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Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 27 Mar 2015

It seems like it was just yesterday that Infinite Crisis hit the beta stage of its design. Provided that one day can be measured in years for you. Now, the Turbine Studios game is finally ready to go live, as it pits the heroes and villains of DC Comics against one another in that MOBA genre that seems to be all the rage these days.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 23 Mar 2015

Mods can make a great game even better. After all, Skyrim was ok when it launched back in 2011, but it was awesome after somebody figured out how to make Randy “Macho Man” Savage dragons and insert them into the game. OH YEAH! BUST INTO A SLIM JIM! BONESAW IS REEEEEEEAAAAADY! Currently hotter than your fever during an Ebola outbreak, is Dying Light. It’s already got quite a few mods available, but none of them are exactly crafted with an official set of tools. Fortunately, such tools are on the way. Once they’ve been tested of course. Presumably for hunger-pangs related to some of that delicious grey matter of yours.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 19 Mar 2015

It’s been a hell of a long road for StarCraft. With development kicking off on a sequel to the mega-popular real-time strategy game back in 2003, it wouldn’t be until 2007 when Blizzard would officially announce the title. It’d be another three years before fans got to play the first StarCraft 2 game, Wings Of Liberty. It was then another three years before the Zerg-centric Heart Of The Swarm was released. There’s one more chapter to go however, as Legacy Of The Void focuses on the Protoss. And that game will be going into a closed beta at the end of the month.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 16 Mar 2015

Right now, beta testers are busy laying with the new firmware for the PlayStation 4 that enables, amongst other things, suspend and resume for games. According to some reports, it seems like it’s more suspend-to-disk than suspend-to-ram, as users have reported being able to jump in and out of several games without having to worry about silly things like save points. We have no idea when that firmware is coming, though it’s expected to go live by the end of April. If you’re impatient, you can get a crack at firmware 2.50 right now.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 09 Mar 2015

Oh yeah, Blizzard makes other games that don’t end in Craft. One of those other games on the way happens to be another stab at the online market in Overwatch, an arena shooter that happens to be filled with an assorted array of strange characters that are out for blood. From a cybernetically-augmented gorilla to the cheeky speedster Tracer racing around the arena, the game has plenty of fighters to choose from. And Overwatch just added two more of them to its arsenal.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 06 Mar 2015

Blizzard’s MOBA game Hero Of The Storm may not be out of the beta woods yet, but its still managed to find itself quite a following. It’s become damn popular according to the Russians who besiege our site with script bots whenever we post beta access codes, growing massively in audience participation. The thing is, with more people playing the game, the higher the chance of the community becoming more toxic, a problem that is prevalent in this genre. But Blizzard has a plan to deal with that.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 23 Feb 2015

Stats! Developers love to boast about them, and lazy writers such as myself who really need that cup of tea in the morning in order to get the brain juices flowing, love ‘em even more. The Battlefield Hardline beta wrapped up a few weeks ago after an open beta period which lasted several days. Cars were totalled, guns were fired and many a donut joke was presumably made as we shuddered at the realisation that our own cops were just as trigger-happy in real life as we were in a game. So here’s the stats, Jack.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 17 Feb 2015

There was some controversy around the Final Fantasy XV demo, aka Episode Duscae. Was it going to be included in all copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD? Would it magically disappear from your console's hard drive after a while? All your burning questions are answered. Maybe.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 09 Feb 2015

Valve is consistently trying to improve Steam’s rather clunky UI, adding in some oft-requested features like the FPS counter last year. One of the most painful processes is trying to see which DLC you own for a particular game, which usually involves hunting each piece down individually on the Store and checking whether it lists it as purchased. Thankfully, Steam is making that easier.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 09 Feb 2015

Battlefield: Extreme Cops and Robbers Edition Hardline is currently in open beta – and depending on who you talk to, it’s either awesome, or a lame duck version of Battlefield with all of the fun removed. That beta’s hit a rather important milestone, surpassing even the great big Destiny for the number of active participants.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 06 Feb 2015

I’ve always wanted to make a change in the world. Not for a cleaner environment, honest politics or any of that ineffectual nonsense, but in games. By now, anyone with a console has taken part in a beta of some sort. Whether it be the latest one for Battlefield Hardline, Evolve or Hearthstone, those betas are valuable tools for helping to shape the final game. And if you took part in the Halo 5: Guardians beta, then you did make a change. Maaaaaaaaaaan.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 04 Feb 2015

Hardline is shifting the Battlefield gears a bit this year, trading in the military for an incredibly militarised police force. Visceral has been hard at work trying to create a game that makes up for all of Battlefield 4’s mistakes, but it looks like some "features" just can’t be shaken off. Like the resolution the game will run at apparently, as it’s going to mimic Battlefield 4.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 30 Jan 2015

Another day, another beta. Usually, everyone wins when it comes to such events. Developers get to stress test their product in real world conditions, and fans get an early taste of what’s to come, sort of like a timed demo when you think about it. No stranger to this is EA’s Battlefield series, a series that essentially sold players an actual beta test in the guise of Battlefield 4. Hardline is the name of the next game in the series however, and it’ll be undergoing a public test from next week.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 23 Jan 2015

We’re knee deep in sweat, spent controller batteries and might have left a keyboard embedded in our monitors. And that’s because a bunch of us have just finished playing the open beta for Evolve. I got my first taste of the game last weekend, popping that Goliath onslaught cherry, while Zoe had to form her own fellowship of the beta in order to download the files for the lastest test version of the game. All that, and more in our latest podcast and vidcast!