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Posted by Gavin Mannion - 03 Jan 2014

News of Sony’s financial woes aren’t new with the previous supreme leader of electronics having been in financial straits for a few years now but according to some new research the company may be in more trouble than we originally thought.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 01 Feb 2012

THQ’s been getting quite a lot of bad press at the moment around it’s rumoured imminent closing and that it possibly killed off it’s entire 2014 release slate.

It’s continuously denied these rumours but at the same time it’s share price is tanking badly and bad press isn’t going to help that issue at all and now it’s just got worse.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 26 Jan 2012

Last week we posted up the story of an industry insider publicly stating that THQ will be closed or sold before June and during that article I took a look at their stock price and was horrified.

How could a company allow itself to plummet that badly without doing something to resolve the underlying issues?

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 08 Aug 2011

The studio behind the critically acclaimed LA Noire is facing bankruptcy, according to a report from Kotaku Australia, with studio Head Brendan McNamara looking to merge with another local company, all thanks to recent allegations over tyrannical working conditions, and Rockstar Games publically admitting that they will no longer publish any of their games.

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 17 Feb 2009

With the economy being what it is, a lot of larger companies are feeling the heat more than most of us may think.

Midway, who has been struggling for a while, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which means that they want to try and continue but are waiting for permission from the courts. Chapter 7 is the one that you don't want to be filing for, because it's the one that means you are going into liquidation.

Here are some official comments from Midway regarding this whole ordeal:

"We have been focused on realigning our operations and improving our execution, and this filing will relieve the immediate pressure from our creditors and provide us time for an orderly exploration of our strategic alternatives. This Chapter 11 filing is the next logical step in an ongoing process to address our capital structure."

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 27 Jan 2009

  Midway have not been having too much fun lately. They’ve been short of money - $250 million short, to be exact – and their stakeholders would like some of that money back. Good news then for fans of the once mighty purveyor of arcade games – Its latest Mortal Kombat game, the comic-book crossover MK vs. DC has shipped nearly two million copies.