus is that Crysis 3 is one purdy looking game overall. Here’s a look at what the critics who got the game before us are saying.

Crysis 3 PC graphics comparison

Crytek’s games are often technical and visual showcases; displaying the cutting edge in graphics technology. One problem resulting from that is there’s a perceived lack of well, game when it comes to Crytek titles; with many believing they’re just highly interactive technical demos. That said, you can’t deny that their games are gorgeous. Here’s a look at the most gorgeous version of Crysis 3 -  on the PC, naturally with a range of different visual settings and anti-aliasing implementations. Time to play spot the difference!

Crysis 3 maximum open beta kicks off next week

Good news multiplayer enthusiasts, EA will be launching a multiplayer open beta next week. I’m not particularly a fan of “multiplayer all the things!” but hey, this could be awesome. Fingers crossed.

Crysis 3 PC specs revealed

They called it the end game, the Ragnarok of RAM when it first arrived back in 2011. Crysis 2 was a game with such stunning visuals, that running them to the max on your PC was the real world equivalent of setting a Ferrari on fire. Beautiful to watch, but all too brief to enjoy. So can Crysis 3 carry on that CPU-melting tradition? See the specs for yourself, after the jump.

The next Crysis won’t be Crysis 4

Crysis 3 isn’t even out yet, not expected for a few months – but that hasn’t stopped Crysis developer Crytek from talking about the next Crysis. Here’s the kicker though; they won;t be calling it Crysis 4, and plan on releasing something a game that does 'radical and new' things.

Prepare for a new type of concrete jungle in Crysis 3

CPU-Melting games Crysis 1 and 2, while similar in gameplay, were worlds apart when it came to locales. The first game busted heads in a thick jungle, while the sequel went urban, taking on an alien invasion in the heart of New York City. With Crysis 3 on the horizon, it looks like the term “concrete jungle” gets an all new twist, as Crytek looks to combine the best of both worlds.

Gamescom 2012: Crysis 3 is going to melt your PC

So you guys love talkin'g about your massively powerful PCS, making me feel completely inadequate with my puny laptop, do ya? Fine, here’s something to wipe that smugness from your faces! Crysis 2 was already a game that pushed PCs to breaking points when it released last year, and it looks like the sequel is going to spartan-kick the mightiest of rigs into a deep pit, when it arrives next year, according to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli.

Highlights of the EA press event

So earlier today Geoff was at Capcom’s event complaining about the location and the lack of any real sustenance while I sat smugly at the Hitman event with my bottle of water and a PEACH.. a peach that made me the envy of all those who weren’t here, that is how little food we’ve received so far at Gamescom

Gamescom 2012 EA- Crysis 3 starts the hunt!

If there is one FPS game coming from EA that everyone is excited for, it has to be Crysis 3. The game is taking the theme of an urban jungle a little too far, but we’re okay with that, as the latest addition to the multiplayer for the game, spices things up.

CryEngine 3 sure is pretty

Crytek, the graphics-focused game developer is pretty pleased with its new CryEngine - believing it not only goes head to head with, put surpasses Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. We’ll only really be able to tell which is the superior engine once games that utilise them start coming out, but until then, we can ogle at videos showing off each engines features. Today, we take a look at CryEngine 3.

How will you play Crysis 3?

Did you ever read those “Choose your own adventure” books, where you’d have to flip to random pages for the story to proceed in the manner of your choosing? They were kind of like rudimentary RPGs, only mostly pretty poorly written and inevitably about wizards or barbarians.  If you did, then you’re probably a giant nerd - but that’s OK. I’m a giant nerd too! But then you’d also know what to expect from this interactive Crysis 3 trailer.

“We’ll figure out” how to make free-to-play AAA work” says Crytek

So what exactly does the future hold for the traditional gaming model? If some analysts are to be believed, then we’re headed for a market that deals in freemium games, titles which hook people in with a core, free game, and then go for the kill with some premium content that you’ll be paying for.

Can that model work? Crytek certainly believes so, as they’re gambling their entire future on going free to play.

Crytek: All future games are going to be free to play

Crytek: All future games are going to be free to play

The gaming industry is changing at a rapid pace lately. We’ve gone from cartridges that we had to blow (dust out of), to CD-ROMs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and cloud-based gaming in recent years, highlighting a new trend in the industry.

We’ve also got big budget games, preferring to offer a freemium service to subscribers, giving them an entire world to play with for free, with the option of only paying for the game if they want more.

And now, Crytek is going to be joining that list.