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Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 22 Oct 2014

At onepoint this year, I was incredibly addicted to Hearthstone. As soon as it hit the iPad I was hooked again, making university a slightly more difficult task to undertake. Hearthstone is perfect on the go, but it’s taking a little while longer to get it running on all your handheld devices.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 13 Oct 2014

Destiny may not exactly be a critical success. For some, it’s one of the biggest disappointments of the year. That, however, hardly matters. What’s really important is that people are still playing it, a month on. It might surprise you just how many are.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 08 Oct 2014

There’s no denying that Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls is a tad bit more casual on console. And that’s a good thing. Hell, it’s fantastic, as the different approach made for a better game overall. That’s going to change slightly however, as the game is about to get patched up to match the recent PC additions. So prepare to say goodbye to your loved ones as you descend into hell once again.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 01 Oct 2014

HEARTHSTONE! While the Curse of Naxxramas is still fresh in that collectible card game world, plans are already underway for more Hearthstone content to drop in and kill your mighty summons that you spent several turns painstakingly setting up because Geoff is a bastard who always seems to have a magic card or two in his hand and I’m drifting again. Expect the next expansion, to re-balance the game all over again.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 30 Sep 2014

When I think eSports, I think the usual; Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike… you get the picture. Ever considered World of Warcraft as something worth watching competitively? I certainly haven’t. It’s something that Blizzard will be working on going forward.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 29 Sep 2014

We’ve all been there before. Despite constant windows begging us to think twice, sometimes we can’t help but accidentally click through all of them and go on to proceed to killing off our World of Warcraft character. I get you guys, that kind of sucks. All those fetch quests for extra levels, down the drain. But soon, you can get a second chance at resurrecting your beloved warrior in World Of Warcraft.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 24 Sep 2014

For years now Blizzard has been talking about a new, blockbuster MMO known only as Project Titan. The game has never been formally shown, and just last year it was delayed until 2016 at the earliest. That delay has been, let's say, extended.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 23 Sep 2014

I haven’t touched Hearthstone for months. I don’t care what any of you say… deck building skills and strategy be damned! Hearthstone is a pure game of luck. At least, that’s what I whisper when I cry myself to sleep every night. I just want to forget my shameful Leper Gnome card showing off my lowly rank 24 status. How good are you at the game? Blizzard have released some stats which should offer you some insight.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 16 Sep 2014

“Boys, look who it is!” – is one of the many introductions you’ll hear the barkeep say when you start up a game of Hearthstone. What a friendly fellow, at least he acknowledges my existence and makes me feel loved… does he not get tired though? Apparently he has had 20 million customers walk through that door!

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 15 Sep 2014

How much is that wisp in the window? Can it add several beneficial stat boosts to my wizard and lay suppressing fire during a Nephalem Rift mission? Or have I messed up the lyrics that classic song? What I do know, is that PETA most likely has a decent reason to hate Diablo 3, because damn man, pets die easy in that game, Perhaps a little too easy. And since Diablo 3 happens to be a game that is forever being tinkered with, you can expect your bestest of pals to get a power boost soon.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 04 Sep 2014

You know what I dig about Hearthstone? It’s that the game is one hell of a double-edged sword. You can have a field full of summons and healthy amount of heart in the bank, but the structure of this game can also result in that advantage being turned against you in a single turn. This is something that is both fantastic and infuriating, depending on which side of that turn you happen to be on. But what if you could predict the next move?

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 04 Sep 2014

I’m honestly convinced that Heroes of the Storm will be the game that sways the non-MOBA players into at least tolerating the genre. It has memorable Blizzard characters, is easy enough to pick up and play, and is just darn fun! While the genre may be flooded, Blizzard remain calm, slowly but surely plodding on to the games eventual release.