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Watch Dogs PC patch will sort out your graphics

You all know Watch Dogs. It’s that hit PC game where players can hack their way through a corrupt totalitarian regime with a magic cell-phone before hacking the human body with a baton and bullets when the heat is on. And like most games these days, it’s getting a patch. A patch that should make it oh so much prettier.

Zenimax details Elder Scrolls Online updates

Zenimax Online has acknowledged that its new MMO is perhaps a little buggy. That is to be expected of an MMO, especially one bearing the Elder Scrolls name. They’ve even admitted that the bugs are responsible for many of the game’s middling reviews. In truth, that’s just part of the game’s problem, but at least Zenimax Online is going to attempt to fix it. I’d bloody well hope so, as you’re paying to play it every month.

The Titanfall beta had two million participants

So how about that Titanfall, huh? The beta kicked off last week, most of us downloaded it and had a blast playing it. Developer Respawn Entertainment opened up the flood gates last week, stress-testing their servers and seeing just how far they could push the game. And after having two million folks participate, I think they did a swell job.

Batman:Arkham Origins glitches will remain unpatched

Batman: Arkham Origins wasn’t exactly warmly received when it launched last year. Sure, I may have loved the look, story and voice talent behind the game, but the sheer amount of unpolished work on the game which resulted in a ton of bugs, ruined it for me. And don’t expect those bugs to be patched anytime soon.

Warner Bros is sorry for all those Arkham Origins bugs

If there was one aspect of Arkham Origins that killed the game for me, it was the fact that I couldn’t use the much publicised fast travel mode without the damned game crashing. That’s just one of many, many bugs inside the prequel game. And Warner Bros is really sorry about that.

You’ll need to wait for your GTA Online hush cash

There’s nothing in life that can’t be solved by throwing more money at it. And that’s why Waterworld won the Oscar for Bestest Movie Ever Shut Up You Guys. GTA Online has had a troubled start so far, and while Rockstar is working on a solution, it’s offering some money to tide the masses over with, in the form of a virtual stimulus package. But you’ll need to wait for that cash to appear.

Star Trek is broken, but “works fine” for devs

The new Star Trek game, by all accounts, isn’t very good. In fact, it’s pretty much downright awful. On top of that, the game is a glitchy, buggy nigh unplayable mess.Worse is that the PC version of the game is beset by connection issues – unforgivable for a game that’s meant to be played co-operatively. none of that matters though, because according to one of the game’s producers, it works fine for him.

The latest SimCity patch adds extra bugs to the game

It’s not an easy life for the citizens of my sprawling Mega-City One. Their children have to go to school right next to a nuclear waste plant, while citizens are complaining about the fact that I may have built a sewerage plant in the middle of main street. Surprisingly though, that lifestyle was actually better before the latest patch for the SimCity MMO arrived.

Lost Planet 3 arrives June 28 (Screenshots galore inside!)

The year is unknown. But it is futurey. Humanity has taken to the stars, discovering new planets, worlds that were formerly “lost”. Between fighting one another and surviving hostile environments, a new threat has emerged. One with more than two legs, and proving to be far better than Orson Welles could ever have predicted. I’m talking bugs man! Do you want to know more?

Season two of The Walking Dead to be less “buggy”

Choose-your-own-demise adventure game The Walking Dead hit it big last year, with numerous critics forgetting that it was more an interactive story than an actual video game when they were doling out the rewards. That success translated into big sales for the game across multiple platforms, although they weren’t without a few bugs that affected the overall experience. Quite a few folks were really infected (Ha! Zombie humour) by these bugs, killing their save games in the process. And that’s something that Telltale is looking to avoid with season 2 of their game.

AC3 bug will wipe your save data

AC3 bug will wipe your save data

Queue the scary music! There’s a rare bug in Assassin’s Creed III that has been wiping gamers’ save data. Needless to say that this tragedy needs to be avoided, so here are the details.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is broken on the PC

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is broken on the PC

Ghost Recon Future Soldier has been out on consoles for a while - and it’s actually pretty damned good. Local PC gamers will get to try the game when it releases this Friday - but it might not live up to expectations. Because right now, it’s broken.

Max Payne 3’s multiplayer issues

It seems that Diablo III’s not the only game to suffer from launch issues. Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 - which has been cleaning up in reviews, even being called Rockstar’s best game to date - seems to have a few multiplayer issues. Players on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game have been reporting multiple multiplayer issues, including matchmaking problems and - and this is a big one - multiplayer stat resets.

It’s an issue Rockstar’s aware of - and players in EU territories (like us!) will be greeted with a day-one patch should they wish to engage in multiplayer.

Fez is buggy – but it’s getting patched.

Fez, the wonderful perspective-shifting puzzle platformer from outspoken and controversial indie developer Phil Fish’s Polytron is fezzing amazing. Winner of Best In show at last year’s Indicade and the Grand Prize winner at this year’s Independent Games Festival, Fez is racking up incredible review scores just about everywhere. And while reviewers were happy to tell readers of the amazing times they’d experience playing the game, pretty much nobody said anything about the game’s bugs - some of which are rather serious and game-breaking.

Developer Polytron has vowed to sort it all out though - so it’s most certainly still worth your 800 MS Points.

Do NOT install the Skyrim patch!

The Skyrim patch, released online through Xbox Live yesterday  and on PSN a few days ago was meant to fix things. It’s done that - but also brought with it a host of brand new problems.

In short, you probably don’t want to install the update.