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Posted by Matthew Figueira - 13 Aug 2014

We’ve been in Germany a couple of days already. So much to see, so much to play… so much to drink! Let’s just call this day 1. Check out some of the snaps we got.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 08 Aug 2014

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, it’s time for Europe’s version of E3. I rather prefer Gamescom for a number of reasons; there’s a lot more beer, Cologne is a heck of a lot nicer than L.A, and the whole thing is open to the public; meaning that the press gets to have its own section, away from the swatches of crowds. The other thing about Gamescom is that it’s really, really massive. Instead of two halls full of stuff, you’ve got 10 the size of airplane hangars – which means more actual games to see and play.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 13 Jul 2013

Alcohol, the cause of of and solution to all of life's problems! Even though my monthly intake of the bitter liquid is around zero litres per month, plenty of folks still down a cold one on a Friday evening. And the only thing better than beer, is some Borderlands 2. But combining the two of them? Worth the eventual drunken shenanigans I reckon.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 15 Feb 2013

I used to love the old arcade scene; particularly when it came to one-on-one fighting games. You’d have people huddled around a machine, watching a digital, pugilist chess game. It was tense, and frantic – but when you, as the victor, stayed in place while the loser went to the back of the queue, the feeling was immeasurable. Ad agency McKinney wants to bring that back – only instead of rewarding you with the glow of victory, they’re rewarding you with beer.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 17 Apr 2012

Jade Raymond, the beautiful face that helped launch Assassin’s Creed thinks that the video game industry needs to get rid of its reliance on the big, dumb blockbuster titles that take up all the top spots on monthly sales charts - and that the medium itself needs to grow up.

Raymond currently heads Ubisoft Toronto, which is currently busy with the next Splinter Cell, and will soon start on a new, original IP.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 10 Jan 2011

Many of you reading this would know that some years ago, I gave up on PC gaming in favour of the less robust but infinitely simpler and more relaxed world of console gaming. A few games, here and there, have nearly tempted me back – but nothing so far’s really swayed me.

NVidia has created a gaming PC that might just get me to switch back – by combining two of my favourite things in the world. Video games and beer.

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 03 Feb 2010

The video above this text is the Dante's Inferno advert that is going to be shown during the Superbowl.

If you don't know what that means, then all you need to know is that the Superbowl has over 100 million live viewers every year, which means that this 30 second advert is setting EA back a cool 3 million US dollars.

They had another one you know, and it was way more hardcore, but CBS got all pansy and told them that they weren't going to air it, so they replaced it with this one instead.

Good thing then, that I have posted the previous, hardcore advert after the jump. Which one is better?

You tell me.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 18 Dec 2009

I don’t know about you but I’m tired, it’s been a hell of an exciting year but there comes a time when you have to say “Enough is enough'’.

This moment happened last week for me and this week has been killer. Thankfully though this is the last real working day of the year and after today it’s all about beer, presents and lazy days… oh and maybe a game of MW2 or two.

We will still post a story or two on most days but the site also deserves a break, it has worked really hard this year and is on the verge of quitting… so be nice.

We will be back in 50% force on the 4th of January and then all will be back to normal on the 11th.

I would like to take this time to thank Nick and Geoff for the incredible amount of hard work they have put in and the amazing team work they tirelessly display. There is no way the site could have accomplished what it has without you both.

And the biggest thanks of all goes out to all of you who keep coming back to read our thoughts, give us your thoughts and bash us to death when we make mistakes.

There would be no point doing what we do if it wasn’t for all of you so I have left a picture of my two favourite things after the break as a Christmas gift for you.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 18 Sep 2009

We were invited, along with other members of the press, to EA’s Need for Speed : Shift launch event yesterday at Forsdicks (Hey, stop giggling..that’s really childish!) in Sandton. Unfortunately, our resident petrolhead Nick was unavailable so instead they sent me; and I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to all things vehicular I am an absolute luddite. Different cars are distinguishable to me only if they’re differently coloured. I should probably check for ovaries when I have my next medical examination. After being greeted by smiling faces at the registration table, I found myself unnaturally attracted to the bar, almost blissfully unaware that I was surrounded by consoles set up to demo the reason we were all there; Need for Speed: Shift. That would have to come later though; After sitting in Sandton traffic for far too long I was parched – and needed a manly drink. It was a tough call, and I nearly settled on something pink with an umbrella in it – but ultimately decided on an Amstel, the undisputed drink of champions.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 08 Jun 2009

As citizens of a country without official Xbox Live support, we know the effect that Germany’s draconian video game laws have. Unfortunately it seems the noose on violent game trade in the land of beer and sausages is going to tighten a bit more – 16 interior ministers have put down their tankards and bratwursts for long enough to request that parliament bans the sale, ownership and even production of all violent games.

While there are already heavy restrictions on the sale violent games, only those featuring "cruel violence on humans or human-looking characters" and Nazi paraphernalia and symbolism are actually illegal. An obvious knee-jerk to the recent shootings in Winnenden, the proposed law would force companies such as Crysis developer Crytek to either relocate or entertain creative solutions as a work-around.

As a social experiment it’ll be interesting to see if this leads to Germany being a land of peace, love, unicorns and rainbows – or if they’ll be pointing their blaming fingers in another direction the next time a trigger-happy emo teenager is spurned by a member of the opposite sex.

Source : GamePolitics