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Meet the new gang of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Is the world ready for Borderlands 3? Probably not. But is it ready for an interquel, dubbed Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel? The answer to that, is a definitive maybe. The curtain was finally pulled open yesterday on the new game that is being developed by 2K Australia. Here’s what you can expect to find in the missing chapter of Borderlands.

Your guide to the world of inFamous

inFamous: Second Son finally arrives next week, just in time for a long weekend. It’s not the first game in the series, but it is a new start for the franchise as it heads to the PlayStation 4. Confused about all the terms being thrown around in trailers? Well here’s a guide to the world of inFamous, that’ll explain everything to you.

Is GTA V badly written?

There was a really interesting debate on The Repartee between The Escapist Editor in Chief Greg Tito; who gave GTA V a 3.5 out of 5 in his official review and Keza Macdonald,  a Contributing Editor at IGN, who gave GTA V a ten out of ten in her review, concerning whether or not GTA V is badly written. Beware, spoilers!

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Tips and tricks

So you’ve downloaded that free to play game from Blizzard, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. You’re all eager to start playing, you’ve done the tutorial and then WHAM! You forget that the closed beta participants have been packing major cards for the last couple of months. You need help. And I’m going to give it you.

Destiny – New info on classes, enemies and environments drops into orbit

The latest issue of Game Informer has dropped, and thanks to the magic of it being PRINT, it had plenty of details on the upcoming star-based trooping game Destiny from Bungie. Do you want to know more?

Ten more characters that Disney Infinity needs

I spent my weekend playing around with Disney Infinity, and I’ve pretty much enjoyed the experience so far. While I still need to prepare a review for that game, I also need to prepare my bank account so that I can grab more of those figures. And if Disney ever releases these characters, well then I might have a spleen or two for sale soon.

Destiny – Bungie’s brave new world finally revealed

If there is one thing that the gaming industry does well, it’s crafting out adventures with elements inspired from other games. Without Batman: Arkham Asylum we wouldn’t have a gritty successor such as Sleeping Dogs, or if Gran Turismo had never popped up, hyper realistic racing games would still be a pipe dream to enthusiasts. Over a decade ago, Bungie got the ball rolling with their console shooter Halo. It set a new benchmark back then for a genre largely seen as the domain of PC gamers. Years later and with a successful franchise behind them, Bungie is looking to recapture that spark of a new and exciting universe. A universe that they've named...Destiny.

These amazing Mass Effect characters aren’t official

We all know that a fourth Mass Effect game is on the way, although it’s not going to be Mass Effect 4. Our money is on it being a prequel. Because rule of three, gaming industry. With a new game comes new characters, worlds and vehicles. What will they look like? Who knows, but if Bioware wants to design the future with some real talent, they’re going to need to take a gander at the portfolio of these amazing artists.

The top ten worst gaming cosplays…ever

Dressing up as your favourite video game/manga/anime/movie/my little pony character can be a fun and challenging experience. It doesn’t matter what you look like though, because putting some time and effort into a project pays off handsomely in the end. There’s nothing like good cosplay, but unfortunately, these following images are nothing like good cosplay.

GTA V is going to be bigger than ever

With the digital issue of Game Informer now out, comes a ton of new GTA details. Speculation, rumours and hearsay be damned, because now the game has some solid release details. And let’s just say that GTA V is aiming to be as ambitious as ever. Will it succeed? Read for yourself, after the jump.

The amazing cosplay of the New York Comic Con

Cosplay may be experiencing a positive growth locally, but man, we still have quite a way to go before we can match the level of geekitude that the United States of A boasts. The fans came out in force for the New York Comic Con recently, and there was a selection of costumes displayed, to amaze everyone. Including one guy who desecrated a Ghostbusters proton pack to have a Hello Kitty feel to it. Sacrilege!

Skylanders Giants: From Concept to Toy

The most amazing thing about Skylanders, apart from the magic of toys coming to life inside of videogames, is of course its zany, wacky host of characters and the physical toys that represent them. We got the opportunity to visit Skylanders developer Toys for Bob in California and got to take a look at how those characters are made - from conception, right up until they’re in a blister packs on a store shelf.

Rumour: Mass Effect 3 is going to take back Earth. Again

While Mass Effect 3 has had a Marmite Effect regarding the ending, it’s the added support and downloadable content that has kept the game relevant, months after release. Bioware has released plenty of extra multiplayer maps,weapons and characters, all for free, a move that has generated some positive spin so far. And apparently, there’s still plenty more free content on the way.

Exclusive Sony content found on Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom confirms

This Friday, it’s not only Mass Effect 3 that launches, but the long-awaited mash-up of two fighting franchise heavyweights as well, in Street Fighter X Tekken. Of course, it’s going to be available on competing platforms, complete with exclusive characters and DLC lined up in order to woo players over.

Sony has quite a few of those exclusive characters ready and willing to fight on their version of SFxT, leaving the Xbox 360 version out in the cold. Except that some of those unique brawlers are actually already on the disc, just waiting to be unlocked.

We are the gaming 99%


If you’re not aware of it yet, it seems that the American economy is speeding off to yet another financial disaster quicker than that damn Roadrunner bird after he has ingested a few lines of cocaine.

Everybody is understandably pissed off, and the finger-pointing is flying wild in all directions. One group of American citizens, who somehow never learnt to live within their means, have started a movement aimed at the bankers of wall street, flinging all kinds of verbal abuse and catchy placards at their allegedly corrupt purposes and government-sponsored bailouts. For they are the 99% apparently.

But hey, its not just a bunch of US citizens with a financial axe to grind that are in the 99% you know. Video game minions have been treated unfairly for decades now, and taking a cue from the wall street movement, they’ve started their own 99% movement, courtesy of Dorkly.