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Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 12 Nov 2014

I am a giant sucker. Clearly. I mean, that explains the big L tattoo on my forehead and the compulsion I have to fill my shelves up with action and inaction figures lately. But these days, collectors want something more out of their figures. They want a collection that can be used for more than just geeky direction. Disney Infinity and Skylanders have that market covered. And with Nintendo’s Amiibo figures, that lucrative pie is going to be split in three.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 19 Feb 2014

Nintendo spent so much energy focusing on Luigi last year, hoping that shifting attention away from the red brother would have a correlating affect on their bank accounts. Surprising almost no one, it did little to boost the sales of Nintendo games and particularly the Wii U. Now Luigi's year is coming to an end - I wonder what the new year will bring.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 11 Mar 2013

As much as I appreciate the skill and artistry that goes in to cosplay, I have to admit to secretly judging those who participate. I know I shouldn’t ; it’s okay that you lot are weird and want to play dress up. I’m weird too, and have a number of eccentricities that would likely cause you to raise an eyebrow. We’re all just people, and that’s cool. When people start dressing their pets up though, then I think the raised brows are justified.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 14 Dec 2012

It would be easy to believe that New Super Mario Bros U. is a simple cash-in; something to give the masses of early Wii U adopters as some sort of peace offering until a real Mario game arrives for the new system. Even its name is a bit of an insult; as the fourth game to fall under the “New Super Mario Bros.” calling it “new” is an affront. A nostalgic stab in the face, it’s not quite as ground-breaking as something like Super Mario Galaxy, but dismissing it would be a grace offense – because it’s the best damned 2D Mario since the 16-bit era’s Super Mario World. In fact, I think it might even be better.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 04 Dec 2012

Mario is the most beloved video game character in existence but that is mainly down to one reason, he wins. History is always written by the victors and with Mario always winning we are told a tale of how he gallantly rescues his kidnapped princess while destroying the evil enemies.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 07 Aug 2012

Mario games usually follow a pretty simple set of rules. Bowser kidnaps the princess, Mario sets off on a quest to rescue her, defeats Bowser, lets him live, saves the day and thus the cycle continues in true Reaper fashion. But what happens when Bowser breaks the rules? What happens when Peach stops being a damsel, and becomes a badass instead?

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 29 Mar 2011

What happens when you envision all the characters from the Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong titles as humans and then put them in a movie where they are fighting over a city? Well you get this video from TheGameStation which is 2 parts awesome and 10 parts insane…

Posted by Hadlee - 08 Dec 2009

From the helpless damsel in distress to the typical gangbanger – gaming has always had stereotypes in place. So let’s take a look at some of the more popular examples shall we? Stereotypes in RPGs And what better place to start at than the titular (hehe) hero? Cloud Strife and Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia are but two examples. and it’s almost par for the course that this stereotypical character shall look out from a high point at some point in the game (perhaps wondering why they’re the world’s saviour yet can’t even get with the female supporting character). Speaking of female supporting character, it’s always a physically weak spellcaster/medic. What, so all little girls go to a school where chemistry is the only subject and with no Phys. Ed whatsoever? The school must have a helluva first aid training course too. This wasn’t only an RPG convention, as Resident Evil has shown us right from the start – with Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers being the weak ones, yet having a greater proficiency with herbs.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 30 Sep 2009

CollegeHumor often have videogame themed posts, and most – but not all of them – are great. The latest one, 5 imaginary Facebook status updates and their accompanying comments falls firmly in that “great” category. It manages to nail the characters, playing them to type perfectly. From Mario’s disdain at Peach’s renewed capture, Tails’ pathetic abject adulation for Sonic or Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud decidedly emo nature, there’s sure to be something to make you giggle.

Before anyone asks, yes I used “Facebook” as a verb, and yes I’m a little upset about it.

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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 04 Aug 2009

You’ve seen Pamela Anderson and Tommy “Tree Trunk” Lee’s naked maritime shenanigans, watched Fred Durst doing something with some unknown lady’s chocolate starfish and touched yourself inappropriately to the verdant night-vision views of 1 Night in Paris. The latest celebrity sex tape to help you get 1up is of our favourite platforming hero Mario and his ever elusive conquest, Princess Peach. It’s raunchy, dirty and will change the way you view the rotund Italian plumber forever – but hey, at least Mario finally got a decent reward for beating Bowser. While I recommend that nobody watches the assuredly NSFW video at all - if you do, stick around till the end, so that the mental scarring is absolute. Hit the video after the jump – but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Thanks CollegeHumor, for ruining my childhood.