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Cosplayer pulled off of train for carrying “weapons”

It’s just another typical day in Australia. Somebody is on the train, on their daily commute to work. Suddenly, just in the corner of their eye, they spot a man in red and black, and he has a large black bag and samurai swords. PANIC! CALL THE POLICE! Reuben Rose had the fuzz pull him off the train because he appeared to be dangerous. What they found instead, was just a guy cosplaying Deadpool.

Check out episode one of the making of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

Here at Lazygamer, we love us some Borderlands, as I’m so fond of telling Umar with each and every article that I possibly can (JOKES LUVS YOO). Borderlands, its sequel and various add-ons, have been an American product in the hands of Gearbox ever since the franchise arrived. But with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, players are getting a game with a very Australian development feel to it.

Australia moves to ban mature video games again

Ah Australia, that dear island country that is populated with all manner of disgusting creatures ready to to kill you at a moment's notice. And the wildlife isn’t too safe either.

Chinese games board stricter than Australia’s

Australia always seems to be the perfect punch line for any scenario, and their handling of games certification might make the rest of laugh while our Australian friends cry. Now we can say with certainty that our dear Stephen will have an easier time getting cool games than people in at least one country.

Australian Government to reform game classification

Oh good, the Australian Federal Government has realised that the way we classify games in Australia is really stupid and antiquated - so they’ve taken recommendations from the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association and the Australian Law Reform Commission to take steps to a more streamlined and considering approach.

Australia links gambling to iPad games for kids

Why so many people want to move to Australia is beyond me, if you want to live in a nanny state with nice beaches and still have some slight freedom then you may as well move to Cape Town. In another stunning act of stupidity the state of South Australia decided it was a good idea to post the following adverts to try and get people to stop gambling.

Australia proves it doesn’t know what an adult is

The land of the oppressed and ripped off has done it again. Yes that shining light of nanny land has once again failed to grasp the idea that a mature and well reasoned adult can make their own decisions on what they would and wouldn’t like to see.

Patient Zero: IRL Shooter set to be the biggest Australian Crowdfunded campaign

Following the massive success of Patient Zero: IRL Shooter in Melbourne, IRL Shooter is coming to Sydney!

Half of Australia will be bunking work after the PS4 launch

Ever had a new piece of technology in your hands that you just cannot wait to plug in at home, but instead found yourself staring at it while doing work? We’ve all been there, and on December 13 that feeling is going to be magnified with the Playstation 4. At least our Australian gaming counterparts are prepared with sick notes for their PS4 launch.

86% of Australian gamer parents play with their kids

The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) has conducted research into the role of interactive entertainment in Australian households. The numbers may surprise you, especially when you consider that 93% of homes have a device for playing games.

Collecting video games in a digital world

With digital distribution the dominant force in the video game industry, due to its low overhead costs and ease of access, physical collectors editions and disks are likely to be phased out with the onset of next generation consoles and hardware.

Whore of the Orient taken to the human rights commission

Whore of the Orient is a videogame being developed by Team Bondi, the company behind L.A. Noire. The very company that has often been accused of mistreating staff by treating them like pieces of meat…

The Xbox One vs PS4 debate – Now with more drunk Aussies

Opinions are like belly buttons: Everyone has one, and no one cares about yours. Yep, if you want to make it in the world of people giving a damn, you need something special in order to stand out. And by special, I mean being downright drunk.

This Mad Max gameplay looks ripper

Growing up, I loved the Mad Max movies. Mostly because I thought that they were documentary videos about Port Elizabeth. Which would also explain why a massive guy dressed in leather undies and a hockey mask was riding around telling people to leave the BP filling station. And now, PE The Video Game Mad Max has some gameplay to show off.

Saints Row 4 banned in Oz because of an alien sexual assault weapon

I’ll give Australia some credit, even though it causes me an intense level of pain, about their recent policies on allowing adults to choose what games they want to play. They’ve made some real headway, but every now and again, one game sends them into full-crikey mode. The game in question this time? Saints Row IV, and it’s er, probing detail.