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The Hit List – Five things that impressed us in the Destiny Beta

You’ve already heard what Gavin has had to say regarding the early taste of Destiny. You’ve probably already ignored him, because what do Liverpool supporters know, amirite? I had a blast playing Destiny this weekend, an experience that I documented and went over. Here’s five things from the recent beta that impressed me, because you can totally trust a guy who has no strong feelings one way or the other to your favourite football teams.

Destiny is great, but it is missing some tricks

This weekend was the first time I’ve personally been able to put a good couple of hours into Destiny and the game is truly phenomenal. Bungie has done something incredible here and I truly think this will be the defining game of the next few years.

We played Destiny with the community, and everyone loved it

Why Destiny won’t let you cross play between PS3 and PS4

For those of you in the PlayStation world, this weekend was probably filled with lots of shooting and running around with your friends in Destiny. However, if all your friends aren't on the same platform, you can't play together - even if you're all on PlayStation. Bungie has a reason for this.

Bungie doesn’t want to scare gamers away

Destiny is huge and awesome and getting tons of hype at the moment. I'm downloading the Beta as I type, and I'm really amped to get into the game and see what all the fuss is about. However, Bungie knows that this is sort of like a first date, and they don't want to scare gamers away by being too pushy.

Your Destiny beta progress probably won’t make it to the final game

The Destiny beta kicks off on Sony platforms tomorrow, giving fans a little taste of what’s to come in September. The beta is said to be bigger and more expansive than the previous Alpha, with Bungie wanting to test a host of different features. One of them is player progression, but you might want to avoid getting too attached to your new, shiny Guardian.

Destiny Beta will help you invest in your character

I honestly can't believe how much hype is circling this Destiny Beta - people seem as excited for it as they would be for a major game launch. It's all quite befuddling to me, but I'm also jumping on the hype train; why not give this cool game a whirl ahead of time just to see how cool it will be at launch? This new trailer says why it will be worth your time.

Grab Destiny’s companion app before the beta this week

Destiny’s beta kicks off this week on the PS4 and PS3, coming to Microsoft platforms next week. The beta is supposedly a bigger, broader experience than the Alpha, giving players a good chunk of content to explore. You may want to download the fancy new companion app to help with that.

Destiny has some shiny exclusives on PlayStation

Whether you love or hate Bungie for having a friends with benefits relationship with Sony now, you can’t deny that the content arriving on that platform does look rather tempting. All those cosmetic goodies have been detailed before, but thanks to a fresh drop of assets in my inbox, they’re looking even more alluring than before. See for yourself.

Bungie doesn’t love Sony fans more

Last week more than a few Xbox fans invaded the official Bungie forums to express their anger over Destiny’s exclusive DLC. Content which would only be available on Sony’s platforms. At least for the next year or so.

Destiny Beta keys give access for friends

The Destiny Beta page is up and running, and you can go redeem your code today. When you do so, there is a wonderful surprise from Bungie - you won't be going to the Moon or a broken Earth alone, you can bring your best friends.

The Evolution Of – Halo

Microsoft may not have as many exclusives under their belt as Sony or Nintendo, but one thing they do have is a game franchise in the form of Halo. Since 2001, Microsoft, Bungie and the successor studio 343 Industries have been releasing Halo games, with would be competitors looking to earn the title of Halo. That’s a 13 year history, one that has seen the game evolve over the years.

Destiny Collector’s Editions are cooler than you thought

When Bungie revealed the Destiny Collector's Editions yesterday, they sounded pretty cool. However, with this video showing them off, everyone is going to feel like they need it. Particularly that Limited Edition - the combination of steel book and leather book would make me feel like I was unearthing some strange artifact from the game. Why do I fall for these things every time?

No, Destiny didn’t cost $500 million

There’s been a fair bit of debate over just how successful Bungie’s Destiny will end up being. Some want it to fail. Others believe Destiny’s success is good for the industry as a whole. Still, considering Activision’s half a billion Dollar gamble there’s a lot at stake. Only the game hasn’t cost anywhere near $500 000 000.

Here’s what you’ll achieve in Destiny

I’m warning you, stay away. These Achievement/Trophy posts are possibly filled with spoilers. Don’t look Marion! Consider this your final warning! Why doesn’t anyone listen to me? C’mon guys, you don’t want to click for more info, I’m begging ya!