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Finish the drive – The Halo motorcycle helmet replica

So you own all the Halo games. You’re a king when it comes to online action. Your tea-bagging skills are the stuff of legend. But do you live your Master Chief life outside of your console? Are you stylin’ and profilin’ enough to jump on a motorcycle, pretend it’s a Banshee and take a spin while wearing the iconic green and gold of your hero?

The cool cosplay of MCM London Comic Con 2014 Expo

Hey, it’s not just the US of A (and us!) who have cool cosplay events you know. Over in London, the annual Comic Con 2014 Expo hit the streets, gathering a ton of talent from that side of the pond. And as usual, Sneaky Zebra were there to capture all of it.

The crazy-good cosplay of the Arkham Bunnies

Look, if I had to bring home a date from the comic book world, I’d most likely wind up being used as plant fodder, robbed or an unwitting victim in a Joker scheme if any of the ladies were from Gotham City. Still, it might be worth it.

This Transistor puts us to shame

You guys know I played and loved Transistor, the latest game from Supergiant Games, the makers of indie darling, Bastion. It's a fantastic game that I'd recommend playing on PS4 for those who have one - the sounds from the controller speaker make it next level excellent. But some people have gone beyond that with their creativity.

Why not Zoidberg cosplay?

I will always consider Futurama to be one of the greatest cartoons ever made, thanks to its mix of real and fictional science, great characters and the hate-sponge known as Dr Zoidberg. You all know and love him, from his memetic quotes through to his trademark scuttle. But are you ready to meet a real-word version of the popular medical malpractice master?

The sensational local cosplay of Free Comic Book Day 2014

If you were hanging around a local purveyor of juxtaposed images on a printed page this past Saturday, you may have noticed that those shops were rather busy. And also crowded with people dressed in some odd garb. In other words, my people. Free Comic Book Day brought out some fantastic cosplay once again. Check it all out after the jump.

It’s Free Comic Book Day on May 3!

It may be Star Wars day on Sunday, but it’s Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, and that takes precedence in my book. Dyslexic aliens be damned, this is one of my favourite days of the year and not because I’m a completely cheap bastard.

Dance along if you choose in this cosplay video

While there are plenty of music videos for cosplay on the net, there aren’t that many that take the time to compose some brand new tunes about the hobby and lifestyle. This video on the other hand? It’s all that, and a foot-tapping good tune that is well worth a watch.

The cosplay of London Super Comic Con 2014!

Out of all the guys cosplay music videos right now, Sneaky Zebra has to be my favourite channel for the costume community right now. They’ve got a habit of picking a great song and combining that with some solid video work. Which you can see right now in their latest production, straight out of the London Super Comic Con.

This Diablo 3 cosplay is in the prime evil of its life

Everyone who knows me knows how much I dig cosplay, especially when I dress up like Bane in order to talk to the Mormons who go door to door every week in my neighbourhood. There’s a lot of great cosplay out there. And then there is truly magnificent works of art that walk past you. There’s only way to describe this particular example: Demonic.

The cosmic cosplay of Katsucon 2014

Cosplay! I love it, and so do plenty of other folks. While our local talent is growing each and every year, you can’t beat our American brethren when it comes to dressing up, and they’ve got the various cons to prove it. Such as the recently held Katsucon.

Bioware helps Morrigan cosplayers

Bioware is showing a bunch of community love at the moment. I'll show you the new screenshot we got via twitter, but I'm most impressed by the character models they're releasing on their blog - all in the name of cosplayers.

rAge 2013′s radioactive cosplay video

Our local cosplay is on fire

You know how much we love cosplay around here, and every year I just get so damn happy to see our local scene get more and more creative with their efforts. But if you want your cosplay to last, you’re going to need some digital help. And nothing captures a great costume and pose like some brilliant photography.

UCON kicks off on March 29

Cape Town, you get a bum deal when it comes to conventions. rAge is exclusive to Johannesburg and the less said about last year’s Comic Con fiasco, the better. What you do get however, is UCON. And it all kicks off in March.