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The Lazygamer Top 100 games of this generation – 90-81

It’s the next bit of Lazygamer’s top 100 games of this generation. Once again, we have to reiterate that this list was compiled not just based on scores, or sales, or some sort of weird, magical metric. Rather, it’s a look at 100 games and franchises that shocked and amazed us, or made us stare out of the window, thinking about stuff. And honestly, some of us have pretty weird tastes, so you might see a thing or two that goes against the grain, or even pisses you off.


The Gamers Gate Specials – 05 August 2013

Specials! Get yer specials right here! Want a new game, fast and in a hurry before that clock stops counting down? Well here ya go then, here are three such games with a lowered price tag for you.

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Most Underrated Game


Not every game that hits shelves is guaranteed to be an overnight success. What sounds great on paper, may not translate into instant sales, as is the case with several games this year. We’ve seen some real niche titles, games that attempted to go their own way but failed to capture an audience, while other big budget productions have fallen to the wayside to be tragically forgotten. And the most underrated game of the year is…

Binary Domain review – Die, Robot.

When Binary Domain landed on my desk, I thought to myself: “Myself, what is this, and how did you not know about it?” After reading the blurb on the box about robots and killing large numbers of them as a member of something that sounded like the UN with a licence to kill, I was intrigued. “Oh well self, it will at least tide us over until Mass Effect 3.” It did much more than that.