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China receive pass to Sanctuary: Diablo III to be released in the east

Diablo III might have had a mixed reception from die hard fans on release, but its expansion, Reaper of Souls improved the game by a large margin. Its annoyingly addictive with all its demon killing and odd legendary drop here and there. China may be missing out on the latest journey through Sanctuary, but not for long! Blizzard are looking to bring the clicky action to the east.

Five reasons the Xbox One will fail in China

Good old American McGee - despite his patriotic sounding name, the veteran game developer in charge of Spicy Horse lives in Shanghai and has some rather specific thoughts about Microsoft's chances at success in China. They aren't too optimistic, and they hit the nail right on the head.

Chinese games board stricter than Australia’s

Australia always seems to be the perfect punch line for any scenario, and their handling of games certification might make the rest of laugh while our Australian friends cry. Now we can say with certainty that our dear Stephen will have an easier time getting cool games than people in at least one country.

Marvel drops the lawsuit hammer on Iron Man cosplay factory

As anyone in the local cosplay scene will tell you, getting your dream costume together ain’t cheap. And it’s not just cash either that can be a barrier, as most folks these days don’t have time, cash or the patience needed to learn the skills necessary for this hobby. One company wanted to make a few bucks off of Iron Man fans though, with 3D printed suits. Until Marvel dropped Mjolnir on them.

China lifts its console ban – Kind of

While a bunch of countries may not allow certain games past their borders, consoles are pretty much allowed to come in as they please. Unless its China. That massive country has had a 13 year ban on anything that they didn’t approve of. But its finally been lifted. Sort of.

You can build an Xbox One right now

Because waiting until next year for an Xbox one is quite frankly for chumps. And chumpettes. Back at E3, Microsoft got flak for duping folks into believing that they were playing Xbox One games on the actual console, when it was a similar-specced PC all along. Still consoles rule in my opinion. And if you can’t beat them, why not join them?

Chinese company owns 48.4% of Epic Games

We’ve covered the exodus from Epic Games already (here, here and here) and I’ve always wondered if it is in relation to another company taking over Epic Games. We do know that the Chinese company, Tencent, bought a minority shareholding last June but what we didn’t know is that the word minority was very misleading.

Check out this amazing World of Warcraft theme park

It’s well known that China isn’t the strictest country in the world when it comes to abiding by copyright laws or protecting intellectual property. But even I was amazed that they’ve created an entire theme park based on World of Warcraft - and yet it is entirely unofficial.

Dad of the year hires assassins to kill son’s gaming character

Ever been on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing for playing way too many vidjeo gamez? At some point, we’ve all been told to get off the PC/console and to go outside and breath in some noxious fresh air, or even worse, get a J-O-B. And then you get this dad, who took things one step further.

There is no hope left… and it’s happening tomorrow

I do love viral marketing and even though I’m not sure if this is even gaming related it includes Johannesburg so we have to cover it.

That and I’m 90% sure it’s Resident Evil 6 that’s about to be announced tomorrow.

China Censors Online Game Ads

China, continuing its run of autocratic censorship has now banned – and tears are streaming down my face as I write this – vulgar and explicit material for use in online advertising. Sex and violence – as we know – sell things, but it looks as if they’ll no longer be used to sell online games in China.

China’s Ministry of Culture has made it so that boobs can now longer be used to advertise popular online games like Dahua Xuanyuan, Evony, Kingory and the like.

Suspected Counter-Strike Cheater Gets a Knife to the Head

Cheaters never prosper folks, and that’s been highlighted when a Chinese counter-strike player suspected of wallhacking became the unfortunate recipient of a 30cm knife to the head from an angry assailant.

Wallhacking allows players to see through walls, allowing you to see your enemies before they see you - giving cheaters an obvious advantage. Too bad his hacks couldn’t let him to pre-emptively see his knife-wielding attacker.

This Isn’t Super Mario

This Isn’t Super Mario

Some of the older readers would remember The Great Giana Sisters, a platforming title on mid 80’s home computers that was a shameless rip off of Super Mario Bros. the game was so similar that Rainbow Arts were forced to remove it from shelves under legal pressure from Nintendo.

It seems history may be repeating itself, as a Chinese company has made a game that bears more than a passing resemblance to a newer outing by everyone’s favourite moustachioed rotund Italian plumber. The game in question Duludubi Star is available for PC and does more than just borrow a few elements from a Mario game. Have a look at the pictures and video after and see if you can tell which one it is.

Originality then, not one of china’s strongpoints. The videogame buffs among you would know that Mario himself is not innocent in this regard – the US release of Super Mario Bros 2 was nothing more than a reskinned version of Doki Doki Panic, a Nintendo developed game released earlier in Japan.

The World Cyber Games begin today, all hail DarthPenguin

The World Cyber Games begin today, all hail DarthPenguin

The WCG finals started yesterday but for all of us today is the true beginning.

Our local Guitar Hero champion, DarthPenguin – Mark Dennison, is in China at the moment preparing to take on WolveS_Cypher from Germany. Yeah his first match is against the country that stops us getting so much awesome DLC and patches so this match up has a bit of extra spice.

Mark is actually playing 5 rounds today, here is his full itenary

Dodgy Asian PSPGo! Knock Off

Dodgy Asian PSPGo! Knock Off

This was inevitable. Any of you who’ve listened to CD’s on your “Somy” Hi Fi system, played games on your golden china 8 bit system or even glanced at the time on your “Rolux” watch would know that the Chinese are pretty good at making counterfeit goods that look uncannily genuine.

The victim of Sino-cloning this time is Sony’s new PSP Go!, which has received a doppelganger in the form of the PXP-2000.  It has a bucketload of features too!