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Weekly Deals – Xbox is having a spring sale

Tis the season, to get cheap games, tralalalala! Right now, Sony is busy with an Easter sale of note, with various discounts on several big name games and plenty of indies. Of course, they’re not the only game in town, as Microsoft is also ready to crowbar your wallet open.

Punch crime in these new Batman:Arkham Knight screens

Oh, you think screenshots are your ally. But you merely adopted the teaser screen. I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see proper gameplay until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING! The screenshots betray you, because they belong to me!

Watch the first half hour of Batman: Arkham Origins Cold,Cold Heart DLC

Even though I may not be super-rich,well versed in the art of fighting, philanthropic, a master detective or a polymath, I do have one thing in common with the dark knight. And that’s the fact that we both look damn good in full-body rubber armour. Ladies

Batman: Arkham Origins Cold,Cold Heart shows off the XE suit in action

While Arkham Origins didn’t set the world on fire thanks to some buggy gameplay and the fact that the title clearly wasn’t polished enough for release back in October last year, the DLC has been a different story. Initiation was a solid piece of content that charted Bruce Wayne’s final test before becoming the Batman. And Cold, Cold Heart will see him tangle with a  familiar foe.

Get extreme in Batman:Arkham Origins Cold,cold heart DLC

For an orphaned billionaire with parenting abandonment issues who expresses himself through fist-based vigilante violence, Batman sure is fashionable. The Bat-wardrobe is filled with alternate outfits and armour, but for the upcoming DLC that features a tangle with Mr Freeze, the dark knight is going to need something a bit more...extreme.

Take to the skies with the Batwing in Batman: Arkham Knight – April Fools

The more I see of Arkham Knight, the tighter the cowl around my head grows due to my expanding excitement. And because I have a massive head. The game looks like a ton of fun, and after three Batman releases, fans finally get to drive the Batmobile. But that’s not the only vehicle in the game waiting for players.

The Batman Arkham games are 75% off this weekend

Because these are the gaming deals that the public deserves, but not the one it actually needs right now when there’s work to be done around the house. So we'll hunt down some deals. Because we can take it. Because these are not just hero games. A watchful bargain, a silent discount on the Dark Knight games.

Brand new Batman: Arkham Knight details reveal an evolved world and prime villain

I’m pretty excited for a new Batman game. Hell, I’d pay top dollar for a new Rocksteady game that featured nothing but new visuals and extra ass-kickery from the darkest of knights. But Arkham Knight won’t just be a grand finale to the work that Rocksteady have created. It’ll be an evolution of the Batman, making him the apex predator that he was meant to be.

The Top Ten most magnificent moments of video game acting

Gaming, you’ve come a long way. It used to be that selling a specific scene ina  video game was a Herculean task, limited by a lack of audio and visual technology. These days though, we’ve got motion capture, professional voice actors and all kinds of new advances in gaming. But even then, we take those moments of acting for granted. Here’s ten of the best scenes, that combined all of the above to be truly outstanding works of art.

Batman: Arkham Knight has some new and improved villains

Riddle me this, riddle me that, how many villains does it take to vex a big bad bat? The Arkham games have always had a great cast of villains that harass players throughout their journey and in Batman:Arkham Knight, that formula isn’t changing.

Batman: Arkham Knight screens reunite the old gang

Once more in the face, with feeling. Right now, I consider Arkham Origins to be the Assassin’s Creed 3 of the Batman series. Fortunately, daddy has come back, and Rocksteady is ready to finish their work off on the Dark Knight with a third effort. And hot damn, the new-gen only title looks dead sexy.

Batman Reviews – Dark Souls 2

During his long career, the Batman has faced impossible odds. Being buried alive, a broken back, various death-traps and super-powered foes. But today, the Dark Knight faces his greatest challenge yet: Dark Souls 2.

The Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight sounds like a beast

I’m still nursing a massive grin on my face over the news of a new Batman game from Rocksteady. Gotham is getting bigger, there’s a new black hat in town and Rocksteady wants to end their trilogy (You don’t count Arkham: Origins) with a bang. It all sounds good. But bugger all that, I just want to drive the Batmobile.

Swear to me that this Batman Arkham Origins figure rocks!

I’m busy replaying Batman: Arkham Origins, and to be fair, it’s still a lacklustre and mediocre game that doesn’t live up to fantastic efforts of Rocksteady, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Still, if there’s one thing that I do like about the game, it’s the Batsuit. Which is probably why I’m slobbering over this figure right now.

Batman: Arkham Knight skips multiplayer, more revealed

I’ve got to hand it to Warner Bros Montreal, because releasing the prequel game Arkham Origins was a genius move. A game that was clearly meant to be a lacklustre release, that provided the perfect distraction from what Rocksteady were busy toiling away on. Well played gents, well played.