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Vote on the game cover that you want for The Evil Within

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good fright. Not since I accidentally walked into a showing of Mamma Mia, have I been properly horrified, and by all accounts, I’m going to need to wear my brown pants when I play The Evil Within. It’s a spooky-looking game, with new-gen barbwire physics confirmed. What it doesn’t have confirmed however, is an alternate cover option. The time for voting, is now!

John Cena is your WWE 2K15 cover star, the internet reacts

Word life! This is basic thuganomics! Word life! While I find John Cena’s supposed doctorate in thuganomics to be rather spotty at best, you can’t argue with the 15-time World Heavyweight and WWE champion. Because you’re most likely going to end up on the receiving end of an Attitude Adjustment slam.

Titanfall Xbox One cover revealed

Do you like robots? Do you like green? DO YOU LIKE BIG ROBOTS ON GREEN VIDEO GAME COVERS? If your answer to that is “maybe”, then I’ve got some good visual news for you.

Quantum Break Xbox One cover revealed

I’m looking forward to the next game from Remedy, provided that it doesn’t take five years to create. All we’ve seen so far of the game though, is a trailer in which a little girl can end the world by touching necks. I think. Anyway here’s the cover for that game.

And here’s your official GTA V cover art

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Here’s the official cover art to GTA V, which releases September 17. Ok, back to work, all of you. It’ll probably get a second cover for the inevitable Collector’s Edition anyway.

The amazing video game art of Syrian Games – No, really

Creating a cover for your upcoming video game isn’t as easy as it looks. Unless it utilises the chin down, eyes up approach (Best for job interviews). And then you get the video game covers of software pirates. You’ve seen them before, at flea markets and at the robots. Hastily printed covers, sometimes the wrong one, in washed colours and cheap paper. And then you get the video game pirate covers of Syrian Games, which takes terribad to a new level.

The Bioshock Infinite box art is for frat boys and the uninformed


Look at that Bioshock Infinite cover art! Eyes down, gun up! Explosions! Shrapnel! Pookie, let’s tear this mother-lover down! While Bioshock Infinite may be delayed by a month right now, the game is still hotter than my fresh toast right now. Sure, it may have some generic cover art slapped on top of it, but according to Irrational Game’s Ken Levine, there’s a pretty good reason for that.

It’s official – We’re going to start a revolution in Assassin’s Creed 3

That image that we showed yesterday of the rumoured new historical protagonist for Assassin’s Creed 3? It’s no longer a rumour it seems, as Ubisoft have released the official box art for their next animus-hopping adventure.

Get ready to take a tomahawk to the face after the jump.

Resident Evil 6 is confirmed… looks awesome

As suspected the viral marketing website www.nohopeleft.com was in fact for the next title in the Resident Evil series and as of late yesterday the new title was officially announced and a trailer released.

The latest title is simply Resident Evil 6 and from the look of this trailer it is going to be everything you want a Resident Evil game to be plus some.

Red Dead Redemption Take Cover Screenshots

Rockstar has just revealed a whole load of new screenshots showing off their upgraded Red Dead Redemption cover system.

There is very little I can say about this game at the moment but make sure you see how he is in cover in all 4 images but not in the same stance… also check the sky and clouds.

If you remember from my first hands on preview of this game I said you can get to anything that you can see in the distance, so for example in the picture with John hiding behind the hay cart you can see that rock formation in the distance with the small mountain visible through that, you could if you wanted to just get on a horse and ride all the way to that mountain.

As for the image showing the sheriff in cover, I have no idea if you play as the sheriff for part of the game or not, as far as I know you don’t but there is a lot I don’t know still.

Activision change Baja 1000 Box Art, Avoid Lawsuit.

Activision change Baja 1000 Box Art, Avoid Lawsuit.

Nick reported a while back on the similarities between Activision's Baja 1000 box art and THQ's Baja box art. Well Activision have gone the easier and more sensible route - no one likes court battles and at the end of the day, Activision now have a cover that in my opinion looks way better than before, and with all the controversy surrounding this up and till now, Baja 1000 has got a ton of press it probably never would have seen. I still doubt either game will be rolling off the shelves in droves but it's good to see things resolved so easily.