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That interview came from the moon! We talk Destiny at Gamescom

I was booked in for an hour of hands-on with Destiny at Gamescom, and I was excited to get to play something new; some little bit of hitherto unseen bit of Destiny, and share that experience with all of you. My excited turned to disappointment when I sat down in my session, only to realise I’d be playing bits from the beta again.

Your Destiny Beta character is dead

The Destiny Beta was an awesome experience for most of you - you made your perfect guardian (or three) and go in on all the exploration and destruction. You maybe even bonded with your guardian; you did create him/her after all. Well, it’s time to shed a tear. Your guardian is dead.

Destiny won’t change much post-Beta

Those of you who played the Beta for Destiny know just how slick and polished the game already is. It not only plays well, but it also looks and feels very ready. So, how much will it change before launch? Activision says not a lot.

Listen to the entire Destiny Beta soundtrack

The Destiny Beta sorta consumed people while it was open. It wasn't just a cool game to play, it was aesthetically stunning - visually and aurally. While we can't give you more gameplay before launch, at least we can remind you of how awesome it sounded while playing.

Destiny Beta players faked moon landings

The Destiny Beta was a big deal. It's gotten tons of attention and helped the developers fix the game in ways they couldn't have anticipated without millions of people pushing capacity to its limits. Now Bungie has rewarded us with an infographic.

Destiny is going to be huge

The Destiny Beta is now done and dusted, and many of you will be suffering bouts of withdrawal as you wait for the game’s September release. Though I didn't get to play it nearly as much as I’d hoped, I rather enjoyed the small sample of the game’s final content on offer. Just how much content will there be in the final game though? According to information data-mined from the beta, quite a bit.

The Crew Beta Preview: Drive angry… with friends

The Crew made it really difficult for me to even start playing. This week’s beta was definitely a test rather than just a chance for players to get in on some racing action early. Issues aside, I finally got to play through a sizeable chunk of what The Crew has to offer, and the Ubisoft open-world formula is immediately recognisable.

Destiny Beta is now code-free

With the amount of hype around this Beta, I can't even imagine how excited people will be when Destiny finally launches. It's a seriously fun game, and we gave away a bunch of codes so people could play. But now, you can get in on the action even without a code. Of course, there are still some "standard requirements".

Destiny Beta is back on, and open on Xbox

We had a bunch of fun with the Destiny Beta over the weekend. We have high hopes for the game - even people who aren't usually into the genre (like me) had a lot of fun with the Beta. Bungie has now given us another reason to like them.

The Hit List – Five things that impressed us in the Destiny Beta

You’ve already heard what Gavin has had to say regarding the early taste of Destiny. You’ve probably already ignored him, because what do Liverpool supporters know, amirite? I had a blast playing Destiny this weekend, an experience that I documented and went over. Here’s five things from the recent beta that impressed me, because you can totally trust a guy who has no strong feelings one way or the other to your favourite football teams.

Never drive alone in the beta for The Crew

If there’s one kind of pornography that never gets me into trouble, it has to be car porn. Those sumptuous spoilers. The feel of some bonnet booty. The lure of the leaf spring! The caress of the crank-shaft! All this, and more in the upcoming closed beta for The Crew! Here’s what you’ll find in that test version of the open-world racer.

Door Kickers preview: ultimate door kicking action

Early access has been getting some regular coverage lately here at Lazygamer.net. It's a potentially dangerous thing which could see you spending money on a game which is either junk, or a game that may never see an official release if the developers hightail it. On the flipside, you get those developers who pour their souls into their work and their games genuinely evolve based on the feedback received from those gamers who pay upfront. I’ve spent some time with Door Kickers, an early access game on Steam, and it looks to be a solid investment.

Destiny PS3 vs PS4 comparison and join our clan

So the people with great download speeds have been enjoying the Destiny beta for a few hours now while the rest of us keep cranking that handle to get the download done.

Destiny’s beta isn’t 1080p on Xbox One

Happy Destiny beta day! Well, if you have a Sony console that is. The Destiny beta kicks off on PS3 and PS4 today, with the Xbox crowd getting in on the action later next week. Too bad Destiny won’t be looking identical on PS4 and the Xbox One by then.

Win a Destiny beta key!

[CLOSED] So you’ve heard about Destiny. In fact, you’ve heard LOTS about Destiny! Yet, you still don’t have any first hand experience, or no access to the mythical-yet-somehow-everybody-but-you-has-one beta key? Tata ma chance, tata ma beta keys right here as we have a few to give away!