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Vote on the game cover that you want for The Evil Within

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good fright. Not since I accidentally walked into a showing of Mamma Mia, have I been properly horrified, and by all accounts, I’m going to need to wear my brown pants when I play The Evil Within. It’s a spooky-looking game, with new-gen barbwire physics confirmed. What it doesn’t have confirmed however, is an alternate cover option. The time for voting, is now!

You won’t get to see Doom until 2015

From everything we’ve heard about the newly rebooted Doom, it sounds like the glorious union of old-school sensibilities and new-generation technology. Doom sounds very much like it’s getting the same sort of attention to detail and love as the recent Wolfenstein: The New Order – and for fans, that’s exciting stuff. Pity you probably won’t get to even see it until next year.

Only QuakeCon attendees will get to see the new Doom

The people over at id Software made many nostalgic fans weak at the knees during E3. They released the first teaser trailer for Doom 4, which has now been conveniently named back to just Doom. Just to get everyone all confused when actually trying to talk about the game without referring to the original.

Wolfenstein: The New Order devs have some ideas for a sequel

Even though it had a done in one story, Wolfenstein: The New Order still had plenty of room for a sequel. It’s also a sequel that gamers would most likely welcome, as there is more than enough room in the industry for a balls-to-the-wall old school shooter. And the team behind that game has some ideas for that potential game if they get the green light to go ahead.

E3 2014 – The Evil Within hands-on preview

The Evil Within in a survival horror game that promised to get in your head, give you minimal resources, and return players to that absolute sense of horror felt in games of the past. But can it deliver the fear?

Prey 2 early concept documents leak

Ah, here we go Bethesda. Here’s yer problem right here. See this? Ya got a leak. Yeah, ain’t too nasty, but it looks like you’re losing all the pressure in your Prey 2 pipes. Better get that fixed before we’re knee-deep in Codename Danielle.

This is Bethesda’s new game

We’ve known for a while that Bethesda’s got a new game that they’re going to be showing off at E3. We, like many of you, have been not-so-secretly have been hoping it would be Fallout 4. Sorry chaps, it’s not. In a press release sent yesterday, the company unveiled its brand new game – a stylish, stylised game set in an alternate universe’s  World War. Interestingly, it’s not a shooter. Nor is it an RPG. It’s a 32 player online, mostly-melee brawler. Well that sounds interesting. Oh, and it’s free to play.

Wolfenstein’s been pirated…a lot.

Bethesda and Machine Games’ Wolfenstein: the New Order is pretty excellent stuff, meshing old-school ideas with modern ones in a way that actually works. It’s jumped to the top of sales lists the world over, which is great for a shooter that took the brave decision to excise multiplayer. It’s also being pirated like madness, despite weighing in at nearly 50gb.

Gruesome new The Evil Within screens

Sometimes, hands-on previews of a game work against it. that’s what happened with Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks and Bethesda’s Evil Within, the survival horror that’s supposed to be a return to form for a the genre. After a recent press hands-on and showing at PAX, the general tide swayed from one of positivity, to one of general boredom. ‘s still early days though, so here’s hoping that they’ve taken that negative sentiment, and are making a better game.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review – Fast and Führerious

It’s 1960, and after a failed attempt to end World War 2 saw Wolfenstein series regular William “B.J” Blazcowicz down, defeated and stuck with some coma-inducing shrapnel in his skull, the world has changed. And not for the better.

Fallout: New Vegas lead designer talks Fallout 4 ideas

You’re not going to see Fallout 4 for quite some time, and that makes me a sad panda. Still! That doesn’t mean that the franchise is dead, and even a former developer on one of the entries in that franchise has a few ideas for the rumoured sequel.

Wolfenstein: The New Order review round up

We’ve been rather excited for Machine Games’ and Bethesda’s new Wolfenstein game. for the first time in a long while, we’ve got a first person shooter from an established franchise that’s focused solely on the single player experience. From everything we’ve seen and played, it looks like an excellent return to form for a series that’s either stagnated or lost its way. Has Machine Games managed to recapture the magic? Here’s what Critics think of the new Wolfenstein.

Sick Filth – The Evil Within discriminates against barbed wire

I’m pretty hopeful that Bethesda’s upcoming scare ‘em up The Evil Within will help give the horror genre the mainstream shot in the arm that it deserves. But at the same time, I just cannot condone its blatant misuse of barbed wire, painting that entire industry in a negative light. We’ve been too afraid to speak up, as we’ve already been paid off for a 9/10 review. Fortunately, one outlet still has some integrity.

Nowhere to run in Wolfenstein: The New Order

As bored as I am with first person shooters in general , I’m curiously keen for MachineGames’ new Wolfenstein. I think modern shooters have had their day, and perhaps its time to revisit that familiar territory – even if it is an alternate history. In The New Order, ze Nazis won ze war and it’s up to stalwart Wolfenstein hero William 'B.J.' Blazkowicz to shift the tides in favour of the allied uprising.

Wolfenstein: The New Order’s Panzerhund Edition is all merch

Are you flash with cash? Want a little extra kick in your jackboot? Well achtung baby, because I’ve got just what you need, in the form of the Wolfenstein Panzerhund Edition. A collector’s Edition of the game so limited, that it doesn’t even include the actual game.