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GTA V has real gangsters in its vocal cast

When you’re going to develop a game that stretches between suburban paradise and the hellhole of a simulated copy of downtown LA, you’re going to need some solid voice actors. And in GTA V not only did Rockstar get some professionals for the jobs, but they got some real gangsters as well.

A more “authentic” Brothers in Arms game is on the way

Gearbox isn’t having a good day. Their latest game, Aliens: Colonial Marines has chest-bursted into a flamethrower of bad reviews and hate, leaving that game in some bad waters. While they hit it big last year with a Borderlands sequel, Gearbox aslo has another game on the way. A spin-off of the long-running Brothers in Arms franchise, Furious 4 is scheduled for release later this year. It’s a game which has seen some drastic changes made to the formula of that revered series, much to the despair of some long-time fans. But don’t fret, because a more “authentic” Brother in Arms game is on the way. Eventually.