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Renegade X looks like a fantastic Command and Conquer game

EA may have no idea what they’re doing with the Command and Conquer franchise, but the fans certainly do. One group of dedicated NOD followers have spent the last six years on Renegade X. And it looks freakin’ fantastic.

Command and Conquer isn’t dead yet

No matter what business model it falls under, one thing is certain: We could all do with a little bit more Command and Conquer in our lives. EA and Victory Games were developing just such a new entry in the franchise, before that studio got canned and the game cancelled. But it may not be as dead as previously thought.

EA cancels Free to play Command and Conquer

Remember that Command and Conquer game that was teased as being the new game from RPG hitmaker Bioware? Yes, the one that was originally supposed to be Generals 2 – then became a free to play RTS under the helm of the newly renamed Victory Games? Well, you may as well forget about it, because it’s been cancelled.

Gamescom 2013 – Command and Conquer

In order to show off Command and Conquer, we got to watch a duel between two German players to determine the King of Cologne.  Yup, that's the way - make it look like an eSports event with a prize of beer and pretzels.

Lazygamer’s Best of E3 2013 Awards

E3 has come and gone, and this year happened to have an exceptional showcase of new hardware, games and ideas. There was a ton of quality on offer, from new IPs to familiar sequels that helped to create a memorable show. Here’s our best of selection for 2013.

E3 2012: Command and Conquer hands-on

I’ll be honest here: I haven’t enjoyed a Command and Conquer since the superb Kane’s Wrath expansion pack for the third game in the Tiberium Wars franchise. Subsequent Command and Conquer titles felt terrible afterwards. Rushed, buggy and annoying, I’d lost hope for the franchise. But the free to play upcoming Command and Conquer may just save the franchise from oblivion.

The next Command and Conquer won’t smell bad like the last game

I'm a pretty big Command and Conquer fan. Or I was, until the last couple of games hit the PC. They'd devolved into something that was just plain...awful, and I wept manly tears of frustration at this. But with an upcoming F2P title on the horizon, we might finally get the old CnC back.

Command and Conquer to revisit Tiberium and Red Alert universe, explore new fictions

Hey, remember good ol’ Command and Conquer? And by good ol’ I mean all the games up to the Kane’s Wrath expansion for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Those titles following on after those magnificent masterpieces can go jump off a cliff. The franchise has been largely under the radar since EA announced that it would be returning as a free to play title. It’s out later this year, and it’ll be set in the Generals universe from that franchise…amongst others.

Command and Conquer Generals 2 will have a single-player campaign, eventually

Command and Conquer Generals 2 will have a single-player campaign, eventually

Good news everyone! While the news that Command and Conquer: Generals 2 shifting to a free to play model hasn’t exactly been met with arms wide open, as fans have lamented over the fact that this latest entry into the franchise would be solely online, multiplayer only. Except that some single-player campaign action might be around the corner. Eventually that is.

Gamescom 2012: Command and Conquer Generals 2 goes free-to-play

Ha! Gavin owes me R20 now, as I just won a bet about which game would be the next to go free-to-play. Yep, I’ll be spending that money on a box of Lipton teabags, much to his chagrin, as EA has announced that their upcoming strategy title will be a freemium title.

Is Bioware making the new Command and Conquer?

We showed you, not too long ago, a shot of Bioware’s new game - something that looks very modern combatty. Similarly, we told you that EA - the publisher that owns Bioware - was bringing Command and Conquer back.

Could they be one and the same game?

Command and Conquer Red Alert Demo on Live

Command and Conquer Red Alert Demo on Live

Major Nelson announced on his blog last night that the Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Demo has gone live on Xbox Live. So what does the demo hold in store? It's strictly a SP demo which is unfortunate, but does feature the game's cinematic opening (oh I'm so excited), 1 campaign mission from both the Soviet and Allied campaigns and an interactive tutorial. So in total and in simple terms - a tutorial and 2 levels.

The full game features 3 full campaigns playable in solo or co-op online, a skirmish mode against 9 formidable commanders and multiplayer over Xbox LIVE. So you may want to skip the 1.5G demo and consider saving the money spent on cap so that you can spend it on the full game instead.

source: Major Nelson

EA wants us all to play the guessing game!

Here's a funny one. A whole bunch of Red Alert 3 manuals had some printing issues that cause the 20th digit or letter to not be printed in the games security key. So EA has taken the incredible approach of asking an owner to guess. They replied to his query by recommending that he "enter your existing code, and try guessing the last character". Cool, that means that he could land up having to punch the code in around 36 times as it could be anything from A - Z and then 0 - 9. Sounds like a fun mission, does it unlock any special vehicles? Then again, at least Red Alert came with it's code (Poke, poke, Microsoft). source: GameBrit