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Dragon Age: Inquisition delayed a month for polishing

We've all been excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The game has tons of cool features that blew me away at E3, and you all loved what you saw from the footage that they revealed. Now Bioware has announced we'll have a wait a little bit longer to actually play it.

Mass Effect 4 to be shown off at Comic Con?

Every year in San Diego, Comic Con descends on the city and promises to bring plenty of geeks to town. Lately, though, it has become more about series and movies than actual comic books, and sometimes even big video games. This time, it looks like Mass Effect 4 might get shown off, too.

Dragon Age: Inquisition ends the war between Templars and Mages

Dragon Age: Inquisition looks impressive and it was wonderful to see the demo at E3 last month. Bioware has been showing off that same demo via YouTube, and it just proves how well the game has come together. Just remember, a bunch of years have passed since Origins, so some of the characters will look rather different.

Will 15 minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay win you over?

I was thoroughly impressed with what Bioware showed off of Dragon Age: Inquisition during E3. It showed huge environments, new gameplay and an excellent approach to side missions and story telling. Now you can see the first 15 minutes of what I saw.

Dragon Age: Inquisition companions might leave if you’re bad

Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming, and we keep on hearing more about the romantic elements, new companions and gameplay mechanics of the game. In a recent Raptr chat with developers, more tidbits were revealed, but it's a pain to read through all of them.

Freddie Prinze Jr voicing Dragon Age’s Iron Bull

Remember Freddie Prinze Jr? He used to be a relevant actor in teen romantic comedies. In actual fact, he played a teen well into his later years thanks to the magic of youth, aka the power of an ironic hat. Now he will voice Iron Bull in Dragon Age, and pull weird faces to do so.

E3 2014 – Dragon Age Inquisition surpasses expectations

I know many of you were disappointed with Dragon Age II and worried about the future of the franchise. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, you take on the role of leader of leaders, and it may just be the Dragon Age game that you've been waiting to play.

Here, have even more Dragon Age: Inquisition screens!

Dragon Age: Inquisition is beautiful. We know this, because EA keeps on telling us this by way of its slow releases of screenshots. Still, as the next big RPG it’s something I’m personally quite excited about. These new screenshots show The Fade and Therinfal Redoubt, wholly exportable environments from the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition gives more tidbits

Dragon Age: Inquisition has become the ultimate tease for me. Every few days we get a screenshot or a tweet, it's driving me mad. So, I thought I'd share the madness in one nice, pretty package. Here's the latest from Bioware.

Dragon Age Inquisition shows off more screenshots

It is getting closer - the seasons have definitely changed, which means that 7 October isn't all that far away anymore. Bioware keeps showing off the different environments that we can expect to explore in the game, and this weekend saw some more screenshots released into the wild.

What’s in a name? The most popular Mass Effect names

We get a lot of freedom in games these days. But we kind of take it for granted now, especially in the name game. Most games these days that offer open worlds want you to give your avatar a unique handle, something that Mass Effect encourages. And according to Bioware, these were the most popular names in their previous game in that series.

Dragon Age: Inquisition shows off more environments

Bioware has been feeding us the slow drip of information about Dragon Age Inquisition. Yet, like a woman stranded in the desert, I have been savoring every drop. Now, there are some new screens to rub all over your eyeballs.

New leaked Dragon Age screens

I'm keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed in the hopes that I'll get to lovingly stroke some Dragon Age Inquisition at E3. Until then, I feel like we're clambering for scraps every time Bioware shows us something, and even when they don't. Here are some chilly new leaked screens for your eyeballs.

Cutting game content is tough, says Dragon Age writer

Cutting content from your own game sucks – but like with film, games need editing too. Without editing, videogames would all be filled with pointless drivel. Or be made by David Cage. Dragon Age: Inquisition writer David Gaider has said that cutting content is tougher than gamers might imagine.

Dragon Age: Inquisition gets classy

Details about Bioware's latest entry into the Dragon Age franchise are coming quickly this week. Now only did we get a trailer and release date, we were also granted tons of new screenshots. Now, we get some details on just what our characters can do.