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Posted by Tauriq Moosa - 05 Sep 2012

OK. So Gushing Garth has done his usual “Ah Luffs It!” at Sleeping Dogs – and also as usual I’m here to sour up the environment. It is, they say, a talent (or not, I forget). Let’s get a few preliminaries out the way: I love the game. It’s beautiful, bold, innovative, engaging. It has excellent voice-acting – aside from one or two minor moments, where my brows were so furrowed it looked like they were duelling; the game puts GTA IV, Saints Row and others to shame in many respects but in other places, it is severely lacking.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 28 Jun 2012

Whenever a company or studio goes under there will be a lot of angry individuals who feel the situation wasn’t that bad and that if management had just done what they said then everything could have been salvaged.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 28 Aug 2008

I have mentioned before that I think people like Denis are great for the industry and we need more characters like him. However that didn't stop me moaning when Nick mentioned he was once again defending his creation to the world, this time through a Joystiq video interview. The first part is above and you can click through to listen to the second half. He really does have a few good points but it's just the way he goes about them that gets me a little irate. He seems to talk to everyone like a child and has that undeniable arrogance about him.