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COD:Ghosts’ new narrator is in the hiz-ouse

Narrators are important. Just look at indie darlings Bastion, The Stanley Project and Thomas was Alone - they'd be way less awesome without those epic narrators. Now, Call of Duty Ghosts is getting a new narrator DLC, and it will take your gameplay experience to the next level. Fo Shizzle.

American vs European Call of Duty

It was an eye-opening experience at the Call of Duty: Ghosts Championships in LA. South Africa wasn't the only international team to get knocked out in the group stage. In fact, the entire tournament was dominated by the Americans, with some Europeans making the cut. Is there such a big difference in the gameplay from country to country?

Call of Duty: Ghosts latest patch powers up the SMG

In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s some new DLC out for Call of Duty: Ghosts. What does that mean for those of you who aren’t getting the Devastation pack? A patch boyo. And it’s a massive update that will make the sub-machine gun your new best friend.

It’s mayday in this new trailer for Call of Duty:Ghosts Extinction

I haven’t played much Call of Duty lately, but chances are that when I get back into the game, I’m going straight for the Extinction section of the game. That mode is just way too much fun. And now, it’s taking to the high seas.

Day 3: Call of Duty Championship wrap-up

That's it, the COD: Ghosts Championships in LA are over. So how did it all go down? There were heartbreaks and comebacks throughout the day, but in the end, there could be only one winning team.

World Championship Call of Duty tournament starts NOW

The million dollar Call of Duty world championships is starting right now but unfortunately Major League Gaming hasn’t enabled embedding on their streams. However if you are interested you can definitely keep track of the games by following the links below.

Call of Duty: Ghosts teases the Predator for Devastation DLC

I’ve yet to be arsed enough to actually finish the Call of Duty: Ghosts main campaign, and I doubt that I’ll be racking up a few new trophies anytime for that boring part of the game. On the Extinction and multiplayer side however, the game is as predictably solid as ever. And it looks like a certain hunter will be dropping into the next batch of DLC.

How to spectate MLG’s COD Championship

I'm packing my bags - that's right kids, I'm off to LA to be your live, embedded correspondent at the front lines of the Call of Duty Ghosts Championship. I'll be bringing you all the action, exclusive interviews and (hopefully pretty) pictures. So, what do you need to know to spectate and enjoy the eSports from the comfort of your home?

Will the PlayStation 4 be this generation’s lead platform?

Last generation, the Xbox 360 with its easier to program architecture ended up being the primary development platform for most multiplatform games. It meant that Xbox 360 games looked a little better than their PlayStation 3 counterparts. for much of the last gen, it made a lot of sense. The 360 dominated in the first half of the cycle and its player-base was the largest. Tables look to be turning this time around.

Xbox Live weekly deals include Ghosts and Assassins

We’re still early into the year, and have not yet had to resort to eating the pizza delivery man in order to remain well-fed. Which means that you might still have a few bucks lying around for some games! Here’s a bunch of discounts, for all you Xbox owners out there.

Call of Duty still the best selling game

No matter how you spin it, Call of Duty: Ghosts is objectively the worst game in the series since the very rushed, rather broken Call of Duty 3. Core gamers don’t like it very much, and neither do those who play the game competitively. And yet, it’s still the best selling game at the moment.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 brings back General Shepherd

We heard last week that the Call of Duty franchise was now expanding to a three studio development cycle which is great news for fans as it means this annualised franchise is now getting a three year development cycle which can only mean better quality.

Call of Duty becomes a three-studio franchise

There are only three things in life that are a certainty, and that’s death, taxes and a new Call of Duty every year. For the last couple of years, Treyarch and Infinity Ward have taken turns releasing a Call of Duty game every two years. And now, that threesome just added another partner.

Clan Focus: Leverage eSports

This weeks Clan Focus turns the spotlight on Leverage eSports who were kind enough to send me an encyclopaedia full of information about their team. So grab yourself a coffee, or energy drink, and let’s take a look at one of the biggest local franchises.

Halloween’s Michael Myers makes an appearance in the next Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC

One thing that I am enjoying about Call of Duty: Ghosts (Besides Extinction mode), is that the game makes multiplayer feel fun again. Sure, it’s your usual run and gun action and I get penalised heavily if my connection dips into the red zone, but there’s enough tricks inside the online side to keep the action going. And the DLC looks like it’ll be continuing that trend.