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The good,the bad and the ugly of the last week – 17 July 2014

Friday! Weekend! So ends another week at the Lazygamer office. It's tough being an intern. Swimming with sharks, dodging laser beams, diving through flaming hoops, all while keeping coffee cups filled to the brim? Dang, I’m totally submitting an entry to that TV series - I shouldn’t be alive!

The best upcoming games, as chosen by critics

A week or so back we told you about the nominees in the Game Critics Awards; the best games from E3 as chosen by North America’s premier video game critics. Today, we tell you who won, and which games have ultimately been selected to partake in the great big annual PR circle jerk. They’re also the game you probably want most over the next year.

Papers, Please wins grand prize at IGF!

Fan favourite, Papers, Please, has won the grand prize at the 16th annual Independent games Festival Awards!

BAFTA nominations for The Last of Us and GTA V

I enjoy the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards. They're like the Oscars, but with a stiff upper lip and way more wit (and a better quaffed gold man). Also, they actually honor games in their awards, something the American Academy really should start doing. This year's nominations heavily feature some expected games, including some much loved indies.

The Lazygamer Gaming Awards of 2013

Hello and welcome to the 69th annual Lazygamer Awards! We’ve got a great show for you tonight, filled with laughs, tears and games! Now let’s get straight to the main event and start this party with a bang!

Behold the nominees for the Spike VGX Awards

Now we all know that the only awards in gaming that actually matter, are the ones from Lazygamer. It’s the home of the prestigious Best Racing Game award, which Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 won last year. That being said, we think those kids at the Spike VGX awards are doing pretty swell with their event. Here’s a list of nominations from that upcoming show.

The Gamescom awards make little sense

We got back from Gamescom yesterday, our heads all fuzzy from the travel and all that beer. We’ve played and seen a ton of games. We’re still busy trying to decide which ones tickled out fancies most – but the official Gamescom site has already picked its winners. I have to say, some of them make very little sense to me.

New Witcher 3 trailer mentions us

We loved The Witcher 3 at E3 2013, so much so that it ended up winning our game of the show. The Witcher guys loved that and placed us on their honour wall in their not-so-brand new trailer that was released to the public  today.

Skyrim is the best game this generation

That’s according to an online poll by Amazon.co.uk (via MCV) that pitted this generation’s greatest games against each other in a tournament-styled beatdown. It bested current darling The Last of Us to claim the title of the best game of the generation.

The DICE Awards 2013: What the hell is going on?

And not just the band either. With the Dice summit underway in fabulous Las Vegas, we’ve seen a few exciting conferences from industry professionals, floating around new ideas, games and Hollywood partnerships. Screw all that though, because the event is better known for its awards that reward the best of the best in the industry. Except this year, some of the choices in various fields are just downright baffling.

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Round up edition

And with another year of gaming over and done with, we’ve celebrated the best of the best, in that digital domain. If you missed out on any of those awards though, or just feel like posting more comments about how Call of Duty Black Ops 2 should have won Best Game not about shooting people in the face, then here’s a list of all the posts which featured a shiny awards banner.

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Game Of The Year

So here we are, this is the end, my beautiful friends…Ignoring that bit of reference from The Doors, this is the final award that we have to give out this year. It’s for the game that blew us away, that stole hours upon hours from our life, and gave back phenomenal gameplay and fun in return. And the Lazygamer game of the year 2012 award goes to…

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Most Underrated Game


Not every game that hits shelves is guaranteed to be an overnight success. What sounds great on paper, may not translate into instant sales, as is the case with several games this year. We’ve seen some real niche titles, games that attempted to go their own way but failed to capture an audience, while other big budget productions have fallen to the wayside to be tragically forgotten. And the most underrated game of the year is…

The Lazygamer Awards 2012–Best Sports Game

If there is one thing the team here at Lazygamer knows nothing about it’s sports, in our voting document for the awards these are the votes collated by this wonderous team...

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Best Driving Game


I live my life a quarter vote at a time. It wasn’t the most tightly contested genre in gaming this year, but when it came to racing games, there were quite a few games scrambling to reach the finish line. Only one of them could take the top spot on the podium though, and that speed demon was…