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Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Review

Bioshock Infinite was a departure from previous games in the franchise. Taking to the clouds, the game was a five-year development odyssey that ditched the oceans and objectivism of an underwater kingdom for a more personal tale of love, loss and parallel dimensions.

With Irrational Games now closed, the Bioshock franchise has gone with it. But Burial At Sea gives the cult hit games the send-off that it deserves in a second act that plays to its strengths.

Irrational Games are closing their doors

BioShock is a household name in any home that’s flirted with video games. The franchise has made over half a billion dollars since its inception. Now, Ken Levine has posted a message to the website of Irrational Games announcing that the famed development studio responsible for this universe will cease to exist as we know it.

The Lazygamer Top 100 games of this generation – 31-40

Are you ready for our top 10 games of the generation? Well, you can't have them yet! We're only at 31-40 - but there are still some fantastic games on this list. At least, we think so. Again the usual disclaimer - these are the games that we liked from this generation of gaming. You may not agree - these aren't based on scores, sales or metrics, just our ability to stab each other for a spot on the list.

Gaming Bento Boxes – Round 2

Way back in February 2010 Geoff posted an amazing list of gaming bento boxes that blew me away. However it looks like the moms and dads of Asian kids have been hard at work as this next list leaves those in the dust.

It’s Bioshock Infinite – The board game!

So, everyone loves Bioshock Infinite to the point where it could eat a baby in front of you, and you’d still praise it. It’s a damn good game overall, even if it isn’t my personal GOTY, and of course, it has some merch lined up. So throw on a snappy Songbird Hoodie and get hammered on the official Vigour absinthe, because there’s a board game on the way!

How to unlock Bioshock Infinite’s 1999 mode

You kids today. With your regenerating health bars and omens of death. Back in my day, we had limited life bars and only so much turkey to eat to replenish them back in the good ol’ video game days! Rabble rabble rabble! Fortunately, if you’re feeling as old as I am right now, Bioshock Infinite happens to have a more “classic” difficulty mode hidden inside it. Here’s how to unlock it.

Bioshock Infinite’s getting a season pass

I love how the gaming industry is in a phase where it can sell people on a promise. That’s why we’ve got pre-orders with numerous baiting techniques to lure us in, and of course, DLC. Most DLC is a one-off affair of new looks and gear, with the occasional biiger piece of story thrown in for good measure. Joining the club this week in the land of “we promise that it’ll be rad!”, is Irrational Game’s Bioshock Infinite. And yes, using Elizabeth and those big blue eyes to sell the extra content is a bastard genius move.

New games, made NEStalgic

There’s something magical about the way that we used to play video games. That feeling of tethering a Golden China or Sega Megadrive to a TV, flipping channels until we tuned it in and then thrusting a cartridge into the console to play a game. Before taking it out, blowing into it and getting it back in again. In the future, we most likely won’t even have physical copies of games. It’ll be download only. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t project the past onto the oncoming generations of games.

Bioshock Infinite PC specs revealed

Bioshock Infinite is finally out in March, and barring yet another incremental delay, it looks like a smash hit so far. The game is just begging to be played on some sort of platform, and while many of us will be slinging controllers come launch day, the PC market will be putting fingers to keyboards instead. Here’s the kind of beef that you’ll need to give the game a go in order to stand a decent frame-rate chance against the Songbird.

Bioshock Infinite has two games worth of cut content

Bioshock Infinite has been through the ringer as of late, with several delays and some small controversy, but at the end of the day, it certainly does look a premium R600 game. It’s a single-player affair though, and after all the extra time spent on it, you’d expect a game loaded with content. And you’d be right, because right now, there’s around two entire games worth of content there…that has been cut.

Bioshock Infinite delayed – Again

What’s that? Bioshock Infinite happens to be one of the games that you’re looking forward to next year, after the January drought of games. Yessiree, I can’t wait to go into my local games shop at the end of February to pick that up! Well bad news pal, because the game has once again been delayed.

What’s Bioshock doing in Far Cry 3?

References in comedy. Lazy. References in video games? Fan-bloody-tastic. Far Cry 3 is a big game, make no mistake, and it’s got quite a few secrets hidden inside of it, such as a dead McLovin. Here’s one that might just rapture your imagination. But of course, there’s a catch to all this.

‘Bioshock’ and the Genius of Video Game Narration

[Spoilers for Bioshock follow]

Would you kindly think back to that moment in Bioshock? That wall – covered with data and details, when all your murdering and killing and bashing mutants with pipes makes you finally question your character’s motivations: Why have I been doing all this? Who exactly is this guy I’m playing? Why have I been obeying the commands of some guy I’ve never met?

Then all is revealed.

FFD: Do You replay your games?

In another FFD from a man who’s unable to pronounce his own name, Erwin Kempff, he wonders if any others among you regularly re-play your games. You see, he’s played through Mass Effect 2 more times than he has fingers on his hands and toes on his feet – something I can’t quite get my head around.

Lazygamer TV – Five games that we can’t wait for in 2013

 Last week, we had a round up of the rest of the games that will be appearing in 2012. Barring any more delays that is (WE’VE GOT OUR EYES ON YOU FAR CRY 3!). The thing is, there are still plenty of great games coming out in 2013, titles which give us a happy fizzy feeling near certain glands situated by the prostate.

While we go to a doctor to go get checked out, you can see for yourself what we’re talking about.