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Counter-Strike could get Dota 2 style “International”

Valve isn't just about Steam, you know. They are also the brains behind Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. Those brains are being rewarded with the success of The International, and they might want to give similar treatment to other games in Valve's stable.

Counter Strike virtual knife sold for R250 000

[Update] This appears to have been fake. The description in Swedish apparently refers to a different item.  Well it was fun while it lasted

Original story continues

Virtual goods being sold for real money isn’t a new thing and them being sold for ludicrous amounts of money isn’t new either. But I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that someone just paid a quarter of a million Rand ($23850) for a virtual knife in Counter Strike.

So much eSports action at DreamHack this weekend

DreamHack has begun in Sweden, and I already told you that two of our local guys will be competing in the Quake Live tournament, but that's not all that's going on. Check out all this eSports!

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Best Multiplayer

Multiplayers are dominated by shooters, whether it’s on console or PC. But what makes a great multiplayer? Everything: from latency to good map layouts, potential for league play or pure addiction. This year, we’ve seen some top notch multiplayers release, the best of them being…

2013 DGL CS: GO Registrations are open

Do Gaming has opened registrations for the 2013 Do Gaming CS: GO League. After seeing 40 teams enter for the Ready.Set.GO! Cup, 2013 hold great promise for competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

c7e joins Bravado in the CS:GO finals

c7e joins Bravado in the CS:GO finals

c7e has won their match against [email protected] ([xTc]) in the Do Gaming Ready.Set.GO! Cup and will face off against Bravado in the finals.

Bravado set for Ready.Set.GO! finals

The Do Gaming League Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cup quarter finals took place last week, immediately seeing Bravado (bvd) and Super Serial Gamers [SSG] jumping into the semi’s this weekend after their victories. Bravado then successfully secured their spot in the finals.

eSports Wrap-up: PandaTank updates, LoL training and CS: GO results

eSports highlights this week include Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha’s ESWC results and a video interview, MWEB’s League of Legends training program, the MSSA’s proposed calendar for 2013 and the Ready.Set.GO cup group stages closes. Annnd exhale!

eSports Wrap-up: PandaTank arrives in Paris, Bravado dominates in Dota 2

As you can imagine, I wasn’t quite as excited to do the eSports Wrap-up today because u no love them and I’ve gotten strike two for it being the least popular and if I get strike three the team is going to make me do unspeakably horrifying things! So I just might be sealing my fate with this article, but hopefully you’ll be super awesome and help me escape this terrible doom.

eSports Spotlight: Counter-Strike veteran Lag_Beast talks CS: GO

With the recent launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the obvious question has come to mind of whether it will take in the place of the previous Counter-Strike titles in our local competitive scene. This week I’ve caught up with Alistair ‘Lag_Beast’ Bouman, one of the local Counter-Strike veterans to talk about the launch of the CS: GO pickup channel and its progress.