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Local indie needs Kickstarter and Greenlight support

I went to the Make Games SA meet up last night in Joburg. It was a smaller turnout than normal, in a ridiculously freezing room, but it was all worthwhile because I saw a trailer that made me really psyched about a local game. I've already supported it on Greenlight, and after payday I'll be throwing money at their Kickstarter. You should, too.

It’s convention weekend! Con•ect, UCON and ECCC!

Do you have plans for this weekend? You don’t? You mean you’re going to sit inside and ignore the doorbell when the Mormons come knocking? Testicles to that idea. There’s plenty going on this weekend, if you’re a fan of gaming, anime and other pop culture.

Plaasteater – Cape Town LAN


Come join in the LAN goodness at the Plaasteater - Cape Town!

Games that will be played:
Call of duty 4
Call of duty 5 World at war
Call duty Modern Warfare 2
Left 4 dead 2
Warcraft III
Team fortress 2
Battlefield 2

Additional games may be played at the event.


10/100 Mbps (Normal) Seats - R100
10/100/1000 Mbps (Gigabit) Seats - R120
Spectators are welcome.

We use a DC++ Server for file copying to ensure lag free gaming.

Things you'll need to bring:
Your own PC and accessories:
( Mouse, Keyboard, Screen, Power Cord )
*A multiplug to ensure you have available power plugs for your PC and screen.
Your own food and cool drinks, you may bring money to buy beverages or chips at the Plaasteater.


Contact details:

UCON kicks off on March 29

Cape Town, you get a bum deal when it comes to conventions. rAge is exclusive to Johannesburg and the less said about last year’s Comic Con fiasco, the better. What you do get however, is UCON. And it all kicks off in March.

Australia links gambling to iPad games for kids

Why so many people want to move to Australia is beyond me, if you want to live in a nanny state with nice beaches and still have some slight freedom then you may as well move to Cape Town. In another stunning act of stupidity the state of South Australia decided it was a good idea to post the following adverts to try and get people to stop gambling.

South African eSports Association – a new hope or return of the empire?

Over on Facebook, a mini-revolution has been going on. People dissatisfied with existing eSports associations in South Africa have banded together to make a new one. I had a chat with their President, Anthony Nell, to find out more.

I’m going to be in Cape Town to talk about stuff

Now if that isn’t the best headline I’ve ever come up with I simply don’t know what is...which is ironic since the first bullet point on my content creation slide is “Your headline is your first impression, make it count”

Reminder: Community get togethers in Joburg and Cape Town

rAge is coming up, and I think I'm most excited about getting my hands on some vibrating triggers. But I'm second most excited about meeting all our awesome community! Okay fine, I'm actually most excited to meet you lot - but don't tell the guys because it will ruin my street cred.

The Lazygamer Cape Town meet-up will be held…here!

We’ve said it before, but we don’t say it enough: You guys frikkin’ rock. Most people would complain endlessly about having to get up at the crack of noon to write gaming news. Not us though? Because we love you guys. And behind the monitors, you’re all rad to each other as well. Here’s where you Capetonians can meet up and talk about your flat mountain.

Lazygamer Cape Town rAge get together

As we announced earlier this week we’re all going to head over to Hogshead at Rock Cottage on Saturday the 5th of October at 4pm to have a community meet up after a long day at rAge and you are all obviously invited.

Cape Town CoD regionals results

It is time to report the results of the Cape Town Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 regional tournament!

Are you ready for Cape Town’s most awesome LAN?

Organised Chaos is the most popular LAN in Cape Town; they’ve had amazing events in the past and are attempting to keep it up. They’ve been one of the biggest names in local LAN’s for a very long time and this April, they’ll be making a ninja out of all their attendants.

Win R5000 in cash for playing Tekken

Yep that’s right! If you live in Cape Town you could stand a chance to win R5000 by doing what you love; gaming. MainGaming and Megarom present the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Roadshow.

We covered the launch of 2upGamers.. 2upwhat?

By Kervyn Cloete

Friday nights in Cape Town are usually spent in the consumption of cheap boxed wine and playing stab-tag with broken bottle heads. However, just like the MWeb Battlefield 3 launch of the week before, this past Friday night I found myself at the launch of 2upgamers, in the esteemed company of some highly passionate gamers, who are on a mission to put the Cape Town gaming community on the proverbial map.

It was an outstanding evening of interesting discussion, great laughs, fun games and lots of pizza.