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Why hello there Resident Evil Revelations 2 box art

A while back, I had the misfortune to review Resident Evil 6, which was a clunky orgy of explosions with a personality as deep as TV housewife of wherever, and gameplay that matched its vapid attempt to hit all the demographics. It’s been a while since then, and on reflection, I’ve decided that I’m still 100% right about that waste of a game. What was a better game in that franchise however, was Resident Evil Revelations. And it’s getting a very well-deserved sequel.

Original Resident Evil REmake getting REmastered

It’s clearly an age of remaster. The original Resident Evil blew people away back in 1996, establishing what would go on to be one of the biggest zombie franchises ever. It was a game fans really loved, so much so that it warranted a complete REmake in 2002 for the Gamecube, which was then RE-released on the Wii. It looks like that REmake is now due for some REmastered treatment.

Capcom shows dip in quarterly figures

Loads of companies are sharing their sales figures at the moment. I told you yesterday that Nintendo lost $97 million in their last quarter, which is just downright disheartening. It seems like Capcom also had a pretty rough period, even though their operating income actually saw an increase.

Why Deep Down is free to play

Capcom’s Deep Down is one of the prettiest upcoming games for the PlayStation 4, thanks to its fiery new Panta Rhei engine.  It seems to take what was good about Dragon’s Dogma (which is not much, according to some) and expand upon that. For fans of Dragon’s Dogma and games like Dark Souls, it’s enticing, with one caveat; it’s a free to play game. Capcom’s explained why.

Play as Link in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

For fans of the Zelda franchise, any opportunity to use elements of the series in other games will bring giddy squeals of excitement. Now Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate knows it isn't safe to be a hunter and offers you some gear so you don't have to go it alone.

Ultra Street Fighter IV: Reviews round up

Despite Capcom’s general abusive DLC practices, I actually kind of like what they’ve done with Street Fighter IV. The game was first released on consoles in 2009, and has since been iterated and updated rather substantially since. Yes, Capcom’s been updating the game the way did with Street Fighter 2: adding characters, levels, mechanics and stupid prefixes and suffixes to the game’s title. The latest, and quite probably last (unless there’s a balancing update) iteration is Ultra Street Fighter IV – which is available today. How is it?

Check out the beautiful visuals of the Tokyo Game Show 2014

I’ve been to a number of trade shows, but I’ve yet to turn in a solid hat trick for my E3 and Gamescom trips by throwing the Tokyo Games Show into the mix. It’s the one show that I’d be both excited and terrified to travel. Excited because Japan! Terrified because I’m the kind of guy who gets hopelessly lost in countries where people speak a language that I understand.

Capcom’s making money again

Last year was Capcom’s least profitable year since 2006. The company’s been in financial doldrums for quite some time – but it looks like things are starting to pick up for the publisher. The company’s divulged its fiscal report ending March 31, 2014, and it’s actually making money.

Lazygamer Retro Wednesday: Capcom Play System

So it’s a week late for a lot of reasons, mostly because I’ve been busy moving into another place, and secondly, all the photos I took didn’t actually save to the camera, so awesome.

Street Fighter and Twitch unite for the Capcom Pro Tour

Start training your thumbs with various exercises while playing Eye of the tiger on an infinite loop, because Capcom and Twitch are tag-teaming to start a year-long Street Fighter league.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition arrives on PC next month

Resident Evil games have been a very different beast as of late, jumping out of horror and into action. With disastrous results, because I never ever want to play Resident Evil 6 again. One zombie horror game that I would go back to however? Resident Evil 4, which has just been tarted up with HD visuals.

Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle trailer

Say what you will about the Xbox One and its lack of local release date, I’m still excited for the thing (I’ll have my cheque now, thanks). Mostly, I really want to kill a bunch of zombies in Dead Rising 3, a game I’ve been keen to play since it was first announced. If you’re one of the lucky few locals in possession of Dead Rising 3 (and a lot of bandwidth to spare,) here’s some info on its new DLC, Broken Eagle

Deep Down’s engine will impress you

Capcom’s then-unnamed Deep down was one of the more interesting things shown at the Playstation4 reveal event in February last year. With a fantasy setting, and some incredible visuals  ( and that fire!) many though it might be a next generation Dragon’s Dogma. It isn’t (for better or worse!), and it’s going to be a free-to-play game, but it’s going to impress the hell out of you.

Deadpool disappears from all online stores

So 2014 has rolled around and you have finally decided you want to play the 8th worst game of 2013, Deadpool? Well you’re year is off to a bad start unfortunately as you can’t anymore.

Capcom is learning from its missteps says Dead Rising 3 producer

The last couple of years have not been kind to Capcom. Once a powerhouse company that could do no wrong, recent releases have either been absolute failures or just poor performers at retail. And with the gaming industry being as unforgiving as it is, such performances don’t bode well for even the biggest of developers. But Capcom could be poised for a return to solid gaming.