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Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 12 Feb 2013

Gearbox isn’t having a good day. Their latest game, Aliens: Colonial Marines has chest-bursted into a flamethrower of bad reviews and hate, leaving that game in some bad waters. While they hit it big last year with a Borderlands sequel, Gearbox aslo has another game on the way. A spin-off of the long-running Brothers in Arms franchise, Furious 4 is scheduled for release later this year. It’s a game which has seen some drastic changes made to the formula of that revered series, much to the despair of some long-time fans. But don’t fret, because a more “authentic” Brother in Arms game is on the way. Eventually.

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 21 Oct 2008

By now, most of us have had our definite fill of World War II shooters thanks to the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor series of games. Add to that the a couple of crappy attempts from a few development houses (Hour of Victory anyone?) and the previous Brothers in Arms games and we have definitely had enough. Or have we? The game puts you into the helmet of Sergeant Matt Baker as he not only commands his squads through Operation Market Garden but also deals with some mental issues of his own.To be honest the game seems to be a semi rip-off of the Band of Brothers TV series. That's a bad thing, isn't it? No wait, if I remember correctly, that show was amazing.

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 08 Sep 2008

It seemed pretty clear to me from the word go that Brothers in Arms is not quite the same as games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honour. It definitely takes a pretty different approach, especially with regards to the command system so I don't know if I should think of it as the same type of game. When not looked at as a contender to COD, I think that this game is shaping up quite well. I never really got into the previous BIA game but this could hold my attention a lot more. The new gore system in this game is pretty crazy, but at the same time its something that I feel necessary and to be quite honest it's about time that we see something like this. If you haven't yet watched the video or can't at work, let me explain. When soldiers are hit with explosives the gore system will try and simulate any dismemberment or damage caused by the blast (and will usually slow down to show the gory details in slow motion). "Brother without Arms" maybe?